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July 22, 2019

The Evil Leftist Billionaires Club Pushing For Socialism Will Never Redistribute Their Own Wealth So Why Should We Believe A Word They Say? These Hypocrites Never Practice What They Preach

- More Proof Anti-Human Demonic Forces Are Hard At Work Destroying Humanity


By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

Leftists like to pretend that they are bold, daring rebels standing up to a wealthy elite of greedy capitalists, and advocate taxing the rich at a high rate, to redistribute income. Aside from the fact that most leading leftists are themselves quite wealthy and have no intention of redistributing their own income (do as we say, not as we do, and rules for thee but not for me), the left overall is supported by billionaire leftists like George Sauron.

We conservative patriots understand the situation a little better. We know about the Templars and the rise of the banking industry, and the use of fiat money, created out of thin air by powerful central banks in cahoots with governments, to build financial empires. We understand that our system of monopolistic crony capitalism bears little resemblance to true free market capitalism, which the US has not had since 1913…the year the Federal Reserve was created. We know that the Western banks helped to bankroll the Bolsheviks in Russia at the end of WWI. We understand that leftism is true fascism, and that all the Marxist talk of “from each according to his ability; to each according to his needs” is mere claptrap, designed to hide the truth. Yet even in a partly rigged system, there should be more conservative billionaires. But, in fact, almost all the super-rich are knee-jerk leftists.

The “gilded age” of late nineteenth century America produced banksters like John Pierpoint Morgan, who helped to create our modern railway network and partnered with old European banksters like the Rothschildes, and may have engineered depressions like the one in 1893, which served as an excuse for creating the Federal Reserve in 1913 which, as critics are fond of pointing out, is not federal and has no reserve. The Fed was supposed to prevent such depressions in the future, but led to the 1929 market crash and the worst depression in US history. Recently, authorities seized a ship owned (but not operated) by Morgan Chase Bank and carrying some 20 tons of cocaine.

John D. Rockefeller made his own fortune in this period, creating Standard Oil, and endowing various tax-free foundations which have supported leftist causes. Similar foundations were set up by Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish immigrant who created the modern US steel industry, and who liked to pose as a kindly and benevolent man and let his associate Henry Clay Frick do his dirty work for him, subjecting underpaid workers to horrendous working conditions, using armed detectives to break a strike, and, via his South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club, letting a dam fall into disrepair, causing the Johnstown Flood that killed 2,209 Pennsylvanians.

Over the years there have been a few…a very few…exceptions. Peter Thiel, a German-born American derivatives trader and Stanford graduate, co-founded Pay Pal. Yet he is an anti-war libertarian who has warned about China’s influence on Google, about whom I will have more to say. Bernard Marcus, a Rutgers graduate with a degree in pharmacy, is a conservative Trump supporter. Armand Hammer (the first name suggests his parents’ Marxist sympathies) was a Columbia graduate who studied medicine, and whose father, also a doctor, performed an abortion on a woman, who died as a result. He was not an obvious leftist, but an ambiguous and mysterious figure, who supported RINO Richard Nixon and also supported Al Gore and Al Gore Jr. (Mr. global warming). Hammer knew all the early Soviet leaders and had expensive capitalist business interests in the communist USSR.

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Maurice Strong (4/29/1929-11/27/2015) was not an exception. He was born to a poor family in a small town in Canada, and, after dropping out of high school, was, for some reason, hired (with no education and no experience) as a trainee by a Canadian brokerage firm, and rose rapidly to become an executive in the oil industry. A fanatical econazi, he owned a company that tried to build a hotel in a Costa Rican wildlife refuge. He owned a ranch in Crestone, Colorado, in the haunted and mysterious Rio Grande geological rift zone. He also supported one world government and rose to become Under-Secretary of the UN. Aside from the usual leftist hypocrisy, there is the mystery of his rapid rise to wealth and power…it is almost as if he was selected by some very powerful people…but why? It would be interesting if someone could trace his bloodline, even though his immediate family was poor.

And then there is George Sauron (Soros), the visible money man for the Illuminati if there is one. Born 4/29/1929 in Hungary to non-observant Jewish parents, he actually helped inventory the property of Jews who were being deported to the death camps…and describes this period as a happy time for him. Soros’ father was an internationalist and a promoter of the artificial language, Esperanto. Soros graduated from the London School of Economics, another hotbed of leftism, and made most of his fortune as a currency speculator. Bear in mind that the central banks control money supplies and interest rates, and can leak this information to anyone they choose, making such speculation safe and lucrative, requiring no risk, ability, or effort. It would be easy for them to reward people willing to use much of the resulting wealth for leftist elite causes, like Sauron’s “Open Society” Foundation, which is anything but open. Sauron allegedly supported anti-communists in the USSR and Czechoslovakia, but definitely has supported every imaginable leftist cause imaginable. Of course he supported the Witch Hillary, and when he finally goes to his reward in the hereafter, his son stands ready to carry on his work.

Ted Turner, born 11/19/1938 to a wealthy family, founded CNN, and supports “environmentalism” and immigration. He is suspected (with no real evidence) of having something to do with the sinister Georgia Guide Stones.

Michael Bloomberg, born 2/14/42 in the leftist citadel of Boston, has an MBA from Hahvahd, where the children of the ruling class are sent to get their tickets punched. Like so many of them, he made his billions in investment banking and equity trading, cleverly shuffling money around, doing no useful work, but acquiring vast wealth. He has switched parties from Democrat to Republican, to Independent, and back to Democrat and was a fairly good Mayor of NYC. But he supports “gun control,” abortion, and “gay marriage,” and preaches the dangers of “global warming.” Of course he supported the Witch Hillary, and, of course, his gun confiscation plans do not include his own bodyguards.

Bill Gates, born 10/28/1995, was a Hahvahd dropout who founded Microsoft in 1975, and appears to be a highly intelligent man, a computer whiz kid in his younger days. He supports vaccination and birth control (a nice combination) and GMO farming, and wants to fight “global warming.” He founded the Gates Foundation to support these causes, and has partnered with everyone’s favorite company…Monsanto.

Oprah Winfrey, born poor 1/29/54, an uneducated and not terribly bright woman, cannot act, dance, or sing, but was given a TV broadcasting job while quite young, and rose rapidly in that line of work, finally founding her own broadcasting company and becoming a billionaire. She has “co-authored” five books…having myself edited three books for another author, I know how that works. Of course, it didn’t hurt that she belongs to our master race and favored sex, and she supports every leftist cause imaginable.

Jeff Bezos, born 1/12/64, graduated from Princeton, another Ivy League ticket punch, with a degree in electrical engineering. He founded Amazon in 1994 and bought the Washington Post in 2013. It was a left wing rag before he bought it, and, under his direction, it has continued to be a left wing rag. He supports various leftist causes and reputedly subjects his employees to terrible working conditions…typical leftist “compassion.”

Tom Steyer was born 6/27.67 in NYC to a wealthy family, and made his money in the usual way as a hedge fund money manager and an executive for a private equity fund. He is pro-immigration and claims “climate change” is a menace.

Richard Branson is a colorful and adventurous British billionaire who created Virgin Atlantic Airways and Virgin Galactic, making him at least an indirectly productive person, which is more than we can say for Steyer. Branson, predictably, has supported “gay rights”, the European Union, and the Witch Hillary, and opposes the death penalty and the imaginary menace of global warming.


Google and Facebook are becoming increasingly notorious for privacy violations and attempts to censor conservative opinion. Google was founded by Stanford University graduate students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, a Russian immigrant. Google’s current CEO is Pichai Sundararajan, born in India. All three are fabulously wealthy.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, which also censors conservatives, born 5/14/84, is a Hahvahd dropout and a computer nerd, and, early in his business career, was sued successfully for shady business practices, like stealing other people’s ideas.

People like Page, Brin, and Zuckerberg appear to have become wealthy due to being brilliant and innovative, but some have suggested that they are mere front men for the NWO elite, chosen to manage their companies for the express purpose of censoring conservative voices and spreading leftist lies. There is no real evidence for this, but the Stanford connection is intriguing. Stanford, the West Coast equivalent of Hahvahd, was the alma mater for Page and Brin, and is located in Silicon Valley, headquarters for the biggest internet companies. SRI (Stanford Research International) now an independent organization, was originally Part of Stanford University, created to manage government contracts for computer development, including the first (limited) computer network, the ARPANET, and, in 11/11/1977, the internet. Note the multiples of the sacred Masonic number 11 in the date. SRI also did work in, of all things, remote viewing for the CIA and the military.

All of this is just part of a larger mystery regarding the members of the global elite. I have written previously of the mystery surrounding Slick Willy Clinton, whose college education was financed by unknown persons for unknown reasons, and, of course, the slimestream media never address the question…don’t ask, don’t tell. Then there is the little matter of Hussein Obama, or whatever its real name is. It claims that it had a Kenyan father but was born in the US, but the number on its birth certificate is out of sequence and its race is listed as “African American,” a term never used in the sixties when Hussein was allegedly born. It used a Connecticut social security number…but never lived or worked in that state. There is no evidence that Hussein ever graduated from high school or from any university, and no one remembers it from Columbia or Hahvahd. And on and on.

And so we come to alleged billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, with his private jet and multiple homes, who frequently flew Slick Willy Clinton on his “Lolita express” to his private sex palace in the US Virgin Islands, where he paid underage girls for sex. He allegedly made his wealth running a “money management firm,” but investigators can find no evidence that anyone ever did any business with the company. We know that, years ago, Epstein was given a job teaching math at a ritzy private school…even though he had no degree. He was essentially given an expensive NYC townhouse by retail clothing magnate and Victoria’s Secret CEO Les Wexner, a never-Trumper who has supported RINO politicians, and who is reputedly a member of the CFR (Council for Foreign Relations) and the Trilateral Commission.

One of the many names in Epstein’s “black book” is Edgar Bronfman, heir to the fortune of the founder of Seagram’s, who did business with the vicious Purple Gang (and with Joseph Kennedy) during Prohibition. Bronfman’s sister Clare is a member of the notorious NXIVM sex cult, along with, apparently, many members of the elite. Perhaps we should be taking another look at the “Pizza Gate” rumors and their association with Clinton cronies, and the entire question of sexual child abuse (and even darker rumors of torture, murder, cannibalism, and vampirism) dating at least as far back as John DeCamp’s book The Franklin Cover-Up, which revealed a shadowy network of child abusers in the ruling elite, including members of both parties and the military. Inevitably, Epstein’s fall will lead to some more of the truth leaking out, but how much? We certainly cannot count on the FBI, the “Justice” Department, or President Trump to reveal the full truth.

But already it is apparent that we are ruled by a vile criminal elite who hire and promote one another, control banking, and release inside information to a favored few, and cover for one another’s crimes. They can make it next to impossible for some people to ascend to the billionaire ranks and can grease the skids for others. And when enough of us peasants know enough of the horrible truth and are sufficiently outraged and desperate, there will be Hell to pay.

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