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February 5, 2018

A 'Disaster Waiting To Happen' - Minnesota Dept Of Health Was Doing 'Enhanced Infectious Disease Research' Super Bowl Week

- As Dept Of Homeland Security Docs Simulating Anthrax Attack Upon Super Bowl Lost On Plane

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While it appears that super bowl Sunday went off without a hitch except for large parts of the city of Philadelphia turned into a massive marshmallow roast with roaring fires lit across the city and Philadelphians doing insane trust falls from deadly heights as seen in the gif photo embedded below, a very interesting comment was shared with ANP by 'Covfefe' AKA Tuskers who linked to this tweet from Based Basterd on twitter sharing this eye-opening tidbit: the Minnesota Department of Health was doing enhanced infectious disease research during super bowl week. 

Requesting that health care providers across the state "ask patients who present with signs or symptoms of a possible infectious or toxin- mediated illnesses" if they had attended super bowl-related events and question them about the timing of their symptoms onset, they also claim "this is particularly important for patients presenting with respiratory, gastrointestinal, or neurological symptoms."

Also telling health care providers to watch out for signs associated with bioterrorism as seen in the 1st scribd document embedded at the bottom of this story, it was not lost upon many that super bowl was a disaster just waiting to happen with tens of thousands of people packed into an enclosed area at a time when the flu now striking America is at its most deadly with warnings of potentially weaponized flu shots creating the deadly plague we're now witnessing.

And now we learn from CNN of all places that Department of Homeland Security documents critiquing the response to a simulated anthrax attack on super bowl Sunday that had been marked "For Official Use Only" and "important for national security" had been left unattended on a plane. Interestingly, CNN buried this story and has only just now published it despite finding these documents months ago. From CNN via Archive:

Recipients of the draft "after-action" reports were told to keep them locked up after business hours and to shred them prior to discarding. They were admonished not to share their contents with anyone who lacked "an operational need-to-know."

But security surrounding the December 2017 reports suffered an embarrassing breach: A CNN employee discovered copies of them, along with other sensitive DHS material, in the seat-back pocket of a commercial plane.

The reports were accompanied by the travel itinerary and boarding pass of the government scientist in charge of BioWatch, the DHS program that conducted the anthrax drills in preparation for Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis.

The reports were based on exercises designed to evaluate the ability of public health, law enforcement and emergency management officials to engage in a coordinated response were a biological attack to be carried out in Minneapolis on Super Bowl Sunday.


As Mike Adams reported over at Natural News back on January 30th, a recent study had determined that "630% more “aerosolized flu virus particles” were emitted by people who had received flu shots proving that flu vaccines actually SPREAD the flu!" With Americans who get their flu shots quite literally taking the same 'leap of faith' as we see from the jumper in the photo above, if the warning given in the NN story is correct, we face a similar fate as the jumper - who hit the ground with no one to catch him. 

With numerous Philadelphia Eagles players hit by the flu in the week before the game, the Center for Disease Control still shows the flu widespread all across America as seen in the map below and as many report, it has now reached the level of a pandemic. With 'flu horror stories' being told all across America, this January 23rd story over at Metro reports that the parents of one six year-old girl killed by flu said "the virus is now a ‘plague’ sweeping across America".

Might they be more correct than they know, with a 'new plague' breaking out across the country?  

As the Organic Prepper reported back on January 30th, "The Flu Is FAR WORSE Than We’re Being Told: Tens of Thousands of Americans Are DYING". Warning us also that "this years flu is worse than the the 2009 swine flu outbreak and is showing no signs of slowing down", we're then asked to consider this:  

 Despite this, the media is downplaying the severity of the flu and the government makes the statistics pretty difficult to find.

Are they trying to avoid a panic? Do they know something we don’t? 


According to this September of 2017 story over at Outbreak News Today that Steve Quayle linked to on his website on Saturday, a newly emerged superbug which is a hyper-resistant and hypervirulent Klebsiella pneumoniae had recently been discovered which may cause untreatable and fatal infections in relatively healthy individuals and will pose enormous threat to human health.

As Quayle asked in an SQnote he left while linking to that story, could the deadly flu that is striking America now be a weaponized version of this mutated bacteria? As we've previously reported on ANP, the deadly flu now striking America has already killed numerous people who had been considered relatively healthy and certainly not the 'normal' flu fatality victims. 

With some flu victims fine one day and then dead the next, as we hear in the first video below from CBS Evening News, this years deadly flu epidemic is still not letting up. With one 15-year-old girl dying only days after testing NEGATIVE for the flu showing that some doctors don't even know exactly what they're dealing with, the impetus to keep ourselves healthy should be greater now than ever and we implore you to please share any 'good health secrets' in our comment section below.


Why is this 'flu' taking down so many healthy people and striking so many children who have received the flu shot as heard in the 2nd video below from Mike Adams 'the Health Ranger'? Are we witnessing some kind of 'vaccination jihad' where the devil's have tampered with the flu vaccine? As Steve Quayle tells us, there should be a completely independent investigation and analysis apart from the CDC into these flu shots with vaccine makers required to have their employee rosters checked to see if 'enemies of America within' have handled their vaccines with intent to do Americans harm. 

While warnings of 50,000 dead Americans from the flu this flu season are nowhere near the carnage visited upon the Earth 100 years ago when the 1918 flu killed between 50 and 100 million, should what is striking America now be more than simply the H3N2 strain now being blamed for most of the deaths in America, it may get much worse. 

And while it appears that super bowl Sunday went off without a hitch, with health care practitioners throughout the area  continuing to monitor their patients for flu or bioterror related symptoms over the next several days as is also detailed in the 2nd scribd document embedded below, after-effects of 'the big game' may still be felt for some in the days and weeks ahead. 

With "the herd willingly co-operating with their own culling" as Steve Quayle tells us, and what may be a 'new plague' breaking out across America, the final video below from 'ReallyGraceful' called "What The Media Won't Tell You About The Flu" gives us both a historical background on influenza and shares why we shouldn't trust the corporate media about the flu as far as we can throw them. 

Superbowl Enhanced Disease Surveillance - Document 1 by All News Pipeline on Scribd

Minnesota Department of Health Super Bowl Document by All News Pipeline on Scribd


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