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September 5, 2017

EXPOSED! US Govt Agency Conducting Massive Psyop Against The American People, Reprogramming The Minds Of The Masses To Accept The Satanic Philosophy Of The New World Order

Submitted to All News Pipeline by William B. Stoecker

Americans are under assault by a massive CIA coordinated psychological operation. 

The CIA may be a necessary evil, but it is most certainly evil. There is strong evidence that the CIA has been involved in drug smuggling (at the same time the US government pretends to be waging a “war” on drugs), and it has most certainly had dealings with the Mafia. It has long been involved in regime change, as in Guatemala and Iran in the nineteen fifties, and probably assassinations, and there is reason to suspect that the CIA was involved in the killing of JFK…a domestic regime change.

And, with its foreign meddling, the CIA appears to be both a cause and a symptom of America’s increasingly interventionist foreign policy, which has kept us in a near-continuous state of war (undeclared, and, hence, unconstitutional and illegal) for decades. Interestingly, with all the leftist violence in America, there seems to be no anti-war movement; it is as if the American sheeple have been thoroughly programmed to accept unending violence and waste of blood and treasure as “normal.” 

Before the CIA, during WWII, there was the OSS, or Office of Strategic Services, sometimes referred to as “Oh, So Social” because so many of its recruits were from the upper crust of the East Coast. Many of them were lawyers, and many were leftists. It was inspired by the British Special Operations Executive (SOE); British agent William Stephenson advised FDR (a Freemason) that the US needed a similar organization.

Formally established 6/13/42, the OSS was responsible for HUMINT (human intelligence, from agents), sabotage, and aiding anti-Axis resistance movements. The OSS Jedburgh Teams were the direct ancestors of the Army Special Forces, who have been involved in both regime preservation and regime change. William “Wild Bill” Donovan, a well-connected East Coast lawyer and a WWI hero, headed the OSS, which aided the Chinese communists and Ho Chi Minh’s forces, supposedly then our allies. 


On 9/20/45 President Truman (a Freemason and a Shriner) terminated the OSS. In 1/46 he created the Central Intelligence Group, and, in 1947, under the National Security Act, the CIG became the Central Intelligence Agency. The National Security Act turned America into a warfare state with a peacetime draft. The CIA now reports to the Director of National Intelligence, and its budget now exceeds even that of the National Security Agency; details are hard to find, but in 2013 the CIA spent over $14.7 billion. Initially, the CIA (or so it was claimed) was merely intended to coordinate military and State Department intelligence, but it soon became America’s primary spy agency, and its paramilitary operations have expanded since 9/11.  

Its failures have been spectacular. In 1950 the CIA failed to predict the North Korean invasion of the South. It did not foresee Soviet takeovers in Rumania and Czechoslovakia, the Soviet atomic bomb, the Berlin Blockade, or China’s entry into the Korean War. The CIA fully trusted British communist double agent Kim Philby, and contained its own traitors, like Aldrich Ames, who spied for the Soviets. The CIA provided almost no useful intelligence during the Korean War, and many of its agents actually worked for the enemy, but they were, nevertheless, praised by then Director Allen Dulles. 

CIA funds, even before the Vietnam War, helped to set up heroin producing operations in Burma, and, during the conflict, the CIA’s contract airline, Air America, smuggled heroin out of Southeast Asia and into the US. During the early nineteen sixties the CIA partnered with the Mafia, hoping that the gangsters could help them assassinate Castro. Actually, the US government, principally Naval Intelligence, had made a deal during WWII with mobster “Lucky” Luciano, expecting him to help prevent strikes and sabotage on the docks.

Against Castro, the CIA mainly worked with Chicago godfather Sam Giancana, who had a grudge against Kennedy. The mob and the Teamsters helped steal votes for Kennedy, but John and Robert then began prosecuting them after taking office. Both Giancana and New Orleans godfather Carlos Marcello felt betrayed. Jack Ruby, who shot Lee Harvey Oswald before he could talk, had been a low level gangster under Giancana before moving to Dallas. Oswald had lived in New Orleans, where his uncle worked for Marcello. And CIA Director Allen Dulles had been fired by JFK, but was selected by LBJ to head the Warren Commission. No doubt this is all a series of coincidences, right? 


During the Iran/Contra affair, the US smuggled arms into Nicaragua to aid the Contras, who were fighting the communist dictatorship of the Sandinistas, and many have testified that they financed the operation in part by flying cocaine back to airports in the US, including the one in Mena, Arkansas, while George I was our President and Slick Willy Clinton was Governor of Arkansas.

One of the pilots was Barry Seal, who was prosecuted and imprisoned, became a government informant, and was shot dead. There have been allegations but no hard proof that he was a crony of Slick’s. Former CIA operator Richard Brenneke testified before Congress that the CIA was involved in drug running and money laundering and even sold drugs to NYC mob boss John Gotti. Again, there is no final proof, but it’s interesting that certain patterns keep recurring. And one effect of our eternal war in Afghanistan has been a huge increase in opium production. 

And then there is MK ULTRA, the CIA’s program to develop methods of mind control, a program that ran from 1953 to 1964 and perhaps beyond. The stated goal was to develop drugs and other techniques for hypnosis, to help our personnel withstand torture if captured by enemy forces, and to disable people (enemies of the state?). LSD was one of the drugs often given to victims, often without their knowledge or consent.

One of these was Dr. Frank Olson, who later “fell” from a hotel window in NYC, where he was staying with his CIA handler before reporting in to a hospital for treatment of an alleged drug-induced psychosis. Secretary of Defense James Forrestal had allegedly jumped from a window at Bethesda Naval Hospital some years before, and in recent years banksters and alternative healers have been “jumping” in droves. I guess it’s just a fad. In the US, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb headed the program, but experiments were also done at McGill University in Canada under the direction of Dr. Ewen Cameron, using drugs, sensory deprivation, sleep deprivation, and electro-shock treatments.

It is not certain if anyone died as a direct result of the Nazi experiments, but people’s physical and mental health were ruined for life in many cases. In both the US and Canada, the experimenters used hospital patients and prisoners. Obviously, both governments had to have been complicit in these illegal and immoral acts, as well as the authorities at McGill. Suppose the elites had really perfected mind control. Suppose they used it on a US President. Think about that one, in the light of recent events.


MK ULTRA was done mostly under CIA Director Allen Dulles (see above). His brother, John Foster Dulles, was Eisenhower’s Secretary of State; the Dulles brothers were well-connected East Coast lawyers, like so many of the elite. Allen Dulles had been in the OSS, and had been, apparently, anti-Nazi during WWII, but, before the war and after Hitler took power, the law firm he and John Foster worked for, Sullivan and Cromwell, represented German companies. Allen Dulles saved Nazi spymaster Reinhard Gehlen from justice at Nuremberg, so he could serve the West against the Soviets. After MK ULTRA was supposedly ended, Richard Helms, who succeeded Dulles as Director, ordered all records destroyed. 

But no discussion of CIA Directors would be complete without John Brennan, he of the permanent scowl. Fired by Trump, he is sticking to the fanciful “Russian hacking” story. Appointed by Hussein Obama, Brennan had originally joined the CIA as an analyst in 1976 after voting for Gus Hall, the communist candidate for President. This was during the Cold War, when the CPUSA was controlled by Moscow. Brennan’s beliefs were no secret, meaning that the CIA knowingly and deliberately hired a communist when our enemies were communists.

Communists claim to be atheists, but Comrade Brennan apparently got religion, for he later spoke of “the goodness and beauty of Islam,” calling it a “faith of peace and tolerance,” and mentioned “the tremendous warmth of Islamic cultures and societies.” What planet has he been on? Ex-Marine John Guandolo of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division claimed Brennan, while serving in Saudi Arabia, had converted to Islam. If so, the CIA hired communists during the Cold War and the Agency was headed by a Muslim when our enemy was (and is) Islamic terrorism. These are people we should trust?

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