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March 29, 2021 

Signs The Suez Canal Traffic Jam Was Intentionally Created To Help Bring The World To Its Knees Ahead Of The 'Great Reset'  

- Something Rotten To The Core Is Going On As Globalists Consolidate Power In The Hands Of The Few

By George Stevens for All News Pipeline

The Suez Canal is one of the busiest waterways in the world. In 2020, over 18,000 ships used the canal. That is about 10% of all of the world’s global trade. One fourth of that traffic is by container ships. Some of that cargo includes cotton, oil for plastics, and auto parts. With COVID restrictions slowing container traffic, the blockage of the canal compounds the delays of not only goods but empty containers going back to be refilled. 

(ANP UPDATES: According to this new story over at the NY Post, the Ever Given has finally been 'freed'! And according to CNBC, traffic on the Suez Canal is slowly being 'resumed'.)

So how did this grounding take place? Cargo ships have gotten larger in recent years to take on more containers because larger boats burn less fuel per container carried. Was the enormous size of the Ever Given a factor in the grounding? 

Jumbo sized boats just as big as the Ever Given have been subjected to similar winds without incident before. So why was “wind” the initial reason given for the grounding? 

Ian Woods, a marine cargo lawyer and partner with the firm Clyde & Co. said that it is likely that "a combination of factors" could have happened. He added "There's the exposure to the elements, potential for a loss of power, potential for steering problems. We'd expect a full investigation." 

From my own experience I find it very unlikely that the ship would run ground and wind up at the angle it did from high winds unless the captain was completely incompetent. I can't imagine that an inexperienced or incompetent captain would be given charge of such large ship, but I suppose it could happen. 

Yes the ship had a very high cargo load where the containers were stacked over 100 feet high. Looking at the way they were stacked shows a fairly even height the length of the ship with slightly shorter stacks at the bow. That would mean the wind would be acting fairly evenly from stem to stern to cause the ship to wander off course. 

I haven't seen any reports of wind direction but in my opinion, it wouldn't make a lot of difference. The force applied to the ship would be fairly evenly applied for the length of the ship causing the side of the ship to scrape along the bottom on the downwind side of the ship. That is unless a sudden gust of wind hit only the bow of the boat. 

Interesting to note is that the ship is equipped with two 3,400 HP bow thrusters to help it maneuver. That is a lot of power. So how did the ship come to rest with the bow on one side of the canal and the stern on the other side of the canal? Some force not only caused the bow to turn and run aground but also DROVE the stern into the opposite bank. Something just doesn’t add up.

That leads me to believe that it wasn't the wind. The ship had just traversed the entrance to the canal and was on a straight line course for over 15 minutes when it ran aground. If there had been a failure of the steering, one would think it would happen in the turns the ship had to make when it entered the canal. So rudder failure doesn’t sound like a good option either. 

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I have to ask the question. Was the grounding intentional? I suppose it is possible that a sudden gust of wind that only hit the bow of the ship could cause the bow to deviate. An alert captain would be present on the bridge to traverse a tight waterway and would be able to counter any deviation with the bow thrusters. In addition, there were not one but two pilots on board to guide the ship through the canal. You can’t tell me that they didn’t have the combined experience to keep that ship on course. In my opinion, that leaves one and only one possibility - the grounding was intentional. 

So now the question – why? There is going to be a giant monetary loss for some who depend on the canal. On the other hand there are those that will reap a huge profit from its closure. There has been a lot of talk about the “Great Reset”. There is currently so much global debt that it will never be paid off. 

The Great Reset will reinvent the financial world so that ultimately it will consolidate the global economy under the control of a very small group of people. Could this be part of their plan to remake the financial world? 

A couple of other possibilities exist. There is the strategic importance of the canal and a possible impact to troop and military forces being moved around the world. Then there is the allegation that the Evergreen Company was the front for trafficking people. They may need to remove containers to refloat the ship. What would happen if they offloaded the containers and found some of them filled with people? Basically there are a lot of reasons for sabotage. 

Hopefully the real reason for the grounding will come out and appropriate action will be taken. Personally, I doubt the true story will ever be known. Governments are great at hiding the truth for “national security” reasons. We will just have to wait and see how it all pans out.

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