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August 23, 2020

Is Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)  The Cause Of All The Craziness, Or Has It Just Exposed How Bat-Crap Crazy These People Always Were?

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Over the course of the last five years, since President Trump first came down the escalator, with Melania at his side, and announced he was running for the Presidency, a significant segment of the population has literally lost their minds

Not only Democrats, but feminists, a large segment of the LGBT community, social media liberals, the media, and those called #NeverTrumpers, which claim to be Republican but which are happily supporting Joe Biden for president because of their untreated Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), which by the way is real and called "Trump Anxiety Disorder" by mental health professionals.

As the years of Trump's presidency moved along, watching the media and Democrat politicians rush from one "This is the beginning of the end" scandal to the next "We are turning a corner" bombshell, all of which meant to assure liberals that Donald Trump would not serve his full term, we posit that the media and those politicians are at least partially responsible for a number of people seeing their TDS hit levels where they can barely function properly.

We have shown this before but for those that haven't seen it, or those that find it entertaining in hindsight, watch how many times we have see the "turning point" and "beginning of the end" for President Trump, starting in 2017.


I wonder is those suffering from TDS could make the legal case against the media, claiming they  "drove them to (insert whatever the crime is here)?"

For over three years we have seen the media tell their audiences that President Trump colluded with Russia, and even after the special counsel report found their was no collusion, the media, Democrat politicians, and liberals, online and offline, continue to push that debunked fake news.

They have misquoted or misrepresented dozens of statements made by President Trump, to falsely claim he is a fascist, tyrant, Nazi, white supremacist, homophobic, Islamophobic "deplorable."

I also have to wonder if the media, or just being infected with TDS, could be used as a legal defense, a claim of temporary insanity in a court of law?

For example: Two women harassed Trump supporters outside Joe Biden's DNC convention speech,  tearing up their signs and stomping on them, then stealing a hat from a 7 year-old boy, with the mother chasing them down while videoing the event, telling them to give her son back the hat.

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While some think the mother should not have told the child to get his hat back from obviously deranged females, with others asserting it is the only way to teach a child not to let liberals step all over them,  that is neither here nor there for the purpose of this article.

Liberals tend to think that just because they hate President Trump that they have the right to attack those that support him, steal and destroy property, and verbally and physically attack others. We have seen this time and time again.

In this instance, the women were found and arrested, but it made me wonder when the first case of "the media/liberals/democrats drove me crazy" will be used as a defense in a court of law.

Of course in order to attempt such a strategy they would have to finally admit that they are suffering Trump Derangement Syndrome.

They do say the first step in recovery is to admit you have a problem!

In the articles about Trump Anxiety Disorder, we note that in each case their "anxiety" increases significantly when watching news, and that those suffering from the disorder cannot seem to stop looking for more and more news to increase their anxiety.

CNN before lovemaking is not his idea of a turn-on.

But she can hardly turn it off—engrossed as she is in the latest unnerving gyrations of Washington.

Who else to blame but Donald Trump? A president who excites hot feelings in many quarters has cooled them considerably in the bedroom of a Philadelphia couple, who sought counseling in part because the agitated state of American politics was causing strain in their marriage.

It is interesting that these people blame President Trump for their disorder rather than the media, Democrats or more accurately, themselves for constantly looking for bad news.

I have often said that if one is only looking for bad and ugly, they are incapable of seeing the good and beautiful.


Lately the question of whether these people were crazed before Trump and just able to function and hide it, or if it is just yet another thing that the Trump presidency has exposed and brought out into the open, has been running through my mind.

I think about all the things that have been exposed to the light of day since Trump's announcement.

The media, who has historically leaned left, but at least pretended to have some type of objectivity, was exposed early on, the very first day of Trump's announcement when they all headlined with "Trump calls Mexicans Rapists," yet if their audience actually read the transcript they would have seen that he never call all Mexicans rapists at all.

He said Mexico is sending criminals, drugs and rapists, and Trump's quote "And some, I assume, are good people," always got left out of the blaring headlines.

What Trump has brought out into the sunshine and shown the country and in fact, the world, is that the establishment media is prepared to publish outright fake news, over and over again, if they think it will hurt President Trump.

He exposed the liberal bias in the media, which conservatives and even a decent percentage of Democrats already acknowledged, but now more have been exposed to the truth.

He exposed the willingness of the media to lie about Trump supporters, jump on hoaxes and then proven wrong make small corrections that never get seen, then rushes on to the "report" the next item of fake news.

Most importantly he forced the media to accidentally admit the truth, which is that think it is their job to "control" what Americans think and believe.

They lost their "control" over making people "think" exactly what the media wanted them to think.

He exposed the fake conservatives that still call themselves Republicans but are so filled with TDS they were willing to vote for Clinton in 2016, and are actively supporting Biden in 2020,  all because they hate Trump.

They are referred to as "Never Trumpers".

Actually to be more specific, they hate that the "influence" over the Republican party, no longer exists because the majority of Republicans see them now for what they are, RINO (Republican In Name only) Trump Anxiety Disorder sufferers.

 They push liberal and Democrat talking points at every opportunity, and in the case of one Never Trumper, Jennifer Rubin, she actually changed long-held and written opinions on the basis of "Trump" did it or wanted to do it. Everything from Israel to taxes, she now preaches the exact opposite of what she had her whole career.

That is some real hate there she is filled with.

Another example is Bill Kristol, formerly of The Weekly Standard where the publication because so anti-Trump they were nothing more than an echo chamber for liberal Democrat rhetoric.

That unreasonable and twisted thinking caused TWS to have to close down because people saw what the writers and editors , and the publication, had become.

The Trump Presidency also exposed they Democrat party as the communist and socialist entity they have worked decades to slither into in the hopes that by the time the public became aware of it, it would be too late to stop.

They exposed the hypocrisy of the Democrats as well, when we saw Hillary Clinton and Democrats, insisting that Donald Trump and candidate would not accept the results of the election if Clinton won...... then when he won, the liberals, led by Hillary Clinton herself, refused to accept the results of the 2016 election.

(Note - They are playing that mind-game again on their supporters in 2020)

Another recent example of what has been exposed regarding Democrats is their need for hoaxes, as  a Democrat politician faked and filmed her own beating and kidnapping just to get sympathy votes. We have seen those types of hoaxes throughout the Trump Presidency, more than at any time in modern history.

Perhaps the biggest favor the president has done for Americans, aside from some solid policy issues, was the existence of the "deep state," the "shadow government," call it what you want.

Before Trump, Americans either hadn't heard of the "deep state" or were convinced it was nothing more than a crazy conspiracy theory, and yet now, after watching the "deep state" attempt to overthrow a duly elected President, and overturn the 2016 election, now most Americans at least know what the deep state is.


The point here other than a trip down memory lane and seeing all the things a Trump presidency has exposed, is whether these people were crazed before the Trump election and were just exposed by Trump? Or whether they truly were driven bat-crap crazy by the antics of the media and Democrats, swearing they were taking President Trump down, then failing, over and over again, putting liberals' emotions into a free-wheeling 5-year roller coaster ride.

Is Trump Derangement Syndrome the cause of all this craziness, or has it just exposed how insane these people always were?

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