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September 7, 2018

Back In 2005, The US Govt Published This 'Recipe For Destruction', That Killed Nearly 100 Million People In 1918, Online

- 'It Killed Violently, And Struck Down The Most Healthy People Suddenly, As If They Had Been Shot'

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

We should really think very hard about the serious and dire nature of what the next several paragraphs mean. 

All the way back on September 7th of 2005, the NY Times published a story titled simply "Recipe For Destruction" within which the authors began: AFTER a decade of painstaking research, federal and university scientists have reconstructed the 1918 influenza virus that killed 50 million people worldwide (ANP: Current estimates are that up to 100 million died). Like the flu viruses (then) raising alarm bells in Asia, the 1918 virus was a bird flu that jumped directly to humans, the scientists reported. To shed light on how the virus evolved, the United States Department of Health and Human Services published the full genome of the 1918 influenza virus on the Internet in the GenBank database.

With the story authors warning then how extremely foolish it was for the US government to publish the genome online as what it essentially permitted the design for a weapon of mass destruction to be published for anyone to see and use, their story then went on to explain why doing so could lead straight to catastrophe with labs around the world having the ability to culture it.: 

No responsible scientist would advocate publishing precise designs for an atomic bomb, and in two ways revealing the sequence for the flu virus is even more dangerous.

First, it would be easier to create and release this highly destructive virus from the genetic data than it would be to build and detonate an atomic bomb given only its design, as you don't need rare raw materials like plutonium or enriched uranium. Synthesizing the virus from scratch would be difficult, but far from impossible. An easier approach would be to modify a conventional flu virus with the eight unique and now published genes of the 1918 killer virus.

Second, release of the virus would be far worse than an atomic bomb. Analyses have shown that the detonation of an atomic bomb in an American city could kill as many as one million people. Release of a highly communicable and deadly biological virus could kill tens of millions, with some estimates in the hundreds of millions.

A Science staff writer, Jocelyn Kaiser, said, "Both the authors and Science's editors acknowledge concerns that terrorists could, in theory, use the information to reconstruct the 1918 flu virus." And yet the journal required that the full genome sequence be made available on the GenBank database as a condition for publishing the paper.


According to this story over at Smithsonian Mag, the Spanish flu of 1918 killed more people than both World War I and World War 2 combined and interestingly their story points out, it may have started right here in the United States in the state of Kansas before spreading all across the planet, leaving between 50 and 100 million dead.

Cited as the most devastating epidemic in recorded world history, killing more people in one year than four-years of the black death bubonic plague, we must remember that crippling influenza still spread all across the planet despite much less travel than there is now with more than 42,000 daily flights and more than 2.5 million people flying every day in 2018.

So just imagine how much damage could possibly be done should a synthesized, weaponized version of the Spanish flu of 1918 be released into the world today! As we see in the next section below in the words from one doctor who treated victims of the 1918 pandemic, it killed very healthy people rapidly and violently. 

With the world now 100 years later and what appears to be a very real war ongoing between President Trump and his 'America 1st' agenda and a deep state establishment that has been entrenched into power in America going back decades and likely back to the early 1900's, absolutely anything is possible in the days ahead. 


With all of the bizarre cases of people recently arriving here in the US from other parts of the world already ill, for some reason being allowed upon the planes despite their illness, we look back at this 2014 story over at the New England Complex Systems Institute which reported during the ebola scare.: 

When it comes to pandemics, it only takes a little global connectedness to trigger a cascade of infections. The outbreak of Ebola raging in West Africa— labeled a Public Health Emergency of International Concern by the World Health Organization—echoes a scenario mapped out by NECSI in 2006. In a computer simulation of pathogens and hosts, long-range routes of transmission — most prominently, international air routes — can allow the deadliest viral strains to outrun their own extinction, and in the process kill vastly more victims than they would have otherwise.

The most relevant features of NECSI’s model to the current crisis is the critical threshold of connectedness at which a virulent strain can spread out of control. Even if a system seems stable, it may only take a few more routes of travel to trigger secondary outbreaks. “It wouldn’t take much for the current Ebola outbreak to spread to more countries or continents,” says NECSI president Yaneer Bar-Yam. “It only takes one infected individual making it through an airport checkpoint.” There is no cure for the Ebola virus; only early detection and basic medical care can improve a patient’s chance of survival. Thus, awareness of how quickly the scales of transmission can tip is paramount to getting the current outbreak under control and preventing more from starting.


According to this story over at the CDC called "History of 1918 Flu Epidemic", while there is no universal consesus over exactly where the virus actually originated, approximate 500 million people were eventually sickened by it, approximately one-third of the planet's population back then. 

Reporting that approx. 675,000 Americans died by the time the virus finally wound it's way down by 1919, the CDC story interestingly points out that it was first detected in US military personnel. Also reporting that it mysteriously struck those between 20 and 40 particularly hard, along with those under 5 and over 65, they then reported "while the 1918 H1N1 virus has been synthesized and evaluated, the properties that made it so devastating are not well understood."  

And within that sentence they linked to this story titled "Reconstruction of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic Virus" which confirmed that back in 2005, the journal Science had published the genome of the virus online. In fact, that information is still online. So while those releasing that information to the public claim it was being done for the good of humanity so that doctors could better understand what they might have to one day fight against, this Wikipedia entry for Haskell County, Kansas, where many believe the outbreak actually began, gives us a small taste of what it was like for those who were struck by Spanish flu.: 

John M. Barry, Distinguished Visiting Scholar, the Center for Bioenvironmental Research of Tulane and Xavier Universities, New Orleans, Louisiana, concluded that Haskell County was the location of the first outbreak of the 1918 flu pandemic (nicknamed "Spanish flu"), which killed between 21 and 100 million people.

Dr. Loring Miner, a Haskell County doctor, warned the editors of Public Health Reports of the U.S. Public Health Service about the new and more deadly variant of the virus. It produced the common influenza symptoms with a new intensity: "violent headache and body aches, high fever, non-productive cough. . . . This was violent, rapid in its progress through the body, and sometimes lethal. This influenza killed. Soon dozens of patients—the strongest, the healthiest, the most robust people in the county—were being struck down as suddenly as if they had been shot.

Barry writes that in the first six months of 1918, Miner's warning of "influenza of a severe type" was the only reference in that journal to influenza anywhere in the world.


With 1918 also being the tail end of World War 1 and the first signs of it being found in US military personnel according to the CDC story, might that original Spanish flu have been created by human beings in a lab, weaponized to kill previously healthy people, suddenly and violently, as Dr. Loring Miner warned was happening back in 1918? 

Besides 1918 being the year of the most deadly pandemic in recorded world history, it also came 5 years after the creation of the Federal Reserve here in the United States which was created in 1913, one year before World War 1 had begun. Is that just a coincidence? And illuminati signatures were all over the year 1918 with WW1 ending on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of that year.

We also have evidence of the illuminati in America in 1918 from a book published exactly that year by Vernon Stauffer titled "New England and the Bavarian Illuminati" which examined reports of an 'illuminati conspiracy' that took place throughout the country and Europe and specifically, within Masonic lodges.

And as we had asked yesterday in our story titled "Remember! Terrorists Said They'd Use Human Guinea Pigs To Start A Pandemic - Would The Globalists, Too? And Was New York Airplane Incident A Bioterror Attack Upon America?", who'd really put it past the globalists unleashing a manufactured pandemic upon America and the world, blaming it upon terrorists while scurrying away like the dogs they are with their tails between their legs to their bolt holes in New Zealand or underneath the Denver International Airport? 


In the 1995 movie 12 Monkeys, a deadly virus intentionally released into the world in the year 1996 wipes out almost all of humanity. With many sick passengers arriving upon numerous different planes from overseas recently, interestingly the plot line of that science fiction movie starring Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt actually featured the manufactured virus being released into cities all across the planet by a scientist who boarded an airplane to travel from one city to the next, releasing the doomsday virus all along the way.

And while science fiction is just that, fiction, we all know the ties between 'helly-wood' and the 'deep state' and Democrats, with Democrats quite literally melting down in the streets of America over one issue after another and no end in sight. And as we've long warned on ANP, we don't expect the corrupt within government who've long lorded over the American people to allow themselves to go down without trying to take the entire country or world down first via another global war or some other kind of manufactured event. 

As this story over at Pro News that Steve Quayle linked to on his website Friday morning asked of the recent bizarre incidents upon inbound US airplanes, was some kind of biological agent released upon the airplane? And was it random or planned? With the next potential pandemic now as close as the nearest airport and only one sick passenger getting back into society necessary to begin it, we'll absolutely continue to keep our eyes on this to see if more planes continue to arrive here in the US with sick passengers aboard or we sudden outbreaks of viral diseases start breaking out in American cities and communities.

In the first video below, our videographer asks some great questions about these recent planes arriving in America with so many sick people on board while in the 2nd video we hear a very interesting conference on the Spanish flu of 1918 by geneticist Dr. Peggy Redshaw who shares with us how the community of Sherman, Texas was affected by the outbreak. In the 3rd video below we hear more about these bizarre incidents our videographer is calling 'sick plane syndrome' while in the final video below, our videographer tells us that ebola is back according to the World Health Organization.  

And in closing, as this 2016 story at the Bill of Health blog on Harvard Law's website reported:

Whether it is Ebola, H1N1, the season flu, or the next nasty bug that we cannot yet even imagine, if we wanted to efficiently spread the disease, one could not do much better than packing several hundred people into a cylinder for a few hours, while they eat, drink, defecate, and urinate.

Even more, to make sure that the disease cannot be contained in a particular locality, we could build thousands of those cylinders and move them rapidly from one place to another worldwide, remix the people, and put them back in the cylinders for return trips back to their homes, schools, and jobs.

And while that story then argued for vaccines as an answer to the problem, the facts remain that more than 2 million people fly daily all around the world and those people could easily be used as human guinea pigs by those who want us dead, whether ISIS/al Qaeda or globalist enemies of America within. And with the 'recipe for destruction' having been published online in 2005, the clock is ticking. 

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