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January 17, 2016

Surviving Economic Collapse - Joanie Stahl Part 2 - 'Don't Put This Off, Time Is Short'


By A Minute To Midnite - All News PipeLine

This  ''A Minute To Midnite' Show includes part two of the  Interview with Joanie Stahl. 

In the first few minutes Chris and Tony discuss the economic collapse that is underway right now (Jan 2016), They discuss the collapsing oil price and Chris informs listeners that they need to be watching this in the coming days as oil goes sub $30. He warns us that oil companies may begin to collapse as a result of them not being able to sustain such low prices. Chris also talks about the Chinese stock market and how poorly it has started the year and this has also flowed on to other share  markets around the world. The likelihood that a derivative crash will follow is very real. Chris then reminds the listeners that Bank Bail-ins are very likely on the horizon. New Zealand has the Open Bank Resolution, which was passed into law in 2013 and allows allow banks to raid the accounts of New Zealanders in the "Unlikely event of an economic collapse". Other countries around the world have also passed similar legislation which will pave the way fro wholesale theft of money from depositors bank accounts at some point when this collapse is full blown.

Following this discussion on the economy at the beginning, the show then continues with part two of the interview with Joanie Stahl. She begins reminding listeners that no matter how bad the food shortage becomes in the days ahead, God will still look after his own: those that seek Him in prayer. God will pour out his spirit to do "last minute acts of power". She reveals more of her prophetic revelations for what lays ahead: Dark days, but along with them, God's supernatural protection for those with spiritual ears that are open to hear his guidance. She tells us that Jesus is not coming for "a bruised up and battered bride" . We will have to go through some stuff but God will use those times for His ends ( Side note here, Remember : All Things work together for the good of this who love God and are called according to his purpose). Joanie then reveals more of her prophetic insight and ties it in with current events.

Later on Tony and Joanie discuss Mystery Babylon, and whether or not it is the USA.

In light of the fact that this show largely deals with the tough times that lay ahead, largely as a result of the coming "Economic Catastrophe",  I think it is pertinent here to re-produce a list of questions and things to consider ahead of the economic collapse that we believe will only get worse as the year progresses. Readers here may find it useful to revisit an earlier show where we discussed this in greater depth:  ( A Minute To Midnite - Episode-03 - How To Survive The Economic collapse )


#1 Food Shortages Can Happen, (and they can happen quickly)
You cannot be sure that supermarkets will remain open or shelves stocked. How much food do you have stored? How long will it last? Do you have a garden or any food growing. Think vegetables, herbs, fruit. Some fruit is easy to grow eg: citrus like lemons for making drinks, or fejoas.

#2 Medicines and First Aid Supplies may becomes Scarce During An Economic Collapse
Do you have a basic medical kit on hand? Does it have plasters, bandages, Pain killers etc. Also any needed prescription medicine etc should be kept in supply.

#3 When An Economy Collapses, So Might The Power Grid Along With It!
If the power grid goes down for a long period or is down intermittently how will you cook, light your home or stay warm? What plans do you have in place to cover this?

#4 During An Economic Collapse You Cannot Even Take Water For Granted
Do you have a store of water, and if so how much? If water becomes scare ( ie if power grid down) do you have a means of purifying water?

#5 During An Economic Crisis ATM's And Your Credit Cards And Debit Cards May Stop Working
If it happens that you cannot get ATM machines and bank accounts are frozen do you have plans in place to cover this?  Cash on hand, gold or silver etc...

#6 Crime: Rioting And Looting And Violence Is Likely To Become Commonplace During An Economic Collapse
If this occurs, how will protect yourself, your family, your assets?

#7 During A Financial Collapse Many People Will Resort To Bartering
Do you have anything that you could use as bartering items? Think about what people may want/need at a time like that and figure out what you could have stashed as bartering goods.

#8 Your Currency May Rapidly Lose Value During An Economic Crisis
If this happens then gold and silver will be what is left standing..which is why you should have some!

#9 You Cannot Be Sure Of Continuous Employment Or Ongoing Business
If you lose your job or business becomes slow, do you have alternative ways of making money or doing business?

#10 You Will Need To Fend For yourself - The Government Will Not Save You
If the SHTF then it will affect Governments and their ability to give handouts and help so be prepared!

Additional Thoughts: Try to minimize and payoff your debts. Don't waste money on unnecessary luxuries. Think of gold and silver as “Real Money” that will survive if other currencies fail. It could be a good idea to try and get ahead on your house Rent or mortgage payments.

The Bottom line is that we all need to put God first in our lives and make it a habit of seeking His guidance, and then make what ever preparations you feel led to make. Don't put this off; Time is short!

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We also suggest that you subscribe to the Aminutetomidnite youtube channel so that you don't miss any of our upcoming interviews. We will also endeavor to keep listeners up to date with world events and provide any insight we can to help listeners navigate their way through the coming chaos.


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