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March 6, 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And Her 'Green Minions' Are Willing To Sacrifice Millions Of Lives To Complete Their Radical Environmental Agenda Based On Falsehoods And Lies

- The 'New Green Deal' Is Nothing More Than A Way For Democrats To Try To Control EVERYTHING!  

By John C. Velisek - Retired, US Navy - All News Pipeline

The country finds itself in the throes of a mediocre bartender turned climate "expert", it may well be that her comments on climate changes require another look. Doing her best Al Gore imitation she has declared that the Earth has only twelve years left. No questions on how she decided on twelve years and no evidence has shown that she even knows what she is talking about. Of course, she has the answer, a Green New Deal that would take our country back to the Stone Age. Not well thought out, the Green New Deal is nothing more than using the climate as a reason to control everything on the planet in the manner of progressive socialist agendas.

Now while there are those that do nothing more than nod with glassy eyes and parrot what she claims, they loudly spew forth that the Associated Press and the IPCC have both proclaimed that it has now become (again) a “life or death” matter. The rest of us, the sane people would appreciate a little evidence of what she proclaims we all must follow. The radical policies of the global warming Nazis continue in the attempt to force these policies on everyone, even going so far as influencing our children and teaching them how to confront those who disagree.

They use fear to warn of mass starvations, the collapse of farming overpopulation, and an ecological disaster to cause our children to fall in line with radical policies that follow the agenda of lies that they spew forth. They have taken to pressuring scientific journals not to publish dissenting views and have even caused the resignations of many editors who disagree with them through government coercion. As we see now with our Bartending climate "expert", anyone can parrot the climate change lie. She and many like her are willing to sacrifice millions of people for the radical environmental agenda based on falsehoods and lies.

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The agenda has been around for quite a long time. After the Second World War, and with France in ruins, General Charles de Gaulle envisioned using the environment as a way to bring France back on the world stage. In 1968 he formed the French Federation of Nature Protection Societies (FFPSN) to assist in bring France to the pinnacle of the environmental movement. Russia was also an enthusiast of the government constraints imposed in the name of the environment. They are assuming that this could be used as a way to undermine the United States and make it easier to expand into Western Europe. The constraints on industry and its effect of the environment was not a concern to the Soviet Union as they had no intention of following the constraints themselves.

Now we have the progressive socialists in the Democrat party using this same agenda to push for renewable energy to alleviate the environmental impact on the planet. They will not and cannot understand that a massive economy like ours will never survive being powered by windmills. They refuse to acknowledge that oil is one of the largest industries worldwide, second only to IT, and the engine that promotes progress economically and strategically. The environmentalists and global warming Nazis refuse to admit that civilization is solidly based on oil, and other forms of carbon-based energy and that the agenda they have laid out will return the world to the 1500s.

The newest agenda-driven fear is the scare of crop failures in India, Bangladesh, Syria, and Honduras. The Climate Change Nazis claim that millions of Indian farmers have been displaced and devastation over the Indian subcontinent is being caused by, of course, global warming. Actual numbers show that as the frost season slows, soil moisture improves and atmospheric carbon helps to fertilize crops, farm yields have increased. The Indian government has demonstrated that food grains increased in 2016, 2017 and 2018 with wheat at an all-time high of 99.70 metric tons and rice at 112,91 metric tons. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has shown that Indian Farmers have set new records almost every year this decade.


Bangladesh, another country mentioned in the study, also has enjoyed increasing crop yields and grain production over the same period. Crop production in Bangladesh has risen by a third in the past ten years. The World Bank reported that agricultural production had been the driving force in poverty reduction in the country since 2000.

In Honduras, another country mentioned in the report, the production of coffee, rice, wheat, and maize have continually moved higher every year since 2013 as documented by the International Food Policy Research Institute.

There are a few questions that honest people would appreciate answered. Climate data researcher Dr. John McLean performed an audit on the HadCRUT4 data that records global temperature data and has found multiple major problems that have made the dataset used for the basis of the global warming hysteria "not fit for global studies.” Since March 2016 Dr. McLean has advised that Hadley Center, which is the originator of the HadCRUT4 data of errors that they have since corrected. This is the first time that this audit has been performed after all these years of fear-mongering that has been thrown out as fact to the international community. In his words, Dr. McLean has found:

a sparsity of data, obviously erroneous data, significant but questionable assumptions and temperature data that has been incorrectly adjusted in a way that exaggerates warming.”


Some examples of data that is proven faulty includes a Caribbean temperature station that recorded average temperature of 32 degrees F for the month of December, a station in Columbia with average temperatures of 176 degrees F for three months, and a station in Romania that recorded an average temperature of -45 degrees in September. Stations at sea and aboard ships recorded locations that were more than 50 miles inland. It was also found that the temperatures of locations that were moved were manipulated by subtracting a fixed number of degrees from the recorded values every time a location was moved, causing the recorded temperatures to appear cooler than actual readings. This lead to assumptions about the actual recordings that showed rapid global warming that had not occurred.

There are more than enough myths about the environment that are being debunked every day. The tales of the melting on the Antarctic ice shelf using cherry-picked data. The western Ice shelf is decreasing in size while the eastern side has amassed enough ice to offset the melting of the west. The polar bears starving, reported hysterically by media has been shown to be false. In fact, the number of polar bears has substantially increased. Even the National Geographic photographer who took the original picture splashed across the front pages on the print media and shown on television with wringing hands and doomsday countenances has questioned the use of the photograph for the climate change agenda.

Coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef, another hysterical bleating from the global warming Nazis has been shown to be a phenomenon that has been going on for almost 400 years. This is long before the arrival of European civilization and even before the advent of the industrial revolution.

There are more, more myths, more lies, more breathless reporting with only one agenda. The more they can indoctrinate the low information voter, along with the indoctrination of our children will lead to giving control of our lives to the progressive socialist agenda. They want to control the energy use throughout the planet in a simple power grab.

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