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August 23, 2020

These Many Bombshells Democrats Are Trying To Hide About Kamala Harris Beg Us To Explore, What Is 'The Truth' About This 'Enemy Of America Within'?

- Harris Would Eagerly Help Antifa & BLM 'Burn Down America' If Vice President

I have written earlier about the Vice-Presidential candidate Kamala Harris. Living in California, I have seen first hand what damage has been done to our State and the dishonesty of Harris in the ability that she possesses in the advancement of her goals. Two points that are being pushed on the American people by both the Progressive socialists and the media ( I know, I repeat myself) is that 1. Harris was disadvantaged in her childhood and 2. That she is a black woman. 

I have known for a long time that Harris will say whatever she needs to to get head and has lied consistently in her approach. She is using talking points in an attempt to play the victim for the American people. In an attempt to gather the black vote so badly needed by the progressive socialist Democrats who they can no longer depend on, she claims to be African American when she has absolutely no connection to African Americans. She is Jamaican and Indian. She never mention that her father is descended from a sugar planter in Jamaica named Hamilton Brown who was a slave owner. 

Black voters in this election cycle are disgusted at the race baiting of Harris and the cynicism of the leftists that take the black vote for granted. It has been my observation through my 68 years that most non-white people in this country are as non racist as the amount of white people. 

It was Kamala Harris who instigated the investigation into David Daleiden, the founder of Center for Medical Progress. The investigation was started because Daleiden and Sandra Merritt produced videos of Planned Parenthood and their illegal trafficking in aborted baby body parts. 

Not surprising for this “pragmatic moderate” is her full throated backing of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. She has called these masked rioters the heroes of our time. She claims they are now the conscience of our time. Never mind the people that have been beaten into unconsciousness, of the millions of dollars of damage that have been destroyed, Harris has called these anarchists the coalition of conscience who are demanding change. 

As a District Attorney and prosecutor, she was called out by the New York Times as someone who  "fought tooth and nail to uphold wrongful convictions secured through official conduct, evidence tampering, false testimony, and suppression of crucial evidence." Also discussed was the false conviction of Kevin Cooper, a black man convicted of murder. The Innocence Project forced Harris to go along with the DNA testing that cleared Cooper after many years in jail. Another was Daniel Larson who was jailed for 27 years and exonerated after serving 13 years. It was Kamala Harris who challenged his release because she said “he hadn’t presented proof that he was innocent quickly enough". Harris was willing to let this innocent man remain in jail because of government malfeasance and a technicality. 

As District Attorney between 2011 and 2017, and after being declared as California’s toughest prosecutor, Harris never explained why a company that her husband worked for, Venable LLP, did not investigate Herbalife, who was of High value client of Venable LLP. Prosecutors from San Diego presented the information needed for an investigation of Herbalife for fraudulent marketing. Shortly after the memo was sent from San Diego, Harris appeared at an fundraiser in Washington D.C. hosted by the The Podesta Group . The Podesta Group represented Herbalife as lobbyists. Later that year, her husband, was promoted to the managing director position on the West Coast. Harris also refused to join 14 attorneys generals in a suit that showed that Herbalife did not properly disclose ingredients in its products.

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Contrary to California law, Merritt and Daleiden was indicted for conversations that were overheard in a restaurant and Planned Parenthood facilities. Even Planned Parenthood agreed that these conversations could be overheard by others and they took no steps to prevent others overhearing. Being that this proves that the California video recording law was not violated, it became a politically motivated prosecution of Daleiden and Merritt to silence them. Kamala Harris was the lead prosecutor in the indictment even though she knew no laws had been broken. During her time as Attorney General, Kamala Harris received $81,215 in campaign funds from Planned Parenthood. Interesting to note is the substantial amount of taxpayer funding given to Planned Parenthhood. 

Harris met six executives in March 2016. It was two weeks after this meeting that a search warrant was issued by Kamala Harris against Daleiden seeking unreleased videos and all documents relating to the videos. Once again, this is also against California law. The California shield law protects citizen journalists from seizure of unpublished material. The pro-abortion Harris didn’t care, she would do anything to shut down and entity who disagreed with her pro-abortion stance or complained about Planned Parenthoods illegal chop shop. She worked with Planned Parenthood to “discover” 15 supposed criminal charges and created a criminal charge seeking millions of dollars from these two citizen journalists. 

Even her own lead investigator admitted to fast forwarding through the released videos to only look for those people who they could use to testify against Daleiden. He was instructed to do this by the attorney generals office and controlled by Kamala Harris. 

Through the Women’s Health Protection Act that Harris is co sponsoring will do away with all states regulations on abortion. This legislation looks to invalidate all any protections a state may have and make abortion legal up until birth. This is contrary to what the America people have shown by a measure of 67%. Harris voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Act which required doctors to provide care for infants born alive. This is not reproductive rights or health care, this is infanticide, and Harris is proud of her vote. The next time Harris says anything about saving the country “for the children” a laughingly bogus line used by Democrats, she should be asked about this. 

Another faith based question other than abortion is when Harris became District Attorney she stopped an ongoing investigation about Catholic priest abuse. Her explanation was that she was protecting the victims. The same victims that wanted the case to go forward. 

When Kamala Harris started her ill fated presidential run that garnered only three percent, her campaign communications director was the daughter of former Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards. 

Moving on to another piece of information that the Biden-Harris campaign will never mention is that, as district attorney, Harris refused to seek the death penalty for a cop killer. Issac Espioza was the officer who was shot by gangbanger David Hill with an AK-47.Harris refused to seek the death penalty for the first time in California jurisprudence. 

Kamala Harris pandered to the Chinese vote in her run for attorney general by using the name He Jinli when speaking to the Chinese community. Just another group that she must pander to, Harris seeks to become all things to all people by perfecting the art form of pandering to leftist groups and omitting facts that she feels will set her back in the achievement of her goals. 

Harris was also instrumental in placing the putrid “parole in place” stipulations into law based on the Obama administrations stretching the law, and in fact has no basis in law. Placed into the National Defense Authorization Law and signed in December 2019 it was meant to apply to close relatives of military personnel. Although the ‘parole in place” is inscribed in law and granted to the executive branch, it needs to be much further limited. The progressive socialist Democrats in the House have determined that it ‘parole in place’ be retroactively granted to illegal aliens. This would allow them to obtain a Social Security number and drivers license. And grants amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens we have in our country. It was Kamala Harris who proposed giving ‘parole in place’ to DACA recipients along with widening the eligibility for DACA . 

Another issue with Harris is the failure to vote for universal use of body cameras for law enforcement. The Republican sponsored JUSTICE Act which requires the use of body cameras by any law enforcement agency that receive federal funds and for discipline to any officer that does not. 

Other questions that have not been responded to are: 

What is the loss or normalcy? 

Why is COVID-19 President Trumps fault when Pelosi and Biden and other progressive socialist leftists were telling people to go the Chinatown, to go out and shop, eat in restaurants because COVID 19 as not a problem? 

If racism is such a challenge why hasn’t she condemned the anarchists for burning black businesses? And why does she call these same anarchists heroes. 

Why does she support teachers unions who want pay for not working, either online or in person, and feel they have the right to make demands before going back to work? 

She claims every person is of infinite worth, but is one of the largest proponents of abortion up to and even after birth. 

Why does she make decision based on privileged racial identity rather than citizen identity? 

Kamala Harris is a progressive socialist and much like Joe Biden has hidden her past from the citizens of this country. The media will wring their hands and clutch their pearls if anyone attempts to discuss any of these points with the leftist pundits or make the citizens aware of the vindictiveness and lies of her past. Only the first of many columns looking to get the truth out about Harris, there will be more.

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