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October 1, 2018

The Circus At The End Of The World: Things Are About To Get Down And Dirty In The USA

- If Democrats Win House/Senate In Midterms, It Will Be Game Over For President Trump And Our Late, Great Republic

By William B Stoecker - All News Pipeline

Punctuated by the high-pitched shrieking of the Twisted Sisters of Perpetual Outrage, the Kavanaugh hearings soon (and predictably) degenerated into a pathetic farce not worthy of the great nation we once were. A Demoncrap woman represented by a Demoncrap lawyer who has been photographed with the Witch Hillary accused Kavanaugh of groping her at a party, where she clearly remembers having precisely one beer but does not remember when or where the party was, how she got there, or how she got home. The witnesses she claimed were present all say they were not. She delayed the hearings because, she said, she was afraid to fly to them from the West Coast, but it turns out she flies a lot, with no apparent fear, and, furthermore, she was already on the East Coast when the hearings began.

Other “victims” of Kavanaugh have come forward with ever more bizarre and dubious stories…expect the trend to continue. The Demoncraps are on a roll and in their element (lies and slander and rampant hypocrisy). The hearings have been delayed yet again by the betrayal by Jeff Flake, who has called for the seventh FBI investigation of Kavanaugh by the FBI. Seven? Really? And of course, we all trust the corrupt and politicized FBI, don’t we?

Except for a rare display of what appeared to be sincere outrage by (of all people) Lindsey Graham, the Republicans have played their usual game of assuming the position when the Demoncraps attack. And attack they do, regarding politics as war while the timid and unprincipled Republicans apparently see it as some gentlemanly game. These hearings may drag on until the mid-terms, when the Demoncraps may win the House and/or the Senate. Then it will be game over for Kavanaugh, Trump, and our late, great Republic.


But maybe the game was over years ago. Kavanaugh is an establishment player, not a patriot, a Yale graduate (and a Bonesman?) who helped cover up the murder of Vince Foster. As for the Donald, he continues to be just about to build the wall (while signing a spending bill that financed Planned “Parenthood” and not a wall) and he will fire Little Jeff and Rosenslime any day now, and release the documents proving, among other things, that the FISA warrant was obtained illegally.

But he has already back pedaled from his promise to declassify the documents, and has assured Little Jeff that he won’t fire him until after the mid-terms, if ever. For a while it looked as if Rosenslime was about to be fired or forced to resign, but that, too, was an illusion. The FBI and DOJ will never be cleaned out and the Witch Hillary, Hussein Obama, and the other arch criminals will never see justice…at least not in this world. And the endless wars continue, and we continue to tweak the nose of the Bear, with a nuclear arsenal bigger than our own. That could end very, very badly.

I suppose that if Lindsey Graham can, for once in his life, generate real moral outrage, perhaps Trump can and will see the light and set America back on course. We’d all like to believe that…but it is becoming very hard to believe anything anymore. Of late, some conservative pundits who should have known better have been assuring us that Trump is playing a Machiavellian game against the Deep State operatives, and that he is just giving Rosenslime and company enough rope to hang themselves, at which point “military tribunals” will sentence them all to death, including the Witch Hillary and Hussein Obama. Yes, and we’ll all be raptured into Heaven and the archangel Michael will behead all the bad guys with his mighty sword, and Santa Claus will bring me a new assault rifle that I won’t need anymore.

I would remind everyone that the military, much as we all admire the martial virtues, are part of the Deep State, and even as far back as WWII, General George Marshall almost certainly helped set us up for Pearl Harbor, and Marshall and General Stilwell orchestrated the betrayal of China to the communists. Much as I would like to be proven wrong, there will be no military tribunals, and if Trump has not acted boldly and decisively by now he isn’t going to. Little Jeff and Rosenslime should have been fired over a year ago, just for openers. The Witch should have been indicted by now. It didn’t happen.


So now, with the Demoncraps foaming at the mouth like the hyenas they are smelling blood, we are headed to the mid-terms. You might think that the disgusting circus of the Kavanaugh hearings would cost the left a good deal of their support, or the antics of the repulsive Black racist, Maxine Waters (who has apparently “doxxed” some Republican senators). And why would any White man (or even any White woman) continue to support a party that openly despises the entire White race?

For the left have abandoned any moral standards they might once have had, and are, literally, insane. They have entered the terminal phase of their madness. The Demoncrap leaders have repeatedly and openly admitted their contempt for the majority of the people, referring to us as “bitter clingers,” a “basket of deplorables,”and the like, with Grinning Joe Biden recently saying that we are all pretty much the scum of the Earth. But the well of human stupidity, while not bottomless, is very deep, so they will never lack for supporters.

And it is impossible to have free and fair elections when one side (the left) has most of the money, controls most of the media, and controls the indoc centers formerly known as “schools” and “universities.” And they have imported tens of millions of Demoncrap voters from countries that hate America as much as our own leftists hate America. When all else fails they resort to blatant vote fraud, which is why they oppose “racist” voter ID. So they may win control of at least one branch of Congress and block any attempts by Trump to do the right thing (assuming that he knows or cares what the right thing is).


But meanwhile, underneath the surface of human consciousness, something else is happening, and the leftists will be the last people to realize it. Over the years I have watched as mainstream Republican conservatives like Ann Coulter and Joseph Farah have become disillusioned with the RINOs and have admitted (without using the dreaded C word…conspiracy) that a small elite control both parties at the top, and this group is international and dedicated to totalitarian rule.

A few years ago on Fox, Lew Dobbs spoke of the “elites,” and the context of his remarks made it clear that he was speaking of the group the Birchers call the “insiders.” More recently, Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson, while avoiding the C word, have spoken openly of the NWO conspiracy and its control of most of the media and academia. And Carlson and others now speak openly of the “Deep State.” A few years ago only we conspiracy researchers warned about what we then called the “Shadow Government.” Greater and greater numbers of people, perhaps by now exceeding a third of the US population, are fully aware of what is at stake and who is behind most of the evil in the world. And as people’s awareness increases, so does their anger.

People like Dan Bongino on Fox used to make an effort to be polite to the yapping leftists who appear regularly even on Carlson’s show, but now he makes no attempt to hide his contempt for the enemy. The left has counted on our remaining non-violent and playing their game by their rules. But we are about to begin playing by the real set of rules of self defense. If one of Maxine Waters’ zombies gets in your face and attempts to strike you, self defense allows you to punch him (or her) first. If one of them draws a knife and threatens to stab you, self defense in most of America allows you to draw a gun to protect yourself and your family. If events contine along the same path they're on, things are about to get down and dirty in the USA.

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