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June 24, 2021†

The Aftermath Of 'The Churn' And The Great Reset Will Bring Horrific Famine, Guerilla Warfare, Useless Eaters 'Culled', A Sterile Human Race And Big US Cities Up In Flames†

- What Will Remain Of Civilization When The Dust Clears?

By Kalbo for All News Pipeline

Spread the Word. Stay Informed. Be Prepared. Remain Vigilant. Stay Ahead of the Curve. Remain Flexible. Have a Backup Plan.†

The depopulation plan of the 13 Families is now well underway. If you have read my previous articles, you are well aware of the upcoming deterioration in society. What remains of society and civilization when the dust clears is the subject of this article.†

As the year 2027 begins. This is the world situation:†

The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020-2021 has killed millions of "useless eaters", mainly the elderly, infirm, and genetically inferior. The subsequent mRNA "vaccines" were then used to slow kill the remaining useless eaters. First, the elderly were targeted, and then the middle aged. Pregnant women were vaccinated, despite the fact that no other vaccination has ever been approved for pregnant or breast feeding women. Spontaneous miscarriages and stillbirths were common. Then the children were injected. An estimated 500 million people died in 2021. But that was not enough.†

In 2021, the public discovered that the mRNA vax resulted in the person's injection site becoming magnetic. It was also discovered that the vax had rendered many infertile, as the spike protein attacked the ovaries, testes, and delayed or stopped puberty in children. The few babies that were born to vaxed mothers had severe birth defects, many died within a week.†

That led to the public beginning to question the safety and the real purpose of the vax, versus the relative benign nature of the Covid-19 virus. Incentives were offered to take the vax, including money, food, and gifts. School children were required to take the vax, then later forced. Nursing home residents were forcibly mass vaxed.†

When that method had run it's course, they resorted to "surprise vaccinations". The subways, bus stations, sports arenas, and airports became hunting grounds for the Vax Police. Those that did not have their Vax-Passport received yet another shot on the spot.†

During 2022, the dead and dying outnumbered the living. Cities became hell-holes of shortages, gangs, and fires. By 2023-24, the survivors have migrated to the rural areas.†

The World Map

As 2025 began, national borders in the western world were no longer relevant, as the survivors fled across old borders to rural farming areas. North American national and state borders disappear due to lack of effective enforcement of immigration.†

In the Far East, China laid claim to all of SE Asia, including Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, Korea, and all the Pacific Islands north of Australia, south of Japan, and west of Hawaii. There was little resistance within those countries due to the depleted nature of their military strength, low overall moral, and lack of new supplies. No assistance or resistance was forthcoming from the US or the UN.†

International borders in Africa are widely ignored, as the remaining population returns to their former tribal territorial lands. Tribes that were once split and scattered by international borders now reunite for self-protection and reproduction. The old ways of inter-tribal war and raiding parties return.†

South American international borders, drawn along high mountains, wide rivers, and dense jungle, are largely intact. War Lords rule all resource areas.†

The 13 Families have divided up the world among themselves. The resistance of the few remaining governments is being rapidly eliminated through bribery, coercion, or a friendly little fusion bomb. The Russian nuclear arsenal and most of the US nuclear arsenal are under the control of the 13 families.†

Europe, and Russia, having a population accustomed to tenant farming and serfdom, has already been sectioned into feudal areas, the people losing their former status as citizens and becoming "subjects". The subjects have been branded with implants, like cattle, with a mark in their hand or on their forehead, that identifies them and allows for purchase or sale transactions.†

China, having laid claim to much of Asia, allied with the 13 Families in 2026. Communism is very similar to feudalism, and is tolerated by the 13 families, for now anyway. This is due to China retaining control of their nuclear arsenal, and their large manufacturing base.†

There is no doubt in people's minds that the same feudal system will soon be forced on the populations of the other continents. South America and Africa, its public unarmed, will readily submit. It is expected that the United States, with its population of hardy survivors of the Churn and the Great Reset, will resist by engaging in a guerrilla war and sabotage for many years.†

Improving the Herd†

It is 2027, and there are no useless eaters left. Covid and the vax have eliminated most of the sheeple, as well as the elderly, disabled, and the lazy. The Churn then eliminated the drug addicts, the meek, the HIV positive, the unprepared, and the non-violent. What is left is a population of freemen and women that know better than to trust the government, are suspicious of strangers, and are not afraid to engage in a gun fight. Lawyers, Social Workers, Journalists, and Bureaucrats have become farm hands, mid-wives, mechanics, and construction workers. Liberals became either Conservatives or corpses.†

If you read my earlier articles, you learned that the survivors of the Great Reset and subsequently The Churn, have settled in rural farm areas, and coastlines. Survival has became a daily struggle. No one has the energy or time to deal with useless eaters or those that make demands upon society for LGBTQ rights, Critical Race Theory, Slavery Reparations, 1619 Projects, Affirmative Action, or Sexual Transitioning.†

When predators, such as lions and wolves, hunt and kill herd animals, they generally target the weakest members of the herd. The old, the injured, the sick, the slow, and the genetically inferior. By removing the weakest members, the herd is improved.†

Rabbits and other ground burrowing mammals go through a repeating 10 year population cycle. As the population reaches a maximum concentration, a disease runs wild through the population, killing over 90%. The surviving rabbits are hardier and stronger against disease than their progenitors. The population recovers slowly for 5 years, then moderately for 3, then rapidly the last two, disease results, and the cycle repeats.†

Anyone that has every managed a business with hundreds or thousands of employees, knows that every few months you need to cull the bottom 5% off the workforce and replace them with new hires. This removes the deadwood, the pet rocks, and the malingerers. Thus, the company is improved.†

The Churn and the Great Reset have provided a similar result. Although much of the human race has been eliminated, the survivors are stronger, healthier, more street-wise, and free-thinking than their progenitors. The survivors are not happy with the recent changes and with the power grab by the 13 Families, but they are better equipped mentally, physically and technologically to deal with it.†

The Law of Unintended Consequences has produced an improved human race. Technology has made it impossible to permanently erase from history the events of the past few years. The truth has been written in various media in a hundred locations. The treachery of the 13 Families is literally etched in stone for future generations to read. This will not bode well for the 13 Families.

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