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October 11, 2020

The Countdown Has Started: Liberal Insanity Levels Over The Next Ten Days Will Reach A Fevered Pitch As The Senate Confirms Amy Coney Barrett For The Supreme Court

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


FLASHBACK: For anyone on the internet, or that reads the news, or watches their local news on television, it is impossible to forget the spectacle of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation to the Supreme Court hearings.

The interruptions, screaming, complaining, whining, constant demands to delay the hearing..... and that was all just from Democrat Senators.

Things got much worse when the hearings actually began, as liberal protesters gathered outside the building, chanting, wearing those God-awful red and white "Handmaiden's Tale"  outfits, with claims that having Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court would strip the rights from women, turning them into nothing more than slaves.

Two years later, women still have their rights.

The hyperbole was unbelievable, and the antics inside the hearing room tuned the entire process into a circus show. Men and women having to be dragged or carried out by Senate security after heckling the proceedings, and screaming in protest, holding up protest signs and in one unforgettable instance, a man, dressed as a woman with a bright red substance down the front of his groin and legs.

(Lunatic protesting at Kavanaugh confirmation hearing Oct. 2018)


Monday, October 12, 2020, confirmation hearings begin for Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump's third nominee for the Supreme Court, following the death of Ruth Bader-Ginsberg.

Though expedited, the process will follow the same framework as the previous two Supreme Court confirmation hearings under the Trump administration, Graham said on Fox News.

That means Barrett’s hearings will last four days, during which she will give opening statements, field questions from Senators and listen to testimony from outside witnesses.

“The nominee will be challenged, and that’s appropriate to challenge the nominee, but if they treat Judge Barrett like they did Justice Kavanaugh it’s going to blow up in [Democrats’] face big time,” Graham said.

Democrat politicians have just about done everything in their limited power to derail the hearings start date, but as the GOP is in control of the Senate, and the House of Representatives have no say whatsoever in the confirmation process, there is not much Democrats can do except whine, complain and throw temper tantrums. 

Of course the establishment media is offering them every platform opportunity possible to do so.

Welcome to the beginning of round two: Ding! Ding! DING!

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With Kavanaugh, Democrats dugs deep and attempted to derail his confirmation by bringing forth a woman, Christine Blasey Ford, who claimed the three decades earlier, while Kavanaugh was in college, he inappropriately touched her.

Her claim was there was no "rape." She didn't remember when. She didn't remember where. She couldn't remember how she got home afterwards. Her best friend who was supposedly there claimed she didn't remember that ever happening.

Democrat leaders pulled more people from under the rocks, all much less credible and not one with any type of proof or evidence whatsoever.

Kavanaugh was confirmed and the whole country saw the underhanded and unethical tactics that were used against Kavanaugh.

Fast forward and we are seeing the same claims about womens' rights being under attack, how women will suffer by having Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court, etc, etc......

With Barret, since they cannot pay anyone to claim she "sexually assaulted" them back in college, they are attacking the adoption of two of her children, and despite it being a violation of the constitution, they are trying to attack the fact that Coney Barrett is a woman of faith, and highly religious. 

Fortunately, Democrats' initial attacks haven't landed a punch on her.

The media once again is playing the propaganda arm for the Democrat party and have started their attacks as well, as seen in the short clip below:

Once again the attacks do not seem to doing her any damage, and seem to be just "preaching to the choir," giving liberals more reason to froth at the mouth, while further convincing conservatives that the Democrats/Media are anti-religion and hypocrites because they claim to be for feminism, yet they only support women that agree with their ideology.


As the confirmation hearings and process is slated to begin on Monday, October 12, with Republicans making it clear they are aiming for a final vote and confirmation of Coney Barrett on October 22, 2020,  I admit to a type of morbid curiosity as to what plots and schemes liberals have up their sleeves in their desperate attempts to delay or derail the entire confirmation.

Kavanaugh was President Trump's second nominee and liberals across the country, the internet, the establishment media and politicians, pulled out all the stops. Coney Barret will be his third, and to make matters even more galling to liberals, she would be replacing the liberal icon, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Just the thought of it, even before the confirmation hearings begin, has brought about some clearly unhinged reactions, including but not limited to shutting the country down with protests and to "burn it all down."

We know Democrats in the Senate will use every congressional procedural tactic possible in an attempt to stop what they know is unstoppable, while attacking her faith, but after going back over the protest images and articles from Oct. 2018, during the Kavanaugh confirmation, we just cannot begin to imagine how insane the protesters are going to get over the next 10 days as the confirmation process moves forward.

Whenever I think these protests cannot get any more unhinged, they do. Will we have those "martyr-like" protesters with sings forcing security to literally drag them out of the gallery? Will we have the people outside again paying people to get in and cause a scene? Will we see utterly deranged people trying to claw their way into the Supreme Court building while others pound and chant?

Normally my question would be, how can they do worse to Coney-Barrett than they did to Kavanaugh, the problem is, we aren't talking about normal people here, we are talking about crazed people with such Trump Derangement Syndrome, I am not sure they have any limits on their insanity.


If nothing else, the next 10 days should be highly interesting to watch, and I dare say, a little entertaining for conservatives to see the level of crazy we are about to witness.

The countdown has started and as of Monday, we should see a daily devolution of conduct with increasing levels of anger, highlighted by the media every chance they get.

Let round two begin!

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