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February 18, 2021

'Techno-Masters' Are Social Engineering Society As They Control What We Read, Watch, Share, Debate, And What Information We Can Find Online

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Earlier I read a piece found over at Steve Quayle's website, by John Whitehead, which deals with 'techno-fascism" and the dangers of staying silent about censorship. Primarily, if they are allowed to go after high profile targets, eventually they will come for us all. 

It is an outstanding piece, highly recommended.

One specific sentence towards the very end of the article caught my attention:

They’re laying the groundwork to preempt any “dangerous” ideas that might challenge the power elite’s stranglehold over our lives.


The censorship we have been documenting for years, is not just about hiding ideas and opinions that go against the "official narrative"  from others, but rather the deliberate "social engineering" by programming generation after generation.

Social engineering: "the use of centralized planning in an attempt to manage social change and regulate the future development and behavior of a society."

Facebook controls what people are allowed to share and link. They literally ban, suspend or penalize any opinion that doesn't fit with their wildly radical liberal views. 

That is not opinion, Mark Zuckerberg has openly admitted to Facebook's bias.

Facebook also limits the reach, how many people can see an individual post, dependent on the opinion or politics of said post.

Twitter controls public debate, banning, shadow banning, and locking accounts if they dare post something Twitter liberal employees do not approve of. They do this selectively and target bigger accounts as to prevent the spread of Twitter-unapproved information or opinion, after others like, retweet and comment, and then those users' followers do the same. One post can reach millions.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has also admitted to his company's bias, stating it is "more left leaning." 

Google, being the most used search engine, controls what you can find online. They decide what sources are found on their front page, rather than ranking articles by popularity. They bury and hide pieces that do not toe the official narrative line. They selectively blacklist whole websites, especially Independent Media sites that do not follow the "MSM leaders."

Amazon, another one of the biggest websites, controls what users can watch and what books can be read. They have banned an anti-vaccine documentary from their Prime video. They have banned Christian books dealing with homosexuality.   

Amazon also blocks and sale of certain merchandise, such as items depicting the confederate flag.

YouTube, owned by Alphabet (Google) demonetizes videos from Independent Media sources. They terminate accounts for "wrong-think," and tweak searches to bury topics they do not want users to find.

Oh, and to top it off, big tech coordinates aka colludes with each other on deplatforming individuals and websites.

These companies and their rulers quite literally think they are the arbiters of truth, and anything that doesn't fit their narrative is therefore "disinformation," and should be blocked from public view.



If we take a look around, we can see the real life ramifications of big tech's social engineering of Americans. (They do this globally, but we are focusing on the damage here in the U.S. for now.) 

For example: Social justice warrior snowflakes that need trigger warnings in college regarding any news or opinion that may offend their sensibilities, and a "safe space" to run and hide in if said sensibilities do get offended, are just one example of the damage that big tech and social media have done to America.

They have made sure that SJW snowflakes only see the "official narrative," and then when they head off to college they cannot handle hearing different points of view.

We have seen these college snowflakes freak out over pro-life signs, free speech events, scream NOOOOOOO when Donald Trump was inaugurated, cry hysterically when their candidate lost an election, freak out over a guest lecturer, burn and vandalize schools to prevent said guest lecturer, and so much more.

Below is a compilation of people socially engineered to lose their minds over anything they don't like.

Note: At around the the 3:25 minute mark, one lady says that a man saying "hello" to her is "sexual harassment."

Other examples include politicians unable to compromise and meet in the middle anymore. Media personalities using their platform for activism instead of news reporting. Media company owners caving to the outrage crowd if they dare let a conservative opinion be published in their papers. Cancel culture, where something someone said20 years ago can cost them their career.  Firing people for an opinion posted online. 

So many examples out there, every single day showing the damage big techs social engineering has done to this nation.....and the world.


Big tech and social media giants are creating social justice warrior snowflakes like those shown above.

The amount of these types of videos, showing people screaming, carrying on like their life is ending because they saw something or heard something they didn't want to or like, is astounding.

Hundreds at least, and most are compilations, so we are talking thousands upon thousands caught on camera.

The internet is supposed to be a place where we can find information on any topic, every point of view, research all sides of every subject, so we can determine our own opinions. 

Yet by preventing people from doing so, they are creating bubbles that pop painfully when those same people have to deal with anything in the real world.

They are attempting to socially engineer everyone to accept every aspect of their lives to be controlled. Those that don't comply, get silenced.

This is one of the reasons America is such a mess.

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