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August 23, 2017

With The Operational Phase Of The 'Attempted Overthrow Of America' Underway, Civil War Would Likely Lead To Our Invasion And Destruction By 'Enemies Within' And On The Outside

- Forget Afghanistan, These Are The REAL Threats To America As Our Nation Descends Into Madness †


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to this August 21st story from Infowars, the solar eclipse that happened on Monday was the first that was visible ONLY in the United States since 1776. While several viral Mark Dice videos have proven that many millenials don't even know the significance of that year, the Infowars story asks if we were witnessing 'providence', God's divine intervention in our nation gone mad.

And while the day of the eclipse's 'other' big story was President Trump's big announcement that the US will continue sending troops to Afghanistan, gaining the praise of Senator Lindsey Graham and the condemnation of former Texas Representative Ron Paul, we remind you that the Soviet Union's ongoing and never-ending wars in Afghanistan were largely behind the collapse of the USSR and the destruction of their economy after fighting year after year of wars that they couldn't win, either.†

With neocon Graham also claiming that if Congress doesn't approve President Trump's plans for Afghanistan, 'the next 9/11 is on them'†hinting that the next globalist 'false flag' attack upon America may still be around the corner, a disturbing recent Ron Paul tweet also signals huge danger may lay ahead: "The Deep State Got To Him". Even Breitbart reported today, President Trump's speech last night echoed previous war speeches given by none other than HR McMaster.†

While we agree with President Trump that extremists who want to hurt America and destroy our way of life must be prevented from doing so, we also remember that for many years, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were arming these same groups of people. While President Trump thankfully put an end to that CIA program recently, how many Americans, or other innocent people, might soon be killed in Afghanistan, Pakistan, or elsewhere around the world with weapons given to them by Clinton, Obama, the globalists and the American taxpayer? Blood is clearly on their hands and there may be more ahead.†

And while President Trump's continuation of a globalist/neocon war that has already been ongoing for 16+ years might seem to be a 'betrayal' to some, as we see in story after story outlined below coming out now across the internet, Americans have much bigger fish to fry than to be too worried about what's going on in Afghanistan. And if Americans lose the support of President Trump, and worse, the Constitution, and the globalists are 'winners' on the issues detailed below, Hillary Clinton and the globalists might as well have won the election - we can kiss our country and our freedoms goodbye.


In this August 22nd story over at Infowars, Steve Watson reports upon a recent MSNBC broadcast in which their host presented a case AGAINST the 1st Amendment in America, arguing 'there are pitfalls to free speech', with that report coming after the msm network PROMOTED Antifa violence twice within the same week. †

While one might argue that MSNBC has simply gone b*tsh*t crazy (like much of the left and most of the mainstream media†as detailed in the 1st video below within which we learn some of the behavior we've been witnessing lately from the left resembles legends of demon possession), in story after story after story over the last several days we've noticed a 'trend' of attacks upon the rights of people to express themselves freely. With Europe offering us several recent examples of a continent that has already fallen to 'tyranny', we were warned many years ago that this was coming.†

As the Guardian reported on Sunday, prosecutors in England have been ordered to treat 'online hate crime' as seriously as offenses carried out 'face to face'. And while we stand strongly against any 'hate crimes' here at ANP, we also strongly agree with this new story over at The Sun which reports the decision by the government of England to crack down on 'online mockery' is a recipe for tyranny.†

As Paul Joseph Watson recently reported, a journalist in Germany who aruged that Islam was a 'fascist ideology' recently got hit with a 6-month suspended jail sentence for 'hate speech'. Since when did TRUTH become 'hate speech'? With the Democrats recent threat to Steve Bannon†an attempt to prevent him from publishing classified material proving to us that they probably have a HUGE amount to hide, will Americans ever learn the truth about why our nation has been intentionally torn apart?†

With the left here in America attempting to claim that 'conservative thinking' is 'hatred', with even the SPLC embracing the radical leftist agenda against law enforcement officers, we can see why anyone who cares about the 1st Amendment here in America will stand up strongly to radical leftist tyranny. The fact that 'Antifa' claims to stand against 'fascism', yet attempts to VIOLENTLY shut down the speech of anyone that they don't agree with, tells us everything that we need to know. As Ron Paul recently reported, Americans should be opposing fascism both on the right and the left.†


And if anyone ever asks us here at ANP what our opinion is on all of this, we'll strongly agree with Evelyn Beatrice Hall who stated†"While I may disapprove of what you say, I will defend to the death your right to say it".

Yet as we've also seen in story after story across the internet recently, conservative websites such as Rebel Media in Canada,†Pamela Geller from 'Atlas Shrugs', Jihad Watch, and the American Freedom Defense Initiative have been economically attacked by 'the leftist establishment' for their political views, especially on 'Radical Islam', after being urged to do so by George Soros. The 3rd video below looks at this recent attempt to 'purge alternative thought' from the internet being undertaken by totalitarian globalists bent upon global dictatorship and a boot stamping upon a human face, forever.†

While we're happy to report that Paypal recently restored their accounts after a massive backlash from supporters, such attacks on Conservatives is more proof that†their views are correct, Islam is not a religion but at it's root, a totalitarian political ideology. Do we really need to ask why America moved so strongly towards tyranny during the Obama administration?†

Only those who hold a sickening, totalitarian dictatorial worldview would want to shut down the rights of others to speak freely as we're now seeing coming to us from Google, Facebook, YouTube and the entire 'establishment'.†With us now having 100% proof that the European Union has already fallen with Canada falling right behind them to the very real and deadly poison of 'political correctness', America is truly the last nation standing with the msm's hate-driven agenda pushing even our nation to the very breaking point.†


As we previously reported on ANP, the funder of much of the terrorism being seen on the left, George Soros, has recently teamed up with Mozilla, home of the Firefox browser, against 'fake news'. While Soros would obviously call any links between him and the acts of terror we've been seeing committed by the left 'fake news', it helps us to understand why he'll be teaming up with Mozilla to fight against the truth. Yet how many protesters would be out on the streets of America if they weren't being paid?†

With 'protesting' bringing in more money to some than a REAL full-time job, we see why America will likely continue along this dark path for the rest of summer and into fall when 10's of thousands may march on US cities on November 4th, seeking to drive President Trump and VP Pence out of office, and giving us another good reason to stay as far away from those 'nasty death traps' as possible.†

As Susan Duclos reported earlier today on ANP, with rent-a-mob fascist antifa groups headed to Phoenix, Arizona to protest against President Trump, it's easy to see that this will continue to be a tactic of the leftist mainstream media agenda to overthrow President Trump and his legally elected US government until they are either successful or they succeed at triggering 'civil war' in this nation. The 2nd video below takes a look at the nationwide terror attacks that Antifa plans upon US cities in November.†

While we strongly commend Vice President Mike Pence for recently stating America needs MORE monuments and not less while reminding us why we need to remember our history, we remind that†as Infowars recently reported, a 'civil war' in America in 2017 would affect the entire world as our nation completed its descent into madness.

As we've been warned by a well-trusted source, civil war in America would see United Nations and foreign troops getting involved as so-called 'peacekeepers'. Watching the numerous crimes and barbarity committed by UN troops in other 'peacekeeping missions' all across the world gives us more proof such a war between Americans would bring the globalists exactly what they've been long working towards, the complete destruction of America. Wonder why Deagel shows a 270 million American 'die off' between now and 2025?†

With such a war allowing the UN to 'attempt' to disarm law-abiding American citizens, something that the Democrats have been trying without much success for a very long time, who'd have the most to gain by instigating civil war here? Not most Americans.†

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