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April 1, 2020

Giant Red Flashing Warning Signs Are Screaming Something Huge Is About To Go Down - What Does The United States Government Know That We Don't Know? 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

As 'Coronavirus TEOTWAWKI' arrives in America with more than 75% of the country now under lock down, this must-read new story by Mike Adams over at Natural News argues that three recent moves made by the United States government at the very highest levels suggest that war might be coming to America, with 'Sign #3' being US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently ordering US residents living overseas to return to the country 'immediately'. As Adams argues, the 'cover story' behind that being this pandemic might lead to the end of air travel across the globe with international flights and the airline industry already in full-scale collapse.

Adding in the 2nd sign, the Pentagon recently ordering high-level staffers into their underground bunkers as we had reported in this March 28th ANP story and the 1st sign, President Trump recently calling up 1 million US military reservists, Adams also warned within his story that the ideal time for any enemies to attack America would be during a full-scale economic tumble and while we were suffering already due to a pandemic.

Also arguing that China would be the most likely country to launch such an attack upon us, especially with Russia now sending in a plane full of medical supplies to the US, are we now witnessing the prelude to World War 3? Going back to ancient times, biological weapons have been used to weaken an enemy before an invasion and those weapons took three major forms: Deliberate contamination of food and water with poisonous or contagious material; use of microbes, biological toxins, animals, or plants (living or dead) in a weapon system; and use of biologically inoculated fabrics and persons.

So while at this time we're unable to confirm that America is under a bioweapon attack launched by China (or the globalists out for revenge), as Zero Hedge reports in this new story, Italian state media exposed Chinese biological experiments to infect humans with coronavirus all the way back in 2015, so why should we believe a word coming out of China or from the US mainstream media here for that matter with them continuing to echo the Chinese communist party line? So as Adams also pointed out in his story, it's now time to double down on our preparations if we can should 'normal' never return to America and what we're seeing now across the country be a sign of things to come and 'the new normal'. From this Natural News story.: 

These three events are unmistakable signs that high-level officials within the Pentagon and US State Department anticipate actions of war in the very near future. China is the most likely adversary, especially given that China probably released the Wuhan coronavirus in the first place, knowing that America would have a much more difficult time locking down cities compared to China itself, which we now believe may have lost millions of citizens despite its best efforts to contain the virus.

Notably, the Wuhan coronavirus, released by China, has managed to cripple the US Navy by infecting sailors on aircraft carriers and other vessels. This is not an accident. It’s part of the “softening up” phase to weaken America in advance of the attack.

Expect an attack on America when the nation reaches “peak pandemic” health chaos and economic disruptions.

The ideal time for a foreign enemy to attack the United States would be when our nation is in the throes of economic collapse and a pandemic medical emergency. According to estimates announced by the White House today, coronavirus-related deaths will peak in the USA on April 12th, but lockdowns will continue through the end of April, causing financial reverberations to echo across the nation for many months yet to come.

So we'll be taking a look within this story at ramping up our prepping right now while we still can should the 'worst case scenario' that Adams warns us come to pass and America soon be facing not only a pandemic but something that once seemed impossible to most, a massive attack or a Chinese invasion of America. And even should all of these moves now being made have nothing to do with war but the 'war upon coronavirus', they signify just how bad this contagion is that's now unfolding with some warning it's the worst health threat the world has faced since World War 2

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While this covid-19 pandemic helps to accomplish all of the globalists agendas as we had reported in this March 1st ANP story within which we asked "Will 2020 be the year that everything changes?" and happening directly following the Democrats failed attempt to impeach President Trump, as we had asked within that March 1st story, might this outbreak be part of the globalists 'plan C' which helps them regain control of America and implement their satanic agenda for America and the world?

As we'd pointed out within that story, this outbreak helps the globalists achieve all of their top priorities including depopulation, authoritarian government including the cracking down upon the rights of Americans to assemble, gives a potential boon to the 'vaccine industry' as well as allowing 'big tech' to continue to censor those who don't go along with their agenda. And with us already witnessing the arrests of more than one Pastor for holding church services during this lockdown, others have argued Christianity is now under fire

And with the US military at very real risk from the spread of this virus due to the fact that 'social distancing' and 'protecting the country' cannot be accomplished together as we had reported in this March 31st ANP story, is America being 'softened up' for a major attack ahead? As the following excerpt from this Natural News story below points out, the warning signs are flashing bright red and screaming something huge is ahead. 

Ramp up your preparedness to a whole new level, if you can.

Prepare for all the following, just in case one or more happen.

A loss of the power grid

A blackout of all internet and phone communications

Foreign troops invading the US, including through the Mexico border

Attempted assassination of President Trump, or a possible “civil war” inside the Pentagon

The possibility of mass arrests of deep state traitors who are Chinese collaborators, such as Sen. Feinstein, Gov. Newsom, etc.

We cannot be certain that any of these will happen, and we hope none of them do. But there are giant red flashing warning signs just screaming out that something big is about to go down.

So we'll be taking a look within the final section of this story below at preparing for the 'worst case scenario' Adams warns of, a scenario that we pray never unfolds but should it, we'd rather be ahead of the '8 ball' than behind it.

While we hope that all ANP readers have already prepared for sheltering within their own homes for a period of several months should this thing continue traveling at record pace across America, infecting those who don't even know they're infected just for the newly infected to go and repeat the process, preparing for a grid down scenario or an outage of telecommunications requires a different kind of prepping so we'll be taking a look within the remainder of this story at what Mike Adams warns of in this Natural News story

With most Americans completely dependent upon electricity for our day to day living, and estimates that up to 90% or more Americans could die should we be struck by an EMP or a series of massive hacks that completely take down the grid, having a back up power source should that worst case scenario come to pass may mean the difference between life and death so we've linked below to numerous generator's that can be ordered and delivered within a period of a few days. Also below are numerous links to satellite phones should telecommunications be taken down as well. 

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And with coronavirus insanity already striking America and the world with one Pennsylvania man upset about losing his job due to the pandemic shooting his girlfriend and then killing himself while more and more Americans are letting 'coronavirus quarantine depression' set in, we should listen to Adams joining Infowars in the 1st video below to offer a solution how America can beat this pandemic by the end of April. Yet with more and more companies and corporation suffering due to these coronavirus lockdowns, in the 2nd video below Adams warns we may be witnessing the end of the economic world as we know it so America better get this thing under control quickly or who knows what the months of August into December will bring. 

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