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April 6, 2017

The Battle Of The Ages Has Begun - The Nature Of This War Is Supernaturally Evil - What Will The Righteous Do?

Shadow Government Ramping Up Efforts To Get Trump Into WW3 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

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With America possibly closing in upon a nuclear war with Russia that could lead to the deaths of hundreds of millions of Americans (leaving up to or more than 90% of the US population dead within a year after the war began), based upon what many people strongly believe was some kind of a 'false flag' event in Syria, there's never been an important time than now for the American people to speak up loudly and clearly and draw our own line in the sand.  

As we're now witnessing in the mainstream media's continually pushing of blame upon Syrian President Assad for the 'gas attack' in Syria without knowing all of the facts, the very same swamp that President Trump has pledged to drain has come back with a vengeance. And if Trump is now getting his 'intelligence' from the same 'swamp scum' who fed lies to Barack Obama, Americans and America are now in more danger than ever.

While it's still too early to make the call on Syria, with Republican Congressman Thomas Massie disputing the facts of what happened there to CNN, joining former Congressman Ron Paul and the entire independent media as the massive voice of reason, will President Trump be drained by the swamp, abandon his base and betray the American people or is he still playing 4D chess on Syria, leaving the swamp scum, the MSM and independent media swaying in the wind? The final video below takes a look at what's happening now with the neocons 'wagging the dog' in Syria.   

We can see by recent events in Syria that there has never been a more important time than now for the American people to step up to the plate and help Trump defeat the shadow government Obama left to complete the destruction of America that endlessly seeks out death, destruction and war. As former Congresswoman Michelle Bachman recently stated, Christians need to come up with our own plans to counter the subversion of Barack and Michelle Obama and the 'shadow government' they've left.

ANP recently reached out to Steve Quayle and he shared with us his own ideas on how we can do that, stressing that what we're now witnessing is nothing less than a spiritual battle against the forces of darkness. You can read Quayle's entire note to us on how we can help President Trump (and America) below videos. 

Although he's set up his fortress just miles away from the White House, the 'saboteur at large' has been nowhere near there recently. As AOL reported March 30th, former president Barack Obama is 'laying low on an island, writing his book', as far away from the unfolding insanity in Washington DC as he can get.

Marlon Brando's 'island hideaway' of Tetiaroa, a privately owned island tucked away in the South Pacific purchased by Brando for around $200,000 back in the 1960's, will be one home to Obama as he cashes in on 8 years of destroying America with a handsome $60 million dollar book deal he and Michelle Obama procured from Penguin Random House recently for two books.  

It's not lost on some that Obama has chosen to stay as far away from DC and the US as he can considering all of the turmoil and chaos that is unfolding in the US, largely because of him and his decisions during 8 years in office, and specifically over the 2015/2016 election season. 

From nearly doubling America's national debt from the $10.626 trillion it was when he took over in 2009 to the massive $19.947 trillion debt he left President Trump and America with the day Trump took office, we see the enormity of the mountain Trump and America face ahead.

And with 'Deep State-Gate' now exploding with Judge Andrew Napolitano claiming that Susan Rice and 'whomever else' may have been responsible for the 'unmasking' may be looking at felonies as heard in the 1st video below, we look at this recent story from Live Trading News claiming Obama is now holing up on an Island without an extradition treaty as another sign of the direction this world-class political drama may soon take. From their story:

The leader of the seditious anti-Trump Administration “Deep State”, former US President Barack Hussein Obama is now HQ’d on the French Polynesian Island of Tetiaroa where there is no extradition treaty with the US.

Some people believe that reasoned that he engaged in foul play in the Y 2012 election because he was “so unpopular” and “people despise his administration.”

There have been rumors this month and now claims that Mr. Hussein Obama’s vacation to French Polynesia is his attempt to flee justice and imminent arrest: “This is why Obama is hiding in French Polynesia. He is a fugitive. He is hiding from arrest. I believe he knows he’s going to be arrested.”

The speculation is that former President Obama may end up living aboard a yacht in International Waters in order to avoid extradition for sedition and perhaps treason to the US over what he called “the biggest scandal in the history of this nation” and possibly “the biggest scandal in the history of the world.”


When we take into account that America now has a huge number of possible 'enemies within', people placed into positions of importance during Obama's 8 years, and people who are now working against the Trump administration behind the scene, we see why America and our ideals of freedom are still in such danger to this day. In the 2nd video below, Matt Drudge warns on the traitors within this government. 

As we reported on ANP time and again leading up to the 2016 election, even the very idea of 'America' was at stake with Hillary promising open borders and a continuation of Barack Obama's 8 years. Many Americans had begun to believe that our Republic wouldn't survive 4 years of another Clinton in the highest office of the land.  

The new story from WND is called "Urgent Warning For Christians To Help Trump Beat Obama's Shadow Government" within which former US Representative Michelle Bachmann urges Christians to come up with our own plans to counter the subversion of Barack and Michelle Obama and the 'shadow government' they've left.

From the majority of the mainstream media, who sold away their souls while selling Americans lies disguised as 'truth', to those in Washington DC, Langley, Virginia and elsewhere across America now working against President Trump and America, we see why it's never been more important for the American people to step up, for seeing the direction we've long been heading, we may never get another chance. You can reach the White House at 202-456-1111 to express your support for President Trump or your outrage about what's now happening in Syria. 

The message of wisdom and warning seen below comes to us from Steve Quayle.:

The nature of this war is supernaturally evil - the pedophiles, perverts, traitors and treason is being controlled by Satan and his fallen angels, whom this world's leaders are in blood covenant with. 

Christians must seek personal repentance, turn from our wicked ways and wage spiritual warfare against the prince of darkness and his shadow government and their "willing dupes". 

Never forget that the MSM and their lies fulfill the same role as all the other false witnesses and their lies in history.  

Note the absence of the name of Jesus and the call to repentance nationwide, that is lacking in all the dialogue, about how to fix this country. It is by our looking to men in the Republican party as our deliverers that we will lose, without a supernatural move of God, like in the Book of Acts! 

We are going to be decimated as a country and as the people of God, as Christians worldwide are already being trodden under foot of men and slaughtered at the hands of world haters under the hand of their demonic rulers. It was by the initiative of the early Christians who turned the world upside down, through their profession of faith and the power of the Holy Spirit with miraculous signs and wonders following, that the world was transformed. 

President Trump is God's prosecuting attorney, but God is the Ultimate King and Judge and judges nations in history and individuals in eternity. All the greatest kingdowms in history have passed away when they gave into the same lusts, powers, and perversions that we are now embracing and presenting to the world.  

We are truly under the pervious entity and its rulership under the 'Obama-nation' have become an object of scorn and contempt to the nations and their populations around the world. As the foundations of this once great nation are already destroyed, what will the righteous do?  

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