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March 17, 2020

The 'Final Battle' Has Begun! Americans Need To Stop Hating Upon Each Other & Unite Against Our 'Real Enemy', Before It's Too Late

By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

Yes, There Are Jewish Patriots. Given how many Jewish voters seem to be self-hating UIs (Useful Idiots) who vote for anti-Semitic leftists, and given how many truly villainous Jews are in prominent positions in and out of government, it’s easy for some people to forget that many Jews are honorable patriots who have not imbibed the Kool-Aid. On the one hand there are despicable characters like George Sauron, Shifty Schiff, and Diane Slimestein. On the other hand there are the great Americans listed below.

Dennis Prager was born 8/2/1948 in Brooklyn and was raised Orthodox Jewish. He is critical of anti-Semitism and of secular Jews and of assimilation. He believes the Jews were chosen by God to take His message to the world and (ideally) to serve as a moral example…he does not feel Jews are superior to other people, and he respects and works closely with Christians. He opposes the leftist Anti -Defamation League. His online “Prager U” hosts his fireside chats and guests like Candace Owens, Ben Shapiro, Larry Elder, Mike Rowe, Adam Carolla, and Tucker Carlson…all of them solid patriots.

Ben Shapiro, also an Orthodox Jew, was born 1/15/1984 and grew up in Los Angeles. Despite the handicap of being a graduate of Hahvahd Law, he is a true patriot, and strongly supports Israel. He has been an editor at the conservative outlet Breitbart News, and considers Islam to be a threat to Western Civilization (which he wants to preserve). He believes in Judeo-Christian morality and opposes abortion and the GLBT agenda. In addition to being a columnist (often on and a speaker at “universities” when not blocked by the ever-so-tolerant leftists, he is an accomplished violinist.

Michael Savage (born Michael Alan Weiner 3/21/1942 in the Bronx) has degrees in medical botany, medical anthropology, and nutritional ethno-medicine. He has written books on homeopathy, nutrition, and herbal medicine. On his radio show, The Savage Nation, he stresses the importance of an American national identity based on borders, language, and culture, and opposes what the leftists and their open borders agenda are doing to America. Like such patriots as Michael Farah (creator of WND) and Bill Jasper (senior editor of the John Birch Society’s New American magazine) Dr. Savage began as a young liberal and became an older and wiser conservative.

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Burt Prelutsky was born 1/5/1940 in Chicago; unsurprisingly, he, too, was a liberal when young. But despite being born in leftist Chicago and growing up in the L.A. area and becoming a film critic and then a script writer, Mr. Prelutsky gradually wised up, and has been a solid patriot for years. He wrote for numerous television series, including Dragnet (he knew Jack Webb and many other Hollywood notables, and met many more). He also wrote episodes for Mash, Newhart, The Rockford Files, The Mary Tyler Moore show, Rhoda, and others. He has written several books, including Liberals: America’s Termites. He also writes regular columns espousing the conservative point of view, and they can be read on

Mark Levin, born 9/21/1957 in Philadelphia, was educated as a lawyer and worked in the Reagan administration. His father, Jack Levin, was also a conservative author, and served in the Army Air Force in WWII (my own natural father, whom I never met, was also a Jewish Pennsylvanian who served in the AAF). Mark Levin is the author of seven books and editor of the Conservative Review. He hosts The Mark Levin Show on radio, and Life, Liberty, and Levin on Fox. He advocates adherence to our late, great Constitution.

Larry Klayman was born to a Jewish family in Philadelphia 2/20/1952 but became a Christian. He is an attorney and founded Judicial Watch in 1994 to sue government officials or agencies who violate our rights. He left Judicial Watch in 2004 to run unsuccessfully for the Senate, and then founded Freedom Watch, similar to his first organization. He represents patriots who have been wronged by the government, including Jerome Corsi, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Laura Loomer. His columns often are posted on

Laura Loomer was born 5/21/1993, spent her childhood in Arizona, and has a degree in broadcast journalism. She is a very militant activist for patriot causes, and has worked with James O’Keefe on Project Veritas. She is not afraid to criticize Islam, and wants immigration to be reduced and our borders to be protected. She is not afraid to suggest that some mass shootings have been false flag operations. Ms. Loomer has staged numerous protests and demonstrations, even inducing two “homeless” people to climb over Nancy Pelosi’s wall (Pelosi opposes a border wall) and camp on the lawn of her home in Napa, California.

Joan Swirsky is a former Lamaze teacher, obstetrical nurse, and psychotherapist. A solid conservative patriot, her articles can be found on She has pointed out that self-hating leftist Jews seem to have a desperate need to be liked and accepted…I would call that an example of “looking for love in all the wrong places.”

Elizabeth Pipko, born 6/26/1995, is a model and an author and worked in the Trump campaign. She has criticized the rampant anti-Semitism in America’s “universities,” and she founded the Exodus Movement to encourage Jews to leave the Demoncrap Party.

Barry Farber, born 5/5/1930 in Baltimore but raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, is the oldest Jewish patriot on this list. An accomplished linguist, he is at least fairly fluent in about nine languages, and has some understanding of about 25 altogether. He was always anti-communist, but, like many other patriots, was a liberal when young and later wised up. His articles can be found on

Author and speaker Pamela Geller grew up on Long Island, and maintains the site She is an outspoken critic of the death cult (Islam), and has suggested that Hussein Obama is a Muslim and was likely born outside the US, probably in Kenya. Islamists and leftists tend to hate her (but then they hate everyone) and her anti-Muslim event in Garland, Texas 5/3/2015 was attacked by armed Muslims (at least one was driven to the scene by an FBI agent) but an armed security guard sent them to Allah. She also writes regularly for

Sandra Fromm, despite being raised in the People’s Republic of San Francisco (another failed leftist schiff-hole) and being a graduate of Havahd Law, is a conservative author and speaker. She has served as President of the NRA, and is still on the board of directors. She has written for and

Ilana Mercer is originally from South Africa, which is now controlled by racist Black communists, who, predictably, are murdering Whites and confiscating their property, especially farms. She is very critical of leftists and neocons (who are nothing more than war-mongering leftists) and of the left’s obsessive worship of “people of color.” She wants immigration to be restricted and our borders to be controlled and points out that Whites and men in America are anything but privileged. Her articles appear regularly on

Daniel Horowitz is a senior editor at Conservative Review. He also opposes open borders and unrestricted immigration, and was particularly critical of Hussein Obama’s “Fast and Furious” operation, which orchestrated the sale of weapons to Mexican drug cartels.

This list is by no means complete, and it includes no politicians, who tend to be an ethically challenged group, whether Jewish or Gentile. What we patriots need to remember is that we are up against a literally demonic entrenched elite who employ divide and conquer tactics, and whose members are not restricted to any one ethnic group, although they tend overwhelmingly to be middle aged or elderly White men (who get large numbers of women and “people of color” to support them) and who hate all Christians and Jews equally. We need to stop hating one another and unite against the real enemy before it’s too late. The last battle has begun.

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