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September 1, 2016

Terrorist Arm Of 'Big Pharma' Launches All-Out 'Terror Attack' Upon Millions Of Americans By Banning A Plant God Put On This Earth To Help Mankind!†

US Drug Enforcement Administration Decision To Ban 'Kratom' Will Kill Thousands Of Americans For Big Pharma And The Depopulation Agenda!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

DEA Argues Public Comment 'Unnecessary' Before Kratom Ban

The story over at Natural News back in April 2015 told us about a 'beacon of hope' for tens of millions of Americans who have been suffering from debilitating pain and who wanted to avoid the deadly painkiller poisons of big pharma; a plant that God put on this Earth many years before the laws of man arrived herecalled Kratom offers the exact same benefits as deadly 'big pharma' drugs such as oxycontin: a relatively pain-free life for those who are suffering terribly, without the deadly side effects of prescription drugs.†

Their story also told us that legislators in Washington DC were getting very, very nervous about Kratom. As more and more Americans found out about it, their 'Big Pharma' donors were becoming very upset that their profits for peddling poisons were beginning to be slashed. As of September 1st, Kratom is still legal in America and it has suddenly become a multi-million dollar business at the expense of 'big pharma' who view Kratom as their 'kryptonite'.

However, Kratom will not be legal for much longer. The new story from Forbes tells us that as of October 1st, Kratom will be made a schedule 1 drug, put into the same class as heroin, cocaine, and NOT coincidentally, cannabis. This Forbes story also tells us that the DEA doesn't want the American people to know that they're preparing to launch a terror attack against millions of Americans†by banning this plant and has stated that public comment is unnecessary before the ban.

We hope you take this time to contact†our public servants to make sure they know that we aren't their mindless peons and we will comment before elements of†government launch another terror attack upon peaceful Americans by banning this amazing plant God put on our Earth that is now helping millions, though leading to the downfall of 'big pharma'.

It's never been more clear that these†elements within our government who are seeking to ban a plant God put on this Earth are the 'terrorist arm of big pharma', preparing to make millions of Americans suffer by making a miracle plant illegal so that their 'big pharma chronies' can profit off of millions of Americans suffering.

In fact, as we learn below from a brand new story from a rather unlikely source, these very same 'Big Pharma terrorists' are behind the war upon US Veterans that we are now witnessing across America.†


The story at Forbes also tells us that the DEA's Kratom ban will likely cause more damage than Kratom has, which has actually been nearly non-existent in comparison to the damage caused by deadly painkillers that the 'big pharma terrorist/drug dealers' continually push upon the American people for massive profit. How many Americans have died due to big pharma terrorist's poisons? According to this story, 'pharmageddon' is upon Americans as 'death by medicine' is a 21st Century epidemic and the 'drug war' is clearly aimed at the wrong enemy! †

The brand new story from tells us something that any Donald Trump supporter or ANP reader knows: US Veterans are losing the war at home. The Salon story slams their point home and takes on these same 'elements within the US government' who are preparing to terrorize Americans by banning Kratom: Those who corrupted veterans' health care and those who profit from this country's endless wars are one and the same - the 'war criminal plutocrats' in Washington DC and 'big pharma'. The same 'big pharma' that now is hurting due to the emergence of Kratom as a very real competition to the deadly drugs that they push endlessly upon Americans.


Why hasn't the DEA turned this war on drugs against the 'real enemy' of the American people, the terrorists at Big Pharma who are pushing their deadly poisons upon us for profit when God gave us something much more safe?

We think it's also not just a coincidence that 'war criminal Hillary Clinton' leads the field when it comes to political donations given by the 'big pharma, war criminal terrorists' and as this June 2016 story from DC Clothesline asks us: Who really runs Washington DC? Their answer shouldn't surprise us: "The long reach of big pharma". Drug pushing terrorists in control of America†with the full backing of US war criminals. What better way to for†drug pushing terrorists to control their monopoly on pain relief than have 'government insiders' backing them up?†


If we needed any more proof that these same legislators in DC are actually the 'terrorist arm' of big pharma, we get it now from straight from the FDA where we learn that they've just approved a new 'painkiller poison' for Big Pharma†that we're certain that Americans will abuse and die from while Big Pharma terrorists takes in endless profits.†

Why do elements within the US government play the 'terrorist arm' for 'big pharma' by attempting to ban plants such as Kratom, plants that were here upon this Earth many, many years ago so that big pharma terrorists can profit?

Why would US lawmakers (AKA WAR CRIMINALS according to the Salon story) launch a very real terror attack upon tens of millions of peaceful Americans by banning kratom? Just like their ban of hemp and cannabis long ago, all of this proves that the 'terrorist arm of big pharma' holds incredible power in Washington DC as the DC Clothesline story referenced previously indicates.†

For those who want to help keep Kratom legal as a way for tens of millions of Americans to handle their pain without turning to the deadly poisons of Big pharma, there is now a petition at the White House that you can sign while you can also send a message to the Department of Justice at this link voicing your opinions.


It's quite clear to us that if government continues along this path by making Kratom a 'schedule 1' drug for the benefit of their drug-pushing, war criminal chronies over at Big Pharma, they will have proven themselves as the true terrorists of the American people.

Only terrorists would want millions and millions of peaceful, law-abiding American citizens to suffer gravely while enriching their war-criminal friends over at Big Pharma. If this proposed ban stands, it will prove to us once and for all that these war criminal, 'Big-pharma-drug-pushing' terrorists care nothing of the welfare of the American people.

As we hear in the 1st video below from YouTube videographer 'Live Free Or Die', the DEA's decision to ban Kratom will likely lead to the deaths of thousands of Americans who will no longer have Kratom available to them and will turn to the deadly poisons of big pharma to relieve their pain. As we hear in the 2nd video below from Truther Girls, Kratom has been used by many Americans who were formerly addicted to heroin or prescription pain killers to get off of those drugs.

Why would Barack Obama's government want millions of Americans to suffer by banning a miracle plant God put on His Earth long before 'law' came along? You can ask Obama at 202-456-1212 or ask your Congress people here. If you have any questions, you can also reach the DEA here.†

This story is not an 'anti-cop' nor an 'anti-DEA' story. In fact, the attempt to ban Kratom perfectly illustrates how LEO's get a bad name when they're forced into the positions of enforcing unjust laws put into place by 'big pharma terrorists' seeking to enrich themselves to the detriment of tens of millions of Americans across the country who suffer because of their decisions. Look at the millions of Americans incarcerated for 'victimless crimes' such as marijuana offenses.

Meanwhile, America continues to crumble with big pharma's drugs all across the streets and cities of our nation, destroying countless lives and killing an endless number of people. Why doesn't the DEA even want public commenting on this? Millions and millions of dollars will be made by 'big pharma terrorists' who are also war criminals because of this decision. The final video below is called "Big Pharma Big Money" and shares with us an excellent documentary on the money and total corruption within the big pharmaceutical companies that are poisoning America. † †


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