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January 28, 2015

Suspicious Deaths Of Preppers On Rise - Another Family Dead! Signs Are 'The Lists' Have Been Activated!


By Live Free Or Die - All News Pipeline

The American Thinker has a new story out in which they tell us in the 1st paragraph of the mysterious deaths of bankers across the Western world: "This is either the most interesting case of coincidental deaths or one of the most evil plots in modern history." The same argument could be made for the recent mysterious spate of deaths of 'preppers' here in America.

While many have warned of 'red lists' aka 'death lists' for preppers and US patriots prior to the global government being fully implemented, the brand new video below from All News Pipeline friend FreedomFighter2127 tells us he believes the lists HAVE already been activated after a story from Utah of another family taken from this world, labeled suicide, though many signs show us otherwise.

Benjamin and Kristi Strack were very concerned with the 'evil in the world' and told their friends they wanted to escape the 'impending doom'; friends believed they were moving somewhere to 'live off of the grid' as many preppers are now doing. They believed an 'apocalypse was pending' and according to officials, they 'escaped' that apocalypse by poisoning themselves. With the recent deaths of 'Gray State' writer/director David Crowley and his family in another 'murder/suicide', how many more preppers have mysteriously died recently, away from the blaring lights of the media? Something doesn't sit right with this story; our videographer ties the pieces of this mystery together beginning at the 3 minute 18 second mark and gives us his reasoning to believe that 'the lists' have been activated.

The video begins with news of WW3 with a segment called 'Wars and Rumors of War - The Red Horse Rideth' while at 2 minutes 40 seconds tells us about the continuing 'Mystery Banker Deaths'.

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