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December 4, 2017

Tsunami Of Demons Or 'Old Ones' Set To Inhabit An Army Of AI Powers - 'Techno Possession' Closer Than Anyone Knows

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

In a world where the EU (European Union) is arguing for "human rights" for robots, and where the Sophia AI robot is granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia, and claims robots deserve families, with projections showing that robots will replace 800 million human workers by the year 2030, a speech by†Geordie Rose, (we'll explain exactly who he is and why his comments should be given a lot of attention below) warning that "demons" or the "old ones" are coming and exactly how those entities will look upon human beings, (like ants), should make everyone sit up and take notice.

Note- Years ago Steve Quayle published a book called "Genetic Armageddon," which I believe is no longer in print, but then he published a more recent version which expands on the basic concept of what is happening right now "in the background" as we hear†Geordie Rose, founder of D-Wave admit, called "Xenogenesis," which considering the topic matter of this article and the things we hear Rose acknowledging, is highly recommended reading.



Geordie Rose is a co-founder and chief technology officer of D-Wave.†D-Wave is the first company in the world to sell quantum computers, which have the "Qubit" chip, which those involved with CERN have admitted to pulling resources out of "other dimensions" and storing them in the "cubic," which may sound like sci-fi, or something created by "conspiracy theorists," but scientists have expressed the same concerned about "worm holes" and† "parellel dimensions," while worrying about what is being brought though, as ANP reported back in 2015.†

Rose and fellow D-Wave researcher†Suzanne Gildert created another company called Kindred, to revolutionize the world of AI and robotics, which was reported on in-depth at places like The Verge and IEEE Spectrum, among other publications, but it is in Rose's recent lecture that some very strange and unusually candid things are acknowledged.

Kindred has already been added to a list of the top 50 companies that MIT rated as the smartest, so listening to how the founder himself sees these machines, and their rise, is important in realizing the dangers of "Techno Possession," a term coined by our friend Steve Quayle in a SQ note back in January 2017, when linking to an article about the EU granting human rights to robots, where Quayle said they were inviting Hell's smorgasbord into their countries.



Rose is speaking about his new company Kindred, stating it is much more ambitious than D-Wave was, saying Kindred is trying to build "real" AI, explaining how it is different from the AI as it is defined now. As he happily talks about replacing literally every single human worker with AI technology, he states clearly "we are right on the verge of that transition now."†

Then he gets into a world of weird, explaining how the AI technology he is creating, right now, is comparable to knowing that 'aliens" were coming to Earth, and how the whole world would be preparing if they knew how soon those "aliens" would be arriving. Then he admits that what he is warning of, when AI is ready to take over every human job, it is going to be "exactly the thing that you are thinking about, about those super intelligent AIs.†

Then comes the kicker: "The one thing I can tell you is they're not going to be like us. So alien means different. These things that we're building are not going to be people. They might be really smart, they might be really good at all sorts of different things, but they're not going to be like us, they're going to be aliens. And they're going to be, I am sorry to say, way smarter than every single person in this room, in ways that we can't even comprehend.†

So this of course, triggers a lot of alarm. One of the guys who talks about this, is Elon, [Musk] who says things like this." He puts up the quote from Elon Musk from 2014, where he asserts that AI is like "summoning the Demon."

About a minute later rose continues on to tell the audience "These words, demons, doesn't capture the essence of what's happening here," as he starts discussing the horror fiction of HP Lovecraft, and his espousing of "cosmicism," saying that the "essence of cosmicism is cosmic indifference," as he explained that what Lovecraft was highlighting is "yes there are these massively intelligent entities out there, but they're not good, they're not evil, they just don't give a sh*t about you, even in the slightest. The same way that you don't care about an ant, is the same way they're not going to care about you. And these things we're summoning into the world now, are not demons, they're not evil, they're more like the Lovecraftian great 'old ones." These entities are not necessarily going to be aligned with what we want. So this transition is really, really, massively important for our entire species to navigate. Going back to what that thing Sam Harris was saying 'nobody is paying attention'."

He continues "This thing is happening in the background, while people bicker about politics, and what's going to be in the healthcare plan in the U.S., and underneath it all is this rising tsunami, that if we're not careful is going to wipe us all out."

He then claims he is being tongue-in-cheek because technology is a double edged sword and the end result depends on who wields the power, in other words who is control of these "entities." Considering Rose is the one creating these things and he seems fine with "joking" about how they can wipe us all out, I am not comforted about him being the one wielding that technology.†

That is all in the first 10 1/2 minutes of the video below of Geordie Rose's lecture.

A look at the includes in their newsroom featured articles on titled "How a Human-Machine Mind-Meld Could Make Robots Smarter," along with some of the uses Kindred AI robots are already being used for.

Related:†What is Going On at Kindred Robotics?


Tongue-in-cheek or not, when we hear someone so involved with quantum computers, and Qubit chips meant to hold "resources" pulled from other "dimensions" admit to using the same type of technology to create entities he finds comparable to "aliens," informing the world that what most people think would take 50 years to accomplish, is happening right now in the background, and that nobody is paying attention, while informing us that these "super-intelligent" machines won't give a sh*t about human beings, one must take note.

After listening to him speak, it isn't hard to understand why Quayle wrote Xenogenesis, or why he used the term "techno possession" to describe demons inhabiting machines."

Excellent analysis of Rose's lecture below from Richie From Boston, who has spent a considerable amount of time on covering CERN related events.


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