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January 29, 2020

Looking Down The Rabbit Hole In 2020: The Left Will Try To Burn Down America If They Don't Win The Presidency So Prepare For Mass Chaos & More Coup Attempts By 'The Cabal'

- And Expect More & More Lies From Democrats And The Mainstream Media


By John C. Velisek - US Navy, Retired - All News Pipeline

It should be quite clear that the progressive socialists in the House and Senate have attempted to perpetrate the most significant sham on the electoral process of our country, and the citizens of our great nation. Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, and others in their party have the hubris to think that they are so morally superior that they can tell us what to think and how to vote.

They feel so much smarter than those they think are below them, the peasants that the progressive socialists wish to command, the great unwashed masses that should look to them for guidance. The progressive socialists fail to understand that, other than those low information rabble-rousers, the rest of America can decide for themselves. The choice is becoming more evident with every passing day.

The House sent over what can only be described as a failed product. Hoping to push it through the Senate, they demanded that the Senate complete the work they should have done. For something as important and life-changing as impeachment, due diligence is paramount. The progressive socialists tell us that the impeachment is so urgent because President Trump might steal the next election and they donít have time sir such things as evidence, a fact witness not based on hearsay, and charges of bribery or treason, although they tired, any high crime, a misdemeanor, or court action on false, unauthorized subpoenas.

Trying to insult and lie their way to a conviction was never going to happen. The American people see what they are doing, and under the guidance of pencil neck Schiff was doomed to fail. The Presidents lawyers have systematically dismembered this leviathan of bald-faced lies, made up stories, and omissions of information. Is shows they don't understand the American people, and what they will agree is fair. They do have that small portion of people who want to destroy this country and will follow whatever talking points the progressive socialists spew forth. Like a bunch of bobbleheads they will nod in agreement to anything they are spoon-fed by the liberal leftists and the media without thinking for themselves.

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You only need to know who the leftists champion is, the narcissistic Adam Schiff. It is quite clear that to Schiff, the end justifies the means. A full-time liar, Schiff is celebrated by the talking heads in the media. It does not matter to them the outright lies, falsehoods, and omissions in the facts if it means the removal of Donald Trump.

I was watching the start of the House Intelligence Committee when Schiff spoke of the transcript in terms that can only be described as an out and out lie. I was also watching his lies about the whistleblower/informant for all to see. How anyone can trust this man, much less put him in charge of something as crucial as impeachment, is beyond the realm of sanity.

The last night of the Senate Democrat impeachment managers, Schiff even went so far as to talk of being right. With the embellishment of crocodile tears, he tried to gain the upper hand by saying if the truth doesn't matter, we are lost. Adam Schiff, you are lost. You are lost to the truth, and the American people can see. The American people can see that you have only one agenda- to destroy the President of the United States, and the country as well.

You are so proud and egotistical that you think the people will look up to you and follow your every word. That may work on the West Coast, and although being a Californian myself, it doesnít work for me. Lies and hiding information does not make you a leader of any sort. If the Senate Republicans want witnesses, we should have them. The first two to be called is the ICIG, whose transcript you are still hiding, and you.

You can explain how you refuse to admit you worked with the whistleblower/informant and then hired his best friend and socialist Misko to be on your staff. You can explain how you illegally searched and demanded phone numbers for journalists, Devin Nunes, and others you felt might get in your way. You can tell how they found their way into the final report without notifying any of those you spied on. You have no respect for the opposition, and the pain and suffering you have caused will continue because you do not have the decency that most people take for granted.

I promise you; the Senate Republicans will do a deep dive into your entire career and demand explanations. You continue to discuss the Mueller investigation, and along with your other progressive socialist buddies, you seem to think there is something there. There isnít. The only outcome that matters will be found in John Durhamís report, and letís see how many Democrats turn to blame others, perhaps even you. You were the one who claimed you had non-refutable evidence of the collusion. Did you think the American people would forget about that? I can assure you we have not, and there will be a reckoning with you in the future.

You continue to talk of the President abusing his power and that what Trump has done will alter the balance of power. It is you that has damaged the impeachment process beyond recognition. You state that the election cannot be decided at the ballot box because of the Presidents misconduct. You have yet to explain what that misconduct might be. There are no impeachable offenses that anyone reasonable can see.

People understand that you are starting the chaos in the next election because when Trump does win, then you can say he has ďstolenĒ another election. Again, still another lie. And you in your pompous self centered world think the American people are too stupid to think for themselves and see through your lies. You are, sadly, mistaken. You have convinced no one, except the sycophants on the left and the media (but I repeat myself) of the guilt of anything the President has done. The American people have no interest in your blathering on like a snake oil salesman trying to fool the rubes. Your only agenda at this point is to cause divisiveness to attempt to change the outcome of the next election.


The Senate has many powers that it can use. There could be acquittal without any trial if that is what the Senate decides. The Senate has allowed the House to prove the impeachment articles such as they are. They still can call for dismissal at any time without any possible review by the Supreme Court, as demonstrated by a 9-0 Supreme Court ruling. (Nixon v. United States, 506 U.S. 224 1993)

Since the impeachment started, we have been listening to the progressive socialists speak of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution. They clutch their pearls and prayerfully instruct the American people on the meaning of what the Founding fathers wrote to cover for the illegitimate processes of the House Impeachment. They have intoned in solemn tones, Martin Luther King, World War II, slavery, and religion, none of which matters to them at all.

Look at the record they have amassed over the years. They tear down monuments of our Founding Fathers because some of them were slave owners, they have compared Antifa to our World war Veterans and ignore the veterans of today who are on our streets without any movement to help them. They believe that the American people will ignore the history that they are a part of, and willingly destroy the culture, morals, and respect that the American people have for this country. Denigrating and condemning Trump supporters have not moved the needle in the support for President Trump. The American people can see that Adam Schiff and his cabal want nothing more to regain the power they so callously used under the Obama administration to grow even more power.

So where do we go from here? What is the leftist's next move? It is pretty simple. They will continue, along with the cadre of media sycophants that they work with to further manufacture headlines alleging ever more criminality against the President. It doesn't have to be accurate, they know their bobblehead masses will push the agenda, going even further down the rabbit hole of lies and innuendo.

Once again led by the Pied Piper Adam Schiff, they will force the country to bounce from crisis to crisis to change the minds of the American citizens. They will continue to create chaos in the protests, riots, and pink hats. Losing at the ballot box will not stop them. They are already threatening to burn down Milwaukee, the home of the Democrat convention, if Bernie doesn't win. What they are discounting is the anger of the majority of the American people, who will force them to stop, who finally say enough is enough.

The progressive socialist agenda that they have planned for America would damage the very fabric of our country. Compared to the accomplishments of President Trump, it is abundantly clear that the leftists have no policies, agenda, or even ideas that they can use to compete. All they have is giveaways that will bankrupt our nation.††

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