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November 10, 2020

Something Very Strange Is Happening As General Services Administration (GSA) Refuses To Fund The Biden 'Transition' Team Until 'Winner Is Clear'

- Media Panicked As Trump Campaign Lawsuits Move Forward

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

A number of events are happening right now that lead me to think that we are one step closer to all hell breaking loose in the U.S.

The election, the lawsuits, the accusations of election fraud, the refusal of the GSA (General Services Administration) to approve the transitioning phase because as of yet they feel they "winner" is not yet "clear," the DOJ telling prosecutors to investigate "credible" allegations of election fraud and the panic being seen by the media as lawsuits and court filings by Republicans start hitting the courts.

Let us begin!


We'll start with this because as has been pointed out previously at ANP and many other outlets excluding liberal establishment publications, the media does not decide the election, no matter how many of them pick up a bullhorn and declare Joe Biden the 2020 presidential election winner.

The GSA's job is to provide the space in federal offices, the equipment needed, funds to transition including travel expenses, and all other expenses needed to transition from a president of one party to a president of another party.

Via Epoch Times, and other non-liberal news organizations:

As the campaign for Joe Biden attempts to push the General Services Administration (GSA) to approve a transfer of power, the agency said that it hasn’t made a final assessment of the situation.

“An ascertainment has not yet been made. GSA and its administrator will continue to abide by, and fulfill, all requirements under the law,” a spokesperson with the GSA told The Epoch Times on Nov. 9.

The agency said that GSA administrator Emily Murphy will only initiate the transition when a “clear winner is clear, based on the process laid out in the Constitution.”

“The administrator’s ascertainment is done for the purposes of making services provided by the [Presidential Transition Act] available,” the spokesperson said. “Until an ascertainment is made, the statute allows for the Biden Transition Team to continue to receive the pre-elect services from the government (e.g., limited office space, computers, background investigations for security clearances). GSA has met all statutory requirements under the PTA for this election cycle and will continue to do so.”

We started with the GSA because it is actually one of the most important indicators that despite what the nightly news, and cable news (all liberal) continues to assert, the official results are in no way assured because there are too many unresolved issues.

For example, while media outlets called Pennsylvania for Joe Biden, do to irregularities, potential voter fraud, the counting of votes after refusing entry to certified poll watchers for the GOP, and the PA Supreme Court ruling saying votes that came in after election day could be counted, (that is going straight to the Supreme Court), the final "official" results are very much undetermined.

The press release by the Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, titled "Missouri Attorney General, Nine State Attorneys General File Amicus Brief in Pennsylvania Supreme Court Voting Case," explains the three-pronged legal strategy:

The brief begins with, “The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision overstepped its constitutional responsibility, encroached on the authority of the Pennsylvania legislature, and violated the plain language of the Election Clauses.”

The brief makes three main arguments. First, that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overstepped its authority and encroached on the authority of the legislature in ruling that ballots received three days after election can be accepted, including ballots with an illegible postmark or no postmark at all. Second, that voting by mail can create risks of voter fraud, including in Pennsylvania. And lastly, that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision exacerbated these risks of absentee ballot fraud. 

10 AG's filed the amicus. All the states that signed on in total are 13:  Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, South Dakota and Texas.

The entire 29-page brief can be read HERE.

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Since we are on the topic of PA, a quick point. Many just noticed that Real Clear Politics (RCP), which is a polling averages website highly respected and cited often by establishment media and independent media alike,  never called PA for Biden.

There has been some confusion as some thought they did call PA for Biden, then removed it, but one of the founders cleared that up saying they never called a winner in PA at all.

Notice also that AZ is still in gray as well. Both states are still counting votes.


Attorney General Bill Barr has sent a memo to prosecutors telling them to investigate "substantial allegations," that if true, would affect the outcome of the election, before the states are certified.

Via Breitbart: (The memo itself is embedded below the quotes)

“Given this, and given that voting in our current elections has now concluded, I authorize you to pursue substantial allegations of voting and vote tabulation irregularities prior to the certification of elections in your jurisdictions in certain cases, as I have already done in specific instances,” he said.

He said inquiries and reviews may be conducted if there are clear and apparently-credible allegations of irregularities that, if true, could potentially impact the outcome of a federal election in an individual state.

“While U.S. Attorneys maintain their inherent authority to conduct inquiries and investigations as they deem appropriate, it will likely be prudent to commence any election-related matters as a preliminary inquiry, so as to assess whether available evidence warrants further investigative steps,” he said.

He also urged for the DOJ to exercise “great care and judgment’ and not launch inquiries on “specious, speculative, fanciful or far-fetched claims.”

Barr Memo to DOJ on voting ... uploaded by Kristina Wong

Barr is attempting to address any allegations of crimes and voting irregularities that could affect the outcome, and leaving other complaints that would have no affect on the outcome, to be investigated after the results are certified.

Liberals of course are screeching that Barr is doing this because President Trump is pressuring him, but it is clear that if that were the case, then Barr would have previously prosecuted everyone connected to Obama administration's spying on President Trump and associated with the Russian Collusion hoax.

We have explained before, the President is not a prosecutors, not a law enforcement officer, not part of the DOJ, even thought the DOJ is part of the executive branch, but a President cannot order the AG to find evidence that can be used in court if it doesn't not exist.

One cannot say the president is forcing this, while claiming he cannot force the prosecution of the Russian hoax conspirers.

People cannot have it both ways.

The Daily Wire has a headline and article confirming the headline, which exemplifies exactly why it is paramount that the legal challenges, recounts and Barr's investigation, be allowed to run their course.

HEADLINE: Republican In Michigan Goes From Loser To Winner After ‘Technical Glitch’ Fixed. 

Both candidates should be demanding that the states using the machines that found a 6,000 vote "glitch" giving Joe Biden the votes that were clearly for Trump, be recounted.

 Both candidates should also be encouraging any type of voting fraud be addressed now, rather than running into the same issues the next time around. 

We all know why the Biden campaigns doesn't want manual recounts or audits of the battleground states in question, but the Trump campaign is spot on in highlighting the amount of fraud allegations, because the stakes are high.

The media is having an absolute fit over ther legal challenges, showing they are concerned, and in some cases panicked over the possibility, one they won't admit to out loud, of the possibility that these legal challenges will force a recount and dumping of illegal votes, which potentially could give Trump a second term.


Another item that is generating quite a bit of chatter, comes from an MSNBC segment where Ken Dilanian,  journalist and news correspondent, who currently works as the Intelligence and National Security correspondent for NBC News, was being interviewed by MSNBC, and after bring asked a question, he could be seen looking down at his phone, they saying, on-air, out loud, "Oh Sh*t. F*ck," before his feed was cut off by MSNBC.

He subsequently claimed he had lost contact with the control room, yet his camera and mic were still on, obviously. Some wonder if he received some type of news the MSM doesn't like.

Since it is generating a ton of chatter online, just thought it should be mentioned, just in case we learn the media knew something important, but refused to report it in a timely manner.

Lets face it, any news favorable to President Trump gets ignored by the media regularly.


With all that said, and the GSA news is quite strange and shows that the election is not as "over" as the media claims, it must be reiterated that after everything is said and done, after all court challenges are resolved, and after all recounts have been conducted, Joe Biden may still be President-elect.

Believe me, it pains me to say that, but unlike the MSM, while we will report the news of the legal challenges, issues and evidence of fraud, we will not claim to "know" that this will all result in a favorable result for president Trump.

I would love to be able to assure ANP readers that President Trump will prevail, but we are not the MSM, and we will continue to report the fraudulent votes, challenges, and newsworthy events connected to the election, but we will not simply say what we know readers want to hear if we do not have a  high level of confidence our assurances are truthful.

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