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November 16, 2015

A Terrorist Attack... Or A STRATEGIC Move To DISTRACT From What Is About To Happen?

By Undrtaker - All News PipeLine

Was what we have seen in the last 24 hours this?


Or has what we have seen in the last 24 hours to take our attention off of something else?


When I decided to start writing articles, I didn’t want it to be something where I woke up every day, looked at what was happening in the world, and wrote a daily article about my opinion of the events of each and every day. What I wanted to do was write about things that maybe others might not see. I wanted to wait for topics that when I read what was happening, this picture came into my head about something much bigger than what is appearing. Something that appears to be one thing, but in all reality might be something completely different than what most people are thinking it is…..

And this my friends, I feel is such a topic……

Yesterday we got flooded with many articles concerning the actions of the refugees (ISIS) in France and as I sat there yesterday afternoon reading all the reports coming in, I thought to myself…. “oh my God!”  Just the day before, I witnessed the actions of these same refugees and the response from the citizens of Germany.  And now this!…….I was completely taken back.

Last night, my wife and I had dinner with a couple that we are very close to.  They are very much awake to what is happening, and this topic came up.  As a result, this topic took up the vast majority of our conversation….. I thought of what was to become of our country.

I awoke this morning kind of numb to this whole thing, thinking to myself, two huge things being reported, regarding these so called refugees in the last two days….. But it couldn’t take the question away, that kept running through my mind, and that question kept saying……. WHY NOW?

What is happening that the controllers of this world, figure right now is the time for all this to happen?

For all of us who are awake, we realize certain things….

There are a group of people who want to rule the world under a One World Govt.

That this same group of people will stop at NOTHING to accomplish their goal.

It is this group of people who actually control EVERYTHING that happens in the world, and that it is NOT the presidents or leaders of the countries, who actually call the shots.

We know, without any doubt that the US government and NATO countries control almost EVERY terrorist organization on the planet. (If you don’t know this, look into it now)

We know that ISIS is completely Created, funded, trained, fed, armed, transported and instructed what to do, by the US and NATO countries. (Again, if you don’t know this, look into it now)

We know that ISIS, AL CIA DUH, or any terrorist organization would NOT exist if it wasn’t for these same governments…. They are like the US military’s secret special forces of the sandbox.

So basically, ISIS does not do anything, unless the people who control them TELL them to do it. So, whether it is marching to take down Damascus in Syria, shooting off chemical weapons unto innocent civilians to blame on Assad, or whether it is wreaking havoc like we witnessed last night, it ALL happens for a reason. All of it.

We know that it is OUR government that is bringing these parasites into OUR country faster, and more often than any of us can even fully comprehend. We have NO idea how many of these parasites are already here.

We know that it is Angela Merkel and the French President, that the ones are responsible for allowing the parasites into their countries. And, we are seeing first hand, the effects of that right now.

But what some still don’t see, is that this is all being done at the very top levels of power in this world. It is all being designed and carried out by a very small select group of people…. And we know who they are, and what their goal is, and we even know why to a certain extent. But the question we have to ask right now, is why this, at this time?


And now, is where I am going to take this in a different direction than what it might first appear to be.


I am going to lay out my theory, the picture that I received in my head. I slept last night more than I have slept any night in the last year. I awoke to the day completely rested and when I looked at all of this information this morning. I do believe God, put into my head, the complete picture that I am going to try to show you.

I don’t know how many of you believe in the Planet X theory. Myself, I do believe it, not only from a Biblical reference standpoint, but also from the people that are putting this information out to the world right now. These men, in no way need to make themselves look like idiots to the world. These are good men, trying to warn of what they feel is heading our way.

Among the leading Planet X experts, is Gill Broussard. And, that map above is one of his.

Gill, and others who talk about Planet X have been trying to tell us what almost forty years of research has taught them. The thing about almost everyone who has dedicated their time to this topic, is that they are pretty much all in agreement on WHEN this is going to happen.

Now, anyone who hasn’t watched or read what these people have to say, it is easy to find, type it in, and you will find more information than you have time to comprehend.

The topic of my article isn’t to convince you one way or another on all of the facts they have come up with. The topic of my article is to show you my opinion on what could be about to happen, and why these terrorist attacks are being used right now to distract us all.

Let me start this by saying that among the most knowledgeable on X, they are saying that by the end of November, it will be visible to most amateur astronomers in the world, of which, there are over 100,000. The government knows it will be impossible to keep 100,000 people quiet once they realize this is coming.

They say that by the end of December, it will be visible to all of us. That, we will be able to see it with the naked eye.

They are telling us, that it isn’t the fact of a collision with X that we need to be concerned about, but it is the traveling through the debris field that spans millions of miles behind it that will be of concern. See, we won’t go through it just once, we will go through it once as it heads to the sun, then about 150 days later, we will go through it again as it heads away from the sun.

Now what they describe, when going through this tail of debris, mirrors almost exactly what is described in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Fire and Brimstone falling from the sky, the burning of all the land.

So, let me start putting the two of these together now.

We are now at the halfway point of the month of November. If what they are saying is true, about the timetable of the astronomers seeing it, well, we are literally a couple weeks away at the longest.

If we are ALL to visibly see it from earth by the end of December, well, we are literally six weeks tops from all of us being able to see it.

Most of the top people telling us about X say the same thing, that BEFORE it is visible to all people, the governments of the world need to have control of all the people and basically have things in a martial law environment, BEFORE it is visible…. So….. If this would be true people, how much time do they have to pull this off?

So, how would these self proclaimed elite pull off such a task? Well, lets look at how they pull off pretty much every single thing that they do…… FALSE FLAGS

We have seen in the last couple days videos in Germany that make us all sick to our stomachs. We have seen German residents so upset that they don’t even know what to do. Begging for someone to come and help them. We have heard stories of the raping of women, including the raping of a little girl riding her bike in a park. If this was not completely orchestrated and completely designed, it would NEVER be allowed.

We see this horrible attack in France, however, the more I look into it, I see a video this morning that shows that Paris yesterday had…… You will never guess this….. Paris had a drill earlier in the day, and the drill was to address an attack on MULTIPLE locations at the same time. The video below will show the information about the drill. You CAN’T make this stuff up people.

Now, this video has about 6 uses of profanity, if it offends you, don’t watch it. But, it is not bad at all. The man is simply very upset about what he has found, watch it through, and you will see that this man doing this video isn’t just a guy scrolling the web. He actually speaks regularly to the one lady over there that he refers to in the video.

Now, if they just happened to have a drill going on, the very same day, could this be another Boston Bombing Hoax? Could this have been done maybe TO declare Martial Law like they have done? Because of this happening yesterday, the French people are under complete and total Martial law, as I type this….

Are the events that we see unfolding in Germany also going to lead to this very scenario playing out there?

Here is the video from Daboo showing that France is in the state of Martial Law right now as we speak.

Now, I do believe that this ordeal in France was carried out, for this exact outcome. Below I am attaching a video from AMTV. Christopher talks about this yesterday, before most of the information that we have seen really came out. These were his first thoughts on this when he heard it. He pretty much pegs exactly how these self proclaimed elite work.

Now, this last video is of an interview recently with Gill Broussard himself, one of the leading people speaking out on Planet X. He is probably one of the most well researched on the topic. And he is definitely one of the most sought after to talk on the topic. I will link this video here below, and then below I will put together a scenario, the scenario I believe might be playing out right before our eyes.

The vision that came to me this morning of this very complex puzzle is this. I have done a ton of research into Planet X. I have watched more videos, and read more information than I can even remember. I have been in contact with someone who actually has seen photos of Planet X. I have listened to videos of retired CIA agents who looked with their own eyes through the big telescopes controlled by the governments of the world, and the Vatican, and listened to him tell us all that they have known this has been coming for a very long time. Some say it was Reagan who signed the executive order, some say it was back as far as the 1950’s that it was discovered.

We all know the media is owned and controlled by these very same people who want to enslave all of us, and we also know that they give us hints and clues to what they are going to do. And if you look at all of the movies showing this very type of thing happening, well, we have been warned.

Either way, our government, and all the governments of the world have known for a very long time that this was coming. People, something scared these leaders so bad that at the exact same time they all started digging all the underground facilities. And that alone can be another complete story.

So lets say this is all happening. Lets say it is all true what these experts on X are saying. How are the governments of the world going to have everyone under control, so that when the entire population of the world realizes that they have ALL been lied to, or not told of its reality, they don’t tear apart the globe?

There is only one way….. A complete and total Martial law lockdown type of governing….

And look at what is happening as we speak?

What if the people responsible had this all planned out the whole time? A couple years before it comes, we start an even greater war and chaos with this newly created force the world has come to know as ISIS….

We have this new group be the worst the world has ever seen, they kill everything in its path, and destroy whatever is in its path…. Even little children are not safe.

What is the way the governments can tell the people Martial Law is required? FEAR….

The people have to be in fear. Look at what happened in Boston? An entire town, was in fear over TWO young guys that were on the loose (this is only if you actually believe they did it) and they bought in the Army and declared Martial Law and went house to house and spit on the constitution, and did whatever they were ordered to do.

Lets  look at Katrina. Hurricane Katrina hit, and did massive damage. And what did our government and the Army do? They did the exact same thing as they would later do in Boston. Locked it down, went door to door, and STOLE everyone’s only means of protecting themselves. That is why, I don’t hold the same hope of some, that all of our military fights on the peoples side when this all happens, all we have to go off of is their actual actions, and going off of their actions, We MUST assume that they will indeed follow orders and do whatever they are ordered to do. But that also, can be a complete different article.

What if all of this is happening right now, because they only have a couple weeks to get this accomplished and have everyone under what the people of France are living TODAY?

What if we wake up tomorrow, or heck, even later today, and find out this is happening right now in Germany? Think it couldn’t happen? Who would have thought the country of France would have been under complete and total Martial Law just 24 short hours ago?

What if in the next couple days we have a handful of cities in the US get hit this same exact way? Do you doubt for a minute that they will not declare Martial Law? I don’t…..

We have someone in our little community here at ANP who always says the following. Things are NEVER as they seem. And with what is happening around the world right now, I believe that for ALL of our self preservation, we better start living by that very motto.

We always agree, if they are waving the left hand and all the msm is covering the waving of the left hand, well, we better be paying attention the right hand as we are about to get a roundhouse that is going to knock us down and take us by surprise.

I pray to God that I am wrong, but I have a very bad feeling that we are watching something unfold right before our eyes, that is completely different than what they are telling us. I have a feeling that what we are watching right now, is a distraction for what is about to happen. Something so big, and so catastrophic, that it takes something as horrible as what these ISIS parasites are doing to take our eyes off the real event.

Tell me what you think in the comments below. If you think I am way off base, tell me why. Better yet, show me why. We here always tend to get a better understanding when there are twenty, or forty heads working on it.

My rant for the day….


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