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February 10, 2019

As NASA Preps For An 'Armageddon-Style' Asteroid Threat To The Earth, Something Very Very Strange Is Going On All Around Us As 'Sounds Of Doom' Fill The Air


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this February 7th story from Michael Snyder over at his End of the American Dream blog he reports upon the latest 'bizzarities' going on across America with apocalyptic sounds in the skies with no explanation, accompanied by mysterious booms and mysterious flashes of light, being seen and heard by many from coast to coast. 

As Snyder reports, this latest round of mysterious booms has been going on now for weeks and as the Sun reports in this February 7th story, not only are experts absolutely baffled by what is causing this but some homeowners have reported even losing their electrical power during these 'tremors'.

And while Snyder joins experts in offering no official explanation for what might be causing these mysterious sounds and flashes of light that so many people have witnessed, we thought we'd take a look within this story at several different theories while also taking a look at two very recent events that may or may not be related including one last night in Venezuela when an apparent meteor crashed down and lit parts of the country on fire as seen in photo below and the 2nd video at the bottom of this story in which our videographer tells us "he's not quite buying it" as we'll explore more below. 

In the first video at the bottom of this story from videographer Jason A he does an excellent job documenting all of these recent mysterious booms and lights that have been seen over the last several weeks all across America. 


That 'meteor strike' in Venezuela follows by just days a meteor that exploded over Cuba shattering windows and quite interestingly, according to this January 18th story over at The Hill, NASA is right now preparing for an 'Armageddon-style' asteroid threat to our planet Earth though their new test to strike down a real asteroid on approach won't be conducted until 2020 or 2021. So first, let's take a brief look at Snyder's story with much more below. 

For weeks, Americans all over the country have been rattled by extremely loud booming sounds that seem to have no explanation, and they are often accompanied by “mysterious flashes of light”. These strange booms are shaking homes and rattling windows, and some witnesses say that they sound like cannons being fired.

And even though the “mystery booms” and accompanying flashes of light have been captured on camera all across the nation, so far the authorities do not have a reasonable explanation for why they are happening. Unfortunately, it does not appear that this strange phenomenon is going to go away any time soon. In fact, the Sun is reporting that the frequency of these “mystery booms” appears “to have gathered pace over the past week”.

We have entered a period of time when we should expect the unexpected. Things are strange and they are going to get a whole lot stranger. We aren’t always going to be able to explain what is happening, but without a doubt our planet is becoming increasingly unstable, and that growing instability is going to cause great chaos in the months and years ahead.

I wish that I knew what was causing all of these “mystery booms”, but I don’t. Thankfully they don’t appear to be causing any serious damage, and hopefully that won’t change.

Let’s just hope that all of this “shaking” is not leading up to something much bigger, because it isn’t going to take much to push America into a state of utter chaos right now.

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While a current google search for "Venezuela" and "meteorite" bring up nothing about this latest event from the mainstream media, Sputnik News reported an alleged meteorite soared through the skies over Venezuela while embedding several of the numerous twitter videos of the event yet others are asking, was this a meteorite or a missile? 

With Venezuela the new hot zone in tensions between the US and Russia/China and concerns that war will break out there, we certainly understand the concern voiced by some that an ICBM was fired at them as some kind of a 'warning shot' as the videographer in the 2nd video below but lean away from the missile theory only because of the recent meteorite event in Cuba that caused a huge sonic boom and all of the strange events here in the US. Yet might all of these events be related? 

As CBS7 in North Carolina reports in this new story, "the sudden loud booms recently heard near the Wake County-Franklin County line match descriptions of similar sounds in other parts of the country. Several of CBS 17's sister stations have also talked to homeowners whose walls rattled and floors shook when mysterious blasts occurred nearby."

And while 3 nearby military bases confirmed that they had nothing to do with the mysterious booms, rattles and shakes, one resident in that area believe its people playing around with tannerite "although Kevin Johnson, who sells half-pound tins of the components at Eagle 1 Supply in Raleigh, is skeptical the small targets could make such a loud noise."

So what has been causing the mysterious booms, shaking and lights that so many have seen and heard? As the website Mystery Booms points out, mysterious booms such as people have recently been experiencing aren't really a 'new' phenomenon after all and have been around for many years. From their story.:

Despite much attention the subject has received since 2014, loud noises of unexplained origin have been commonly reported throughout history. The term “Seneca guns” has been used in reference to reports of loud booms reported for decades along North Carolina’s Outer Banks; the nickname, however, has its roots further north, where similar mystery noises have been reported around New York’s Catskill Mountains near the vicinity of Lake Seneca. It is further believed that these sounds were referenced in literary works such as Washington Irving’s “Rip Van Winkle” and James Fenimore Cooper’s “The Lake Gun”.  In Greenland, French Explorers near Scoresby Sound in the 1930s once described a deep, foghorn-like noise that has been called “Ton der Dove-Bai”. Elsewhere around the world, the Bay of Bengal has its “Bansal guns”, while booms known as “yan” have been reported near Shikoku, Japan. The Italian Apennines also have their version of thunderous phenomenon of unexplained origin, similar to the Belgian descriptions of mistpouffers, or “fog belches”. 


According to this new story over at Mysterious Universe by Brett Tingley who has been tracking reports of these mysterious booms for several years now, they are without a doubt on the rise with this past week bringing us a startlingly high number of widespread new reports and not surprisingly, officials are silent.

Detailing for us 6 new reports of mysterious booms and flashing lights from the past week alone here in the US, while he mentions 'frost quakes' as one possible explanation, he also tells us many of these events have been happening in much warmer areas that have not been cold enough to produce such events. A brief excerpt from his story.:  

Day after day, local news stations around the country publish reports which show an endless stream of terrifying, ground-shaking explosions powerful enough to shake houses, wake people up in the middle of the night, and generally terrify everyone who hears them. Why isn’t more attention being paid to the phenomenon? Could it be that officials are paying attention and merely not telling us about it? Cryoseisms or “frost quakes” have been suspected in some incidents in cold climates, but the booms have been heard in areas where temperatures don’t typically plunge low enough for the phenomenon – not to mention the fact that the booms are heard throughout the year. Could these anomalous sounds be sonic booms caused by undisclosed aircraft activity? Any guess is as good as any at this point.

According to the website AMS Meteors, there have been more than 680 'fireball events' in the first 41 days of 2019 with fireballs being spotted all around the world. Interestingly, AMS Meteors also doesn't have the Venezuela event as of this moment though that could be updated at any time. 

Yet if the Venezuela meteorite really wasn't a meteorite after all but some kind of a missile and 'message sent' as some have suggested including the excellent points made in the 2nd video below, is it really out of the realm of possibility that the mysterious booms, lights, rattling and shaking witnessed across America might be some kind of a weapon and 'message' as well? 


We are well aware that the US has a new weapon system that this June of 2017 story over at Task and Purpose says "is basically a weaponized meteor strike". Proceeding to detail for us within their story DAPRA's "Rods From God" project, their story even reports that back in the 1950's, one Boeing engineer imagined the military equivalent of the extinction of the dinosaurs, an extinction that most believe was caused by a meteor strike in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. From the Task & Purpose story.:

In the 1950s, Jerry Pournelle imagined the military equivalent of the extinction of the dinosaurs. Toiling away Boeing operations researcher in the afterglow of the Manhattan Project and the Soviet Union’s First Lightning nuclear test in 1949, the U.S. Army veteran envisioned a weapons system armed not with munitions and other chemical explosives, but massive rods forged from heavy metals dropped from sub-orbital heights. Those “tungsten thunderbolts,” as the New York Times called them, would impact enemy strongholds below with the devastating velocity of a dino-exterminating impact, obliterating highly fortified targets — like, say, Iranian centrifuges or North Korean bunkers — without the mess of nuclear fallout.

Pournelle, whose years of experience in aerospace would fuel a career as a journalist and military science fiction writer, named his superweapon “Project Thor.” Others just called it “Rods From God.” In reality, weapons researchers refer to it as a “kinetic energy projectile”: a super-dense, super-fast projectile that, operating free of complex systems and volatile chemicals, destroys everything in its path.

And while back in 2012, Live Science had reported upon the US Army's new 'lightning weapon' that would use lasers to "create an energized plasma channel in the air — an invisible pathway for electricity to follow. The laser-guided lightning weapon could precisely hit targets such as enemy tanks or unexploded roadside bombs, because such targets represent better conductors for electricity than the ground", might Russia also have such a weapon that is practically invisible? 

As this December of 2018 story over at reported after the testing of Russia's new hypersonic missile systems, "Vladimir Putin has hailed the test of a new nuclear weapons delivery system he calls a guidable “fireball” that’s impossible to intercept and practically invisible". Might the mysterious booms and flashes of light that Americans across the country have recently been witnessing have something to do with Russia sending America an 'invisible warning' using their new practically invisible and unstoppable missiles carrying 'blank rounds' instead of nukes? 

And while many of these theories about what might be causing these mysterious booms and lights are admittedly long-shots, with all of the so-called 'experts' offering us no better theories as to what the sources of these events might be, we always have loved to explore a good mystery.  

Yet the one explanation we haven't touched upon that we'll close with here is that we're witnessing Biblical times in 2019, times long warned of as Breaking Israel News had reported back in this November of 2017 story. We'll close with this excerpt from their story.: 

A wave of loud and inexplicable booms thundering in the skies over America and abroad coinciding with dramatic sightings of fireballs has NASA scientists scratching their heads, but Bible-based experts note that these events are explicitly described as preceding the Messiah and End-of-Days.

Loud and disturbing sounds are described in Jewish sources as being associated with the Messiah. Rabbi Yisroel ben Eliezer, often called the Baal Shem Tov, was an 18th century Jewish mystical rabbi who founded the Hasidic sect. Stories of him describe an incident on Yom Kippur in which his spirit went up to heaven and saw the Messiah “surrounded by a loud noise”.

This was later explained by his great-grandson, Rabbi Nachman, who wrote that the unprecedented noise accompanying the arrival of the Messiah served a practical purpose. Rebbe Nachman noted that in the Talmud (oral law) it is stated that the Messiah will come by way of ‘distraction’.

“The arrival of the Messiah will be sudden and surprising, accompanied by a loud noise that will cause everyone to stop what they are doing…so they may run to greet Him,” explained Rabbi Nachman.

Rabbi Yosef Berger, the rabbi of King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion, pointed out that the scientists’ description of the fireball event conformed to the end-of-days prophecy in Zechariah.

But there shall be a continuous day—only Hashem knows when—of neither day nor night, and there shall be light at eventide. Zechariah 14:7

“The Zohar (the basis of Jewish esoteric learning) describes warring stars as accompanying the Messiah,” Rabbi Berger explained.

“A large pillar of flame will also appear, as was seen by the Children of Israel in the desert.”

Rabbi Berger also pointed out that the prophet Joel prophesied astronomical phenomena as signalling the imminent arrival of the Messiah.

Before the great and terrible day of Hashem comes, I will set portents in the sky and on earth: Blood and fire and pillars of smoke. Joel 3:3

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