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February 15, 2020

The Convoluted Thinking Of The Left Creates Dictators, Genocides & Death On An Industrial Scale - Americans Should Never Give Up Our Right To Defend Ourselves Against Such Evils! 

 'Hate Speech Laws' Are Democrats Attempt To Do Away With The 1st Amendment  


By M.C. Enginn for All News Pipeline

Apparently, two wrongs now make a “right”, stealing is now a “right” and might makes “right”. How did I arrive at these conclusions? Let me elucidate my reasoning.

In bygone days, more than a hundred years ago now, “some” people in America had slaves. Those who had them lived largely in the South (By the way, a lot of white men in the North died to set the slaves free. Do they get compensation?). Some who held slaves were white and some were black. The slaves were largely black, although some might consider indentured white servants to have also been slaves. It doesn’t matter. We must punish ALL white people today for actions (which by the way were not considered crimes in their time period) for the actions of very few.

I will not (and do not) condone slavery. So do not impute any animus to my statement above. It is a simple fact. It was not a crime in the South at the period in time. Nor was it a crime throughout most of humanity’s history. Was it right? No, it was not. But it was prevalent throughout most of our past. Guess what? It wasn’t limited to black people either. Every ethnicity on the planet has been a slave at one point or another in humanity’s history. At no point did any of them receive any kind of compensation and every single one of the other groups managed to pull themselves out of the quagmire of victimhood and not demand somebody else give them things they did not earn.

Giving someone something they did not earn is tantamount to winning a lottery. What happens to most folks who win lotteries? They lose it all within a few years and are worse off than they were before. Oh, and they still complain. So forcing a new group into the position of becoming “your slave” to right the wrongs of a generation past is WRONG. Two wrongs do not make a “right”. What reactions do you expect from a group of people who have become disenfranchised not due to their own actions, but due to the perceived actions of someone long dead? Shall we look into the past of everyone and condemn them based upon the actions of their ancestors? Does that seem “right” to you?

Shall we look into YOUR past (or that of your ancestors) and review a few skeletons? Are you (or they) that squeaky clean? At this point, I will say that I am from the generation that paid back that perceived debt through preferential treatment (affirmative action, etc.) ALL of any possible or conceivable reparations that could possibly be demanded. It was balanced upon MY back. Yes, I did not get jobs because I was not black….three times. What “privilege” are you talking about? My brother did not get into medical school (the first time) but two black women (They weren’t African Americans at that time) did. Their grades were MUCH lower but they fit the profiled diversity and so they got in. He got in the following year, narrowly missing the Viet Nam war draft. Yes, that seems fair.

After all, we all want the lesser qualified, entitled person to operate on our children, build our aircraft and homes and have their hands on life or death triggers. It sure makes me feel safer (SMH). Equity in opportunity is NOT the same as equity in outcome. We don’t seem to know the difference.

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What about all of those who borrow money and then say it should be free? They didn’t get what they expected AFTER they borrowed the money and now they want to just forget about it. What about where that money came from? Some people work hard all their lives and bank their surplus for a rainy day. The banks use that money to create loans. You borrowed from that bank and made a very bad investment (You got a master’s degree in gender studies or some such nonsense) and now you can’t find a job. Who made that decision? You did.

Why should folks who worked hard and banked their money (for their future retirement or their own kid’s education….or perhaps their own healthcare) get shafted because of your bad decision? To take something and not pay for it is theft. You are guilty of stealing and any politician (Are you listening Elizabeth Warren?) who believes it is a “right” to steal from me has opened the door for me to steal from you. Theft is not a “right” nor should it be. You made a poor choice. Live with the consequences and own them.

You are in control of your own destiny, but not mine. If you have a group large enough, you become a powerhouse and are able to inflict your will on those around you. This is why our founding fathers declared us a republic and NOT a democracy. Democracy is “mob rule”. The tyranny of the majority is a truism. It is only kept in check by diversified power, like in a republic. The current group of democratic politicians believes that “might makes right”. Those who follow them should understand that this kind of thinking will come around and destroy them as well.

It is not intelligent to give uncontrolled power to any group and our government was designed to prevent just that. Yet today, we have democrats who have forgotten that. They believe that whatever they want now must be a “right” and since they are in control, they will mandate their own worldview on everyone else. Might does not make “right”. Might makes dictators, tyrants, genocides and death.

The current group of democrats wants to eliminate free speech. By generating a thing called “hate speech”, they have essentially destroyed free speech. The current group of democrats wants to remove the second amendment. By removing this amendment the law abiding citizenry are made into criminals for wanting to protect themselves and their families. Ever notice how the cities with the strictest gun control have the highest crime? You cannot legislate morality. Also remember that whenever you make something illegal you create a black market for it. Instead of removing guns, everyone who wants one will simply have unregistered weaponry of all types (just like the criminals currently have). Why can’t the Left reason this out? History and common logic will lead them to the obvious conclusions. You can’t remove guns; you can only drive it underground.


Tax the rich? Really? What idiot believes this nonsense? Evidently, quite a few. Then they vote for the richest liars they can find who tell them platitudes they wish to hear while they either retain their own massive wealth or accrue wealth through corruption at the public trough. The people that vote for these vermin turn a blind eye to their machinations because (just like in high school) they “say the right things and are on the same team”. Guess what folks? They are on their own team. They were NEVER on yours. Oh, and they have so much money that they can “buy” social media influencers, posters, politicians, laws, and a new place to live outside of America where they don’t pay any taxes at all. YOU CAN’T GET THEIR MONEY. Stop trying. The money you tax comes from the middle class which you have largely destroyed.

Open your eyes to the truth. I know it isn’t pretty. You’ve been had. We all have.

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. We had a pretty great country. It wasn’t perfect, but no country is. Then we began to allow others to tell us these LIES. We wanted something for nothing and so we went along with it. Is your life better through “diversity”? Has diversity fixed anything or are people angrier and are there more “victims”? Has “gender fluidity” made your life better? Or has it caused more violence, pain and confusion? How could you let 1% dictate to you what is right and wrong? Come on, you know the TRUTH.

I know it is not politically correct to say it, but YOU KNOW IT. You THINK it. You are just afraid to admit it. Admitting it would be saying you are a coward for not saying so before (You are). Admitting it would mean acknowledging that you were wrong (You were). But admitting it would also be the first step in CHANGING it. To continue to do the same thing and expect different results is the very definition of insanity.

Stop the insanity. Take responsibility for your own choices. Start today. Every journey begins with a first step.

TANSTAAFL (There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch). Somebody is paying for it. When the somebodies paying for it, can’t or won’t pay for it any longer, what is your Plan B? Because those of us who have paid for this country through our blood, sweat and tears are just about ready to stop your free lunch and buddy, you’d better be willing and able to pay your own way. The buck stops here. I am not responsible for your choices. You are.

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