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September 25, 2018

The Fascist Billionaires Club Funding The Globalist Agenda To Take Down America: The Sinister Figures Behind The 'Resistance' Using The 'Useful Idiots' To 'Divide And Conquer' 

By William B Stoecker - All News Pipeline

From its beginnings, the socialist/communist left pretended to represent the working class, employing slogans like “workers of the world unite.” Of course, it was all a lie. Karl Marx never in his life worked at a blue collar job, and his collaborator, Friedrich Engels, was a rich kid with inherited wealth. Major Wall Street banks financed the Bolsheviks in Russia, who railed against Wall Street.

Almost all the Demoncrap politicians in the US are multi-millionaires, who advocate the redistribution of everyone else’s income…just not their own. Rank and file leftist UIs (useful idiots) in the US and elsewhere tend to be from upper or upper middle class families, or from multi-generational welfare “families.” Few have working class backgrounds. In recent years the left has been coming out of the closet, dropping most of their worker rhetoric and, more and more, revealing their true nature as fascists with a divide and conquer agenda.


It is no secret that sinister figures like George Sauron, fabulously wealthy people who have acquired their wealth and power by manipulating the capitalist system, bankroll the left. From the beginning, tax exempt foundations set up by the robber barons of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, have supported every left wing cause imaginable, with the various Rockefeller and Ford foundations being prime examples. Today, the majority of the super-rich support leftist causes, and almost none of them support, say, an investigation of 9/11 or the murder of Seth Rich. Is there something inherently wrong with the sort of people who become billionaires, or are they “gate keepers,” old money families that pick winners and losers and generally prevent true patriots from joining their ranks? Let’s look at the ten wealthiest people in the US.

Jeff Bezos ($109.9 billion), born 1/12/1964 created Amazon and also Blue Origin, a company developing fully reusable rockets. All this seems very admirable, but he also bought and now controls the Washington Pest, and has continued its leftist editorial policies. He also supports pervert “marriage” and has contributed to leftist politicians’ campaigns. He pays his employees so little that many are on food stamps, and working conditions and the treatment of his employees are reportedly horrible.

William Henry Gates (born 10/28/55) and his wife Melinda have a net worth of $93.3 billion. They have set up the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and, along with Warren Buffett, have signed the “Giving Pledge” to donate a large portion of their wealth to “charity.” But their “charity” takes the form of support for widespread, even universal vaccinations, even compulsory vaccination, despite the fact that the efficacy of vaccines has been seriously questioned and many still contain dangerous mercury and other additives, and despite the fact that numerous people, especially children and infants, have suffered disastrous harmful effects from the very vaccines that were supposedly developed to “protect” them.

At the very least, don’t we risk a diminishing returns effect as ever-more vaccines are administered, often in a brief time period, to infants and toddlers? Gates also supports zero population growth and even a sudden and drastic reduction of the human population. Admittedly, rapid population growth can lead to resource shortages, including food and safe water, but birth rates are dropping everywhere…why the urgency? And of course it’s all a “coincidence” that vaccines can induce sterility or even cause mass death.


Warren Buffett (87.2 billion) is in third place among Americans, and he signed the Giving Pledge. He is on record as detesting Trump, and he supported the campaigns of Hussein Obama and the Witch Hillary. He invested in the leftist Washington Pest and was a friend of its publisher, Katharine Graham.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg ($77.5 billion), born Jewish on 5/14/84 (I mention which billionaires are of Jewish heritage to show that many of the super-rich are solidly Gentile) is next. Facebook actively discriminates against conservatives, and Zuckerberg is pro-homosexual, pro BM (Black Lives Matter), pro-immigration, and pro-Islamic. In other words, he is pretty much a knee-jerk leftist.

Larry Page ($54.9 billion), born 3/26/73, along with Sergey Brin, founded Google. He is a transhumanist, and it is no longer a secret that Google actively discriminates against conservative sites. He is half Jewish on his mother’s side, which, technically, makes him Jewish.

Larry Ellison ($54.7 billion), born 8/17/44, is half Jewish, but is an atheist. He is allegedly slightly conservative, but he signed the Giving Pledge.

Sergey Brin ($53.3 billion), born in what was then the USSR 8/21/73, is Jewish and moved to the US at age six. He is strongly anti-communist, but detests Trump, and he supports “renewable” energy. He no longer has a say in the management of Google.

Charles and David Koch ($48.6 billion each), born in 1935 and 1940, are allegedly conservative, and are global warming doubters, yet they are pro-open borders, pro-abortion, and pro-pervert “marriage.” They worked with Hussein Obama’s White House on criminal justice “reform.” They have also worked closely with the ACLU on certain issues. Nevertheless, leftists perceive them as “conservatives” and hate them…but leftists hate everyone and everything; that’s what they are all about.

Rob Walton ($47.9 billion) was born in 1944 and his father founded Walmart. He is not notably political, save that he, like most leftists, supports conservation and “sustainable development.” He offers good deals to consumers, but does so by selling imports (costing American jobs) produced by Third World workers who are essentially slaves, and he pays most of his own employees minimum wage.


Anti-Semites take note: Only three of the ten are Jewish and one more (Larry Ellison) is half Jewish, and he is supposedly slightly conservative, as is Sergey Brin. Walton cannot be classified as either a leftist or a patriot. The other seven are basically leftists (yes, I’m including the Koch brothers), a clear majority of our super-rich. But looking at the next level down, all the “poorer” billionaires, certainly George Sauron bankrolls the hard left, and Michael Bloomberg wants to disarm the peasants, and Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey are notorious leftists, and Tom Steyer, and the Rockefellers and their foundations have been behind the left from the beginning, and, of course, in Europe, the Rothschild family.

It looks as if something more than coincidence is involved, and there may, indeed be gatekeepers. The Rothschilds are likely the ultimate culprits. To understand all of this we need to consider the effect of fiat money, a racket taken over in the Middle Ages by the Knights Templar and carried on by their successors, principally the Freemasons. Basically, central banks, in unholy alliance with governments, can have, say, a hundred dollars on deposit and loan out a thousand at interest. Can we spell “scam’?

They know in advance what interest rates and relative currency values will be, and can give out low interest loans and even grants to people they trust to carry out their long range plans for world domination…people like John Rockefeller, who may have got his seed money from the Rothschilds. And George Sauron made most of his money from currency speculation, which isn’t speculation at all if he received insider tips in return for using a portion of his easy money to support every loony left cause imaginable.

And then there is the case of Donald Trump, a billionaire who appears to be a conservative President. There are always exceptions to every rule and to every pattern…is Trump an exceptionally patriotic billionaire? Or is he merely another high-level tool of the elites, tweeting and talking at rallies of his supporters, but making no real effort to drain the swamp? Will his nice rhetoric be followed by deeds that will save America? We should know very soon.

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