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August 3, 2020

'Things Are Heating Up Faster Than Expected': The Lunacy Across America Is Getting Worse As 'The Final Countdown' To America's Frightening Future Has Begun 

- Democrats Hitching Their Wagons To Domestic Terrorists Another Sign They'd Rather See America Burn Than President Trump Re-Elected

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

As a news junkie, browsing and keeping up with the events of the day or week, I am noting that even as crazy as people have seemed over the past 4 years, there has been more of an... uptick is too mild a word, but more examples, and more violent incidents and more crazed individuals in the headlines every single day.

Politics used to have a small segment of the populations' attention, we would see the headlines and move along to something far more interesting. The reason for that was that was how the media treated politics, so they controlled the amount of time, energy or thought went toward the world of politics by the average population.


Unlike the past, the majority of the craziness being seen these days is directly associated with politics. Things have been deteriorating rapidly since the 2016 election, where liberals, including the media, cried, then screamed, then terrorized the rest of the nation with their antics and dire predictions, none of which ever really materialized.

My point of reference here for those that are newer to the website, is the actual "MSM" reporting regarding Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), known better in the mental health industry as "Trump Anxiety Disorder."

When the media first reported on the mental issue, they made it clear that they thought it was "Trump's fault" that people were losing their minds over a presidential election, but in reality, according to their own reporting, it is the media that is terrorizing America with their obsession with President Trump.

Newsweek explained back in July 2018 that the "APA also found a connection between stress levels and electronic news consumption.

Although "Trump Anxiety Disorder" is not an official diagnosis, the symptoms include a lack of sleep, a feeling of losing of control and helplessness in an unpredictable sociopolitical climate, along with endless negative headlines, and excessive time spent on social media. This has also been theorized in a 2017 essay written by clinical psychologist Jennifer Panning for a book co-edited by Harvard and Yale psychologists.

Politico, October 2018, in an article titled "Trump May Not Be Crazy, But the Rest of Us Are Getting There Fast," begins their piece about Trump Anxiety Disorder by stating "CNN before lovemaking is not his idea of a turn-on. But she can hardly turn it off—engrossed as she is in the latest unnerving gyrations of Washington."

CBC around the same time, starts their coverage of "Trump Anxiety Disorder," with the words "Is he gonna blow us all up?"

So inquired one of Elisabeth LaMotte's patients recently, fretting out loud about the volatility of U.S. President Donald Trump's actions during a therapy session at her Washington practice."

It is not Trump that is making people crazy, it is the media's meltdowns and freak-fests over every single thing the president does or says.

Each time the president speaks the media screeches "OH MY GOD DID YOU HEAR WHAT HE SAID!!!!"

Each time the president takes action the media howls "LOOK WHAT HE IS DOING, WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!"

The CBC piece admitted as much in their piece when they wrote "And it's maybe not surprising given the relentlessly negative headlines and politically divisive climate."

Same story they write "Panning said intense consumption of media coverage of this presidency is making some people's Trump-related anxiety worse."

We starting to see a theme here? The media, blaming Trump's characteristics, accidentally admits that they are the reason people are going insane over Trump.

As part of the media war against Trump, the media is also deliberately inciting the violence we have been witnessing with increasing frequency leading up the November presidential election.

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The final countdown has begun with three months left before the 2020 presidential election.

The riots by Antifa and BLM, encouraged by the media who excuses them and attempts to justify their rioting, arson, vandalism and violence, all because liberals believe the more chaotic the country becomes, the more they can lay the blame on President Trump.

Make no mistake, it is a political calculation on the part of liberals and Democrats, and yes that includes the majority of the establishment media.

It appears to be backfiring as normal Americans are looking at some of this lunacy and seeing who is standing up to it, and who is standing up with the crazed rioters.

Day 65 of rioting in Portland, Oregon saw Antifa punks burning bibles and American flags.

I used that specific example because it offends. I am betting that most Americans that see those freaky little thugs burning a bible and the American flag, will be offended.

That is why the liberal establishment media refuses to show it on their most-watched shows.

They don't want people looking at that and asking, 'Why have you, the media, been supporting these thugs?" The next question would be the "Why are elected Democrats not speaking up against this, with some, like the mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, actually joining the rioters?"

These are questions normal Americans would naturally ask when watching cities burning, graffiti all over businesses, storefront windows broken and minority owned businesses destroyed by the rioters.

Why would anyone support that?

 Ask the Mainstream media why they have actively supported these riots?

The fact is, I have dozens of examples like that because each day this type of lunacy gets worse as we head into the 2020 presidential election.

Some will claim this is over a wrongful death in police custody, but frankly burning buildings down does absolutely nothing other than destroying someone elses property.


This has nothing to do with police brutality, nor racism, and everything to do with the media, and liberals, deliberately inciting people that already have mental issues, into committing more and more crime, hoping it will somehow make Trump look bad and the countdown continues to November.

Trump Derangement Syndrome has gotten so bad for some members of the media that they are incapable of seeing how badly this is all backfiring against liberals, Democrats and the media.

Multiple polls, showing a "pattern," all indicate that the media, Democrat politicians and liberal supporters have all once again overreached, because Americans are now looking at the "protesters" aka rioters as domestic terrorists.

When a black man gets out of his truck and screams at "white BLM supporters," to get the F--- out of his way because he has kids to feed, these thugs have most definitely overplayed their hands.

A black motorist has been filmed ordering white BLM protesters to stop blocking a highway in Austin so he can get to work and provide for his children. 'I gotta go to work, I'm black! I've gotta go to work!' the unidentified man yells at the group as he waves his hand in the air.

I've got bills! I've got kids! Get the f**k out of my way!' he continues shouting before he makes his way back to his pick-up truck.

The Twitter children got out of the way and let him through.

(Note: I cannot find an embeddable version of the video, but readers can see it at Vidmax)

Another indication that the whole "let's support the terrorists" strategy has gone awry for the media and other aforementioned groups, is seen in Austin, Texas, which is the San Francisco of Texas, meaning liberally dominated, as the law enforcement there has had enough of Antifa's antics while on horseback, physically forced the Antifa/BLM crowds to part as they moved through the intersection.


Once again the answer to that bullet point question is politics, pure and simple.

Democrats (and media liberals) want the focus on anything other than their "best" candidate, Joe Biden. They are terrified that he will have to speak publicly. Every time he does, he sounds confused, and mentally ill.

Liberal pundits and papers are all trying to find a way to get Biden to cancel the presidential debates, aware that should he get on a stage for any length of time, instead of just campaigning from his basement with a scripted speech, even moderate democrats will look on in horror of handing a man that appears to be suffering from dementia, the nuclear "key."

The latest of many different ideas being floated to get Biden away from any type of debate format, comes from the New York Times, with a piece titled "Let's Scrap The Presidential Debates."

I have seen desperate excuses like "Tell Trump if he doesn't release his tax returns (there is no law saying any candidate has to,) than Biden should refuse to debate."

Others want the debates cancelled with claims that Biden would have to "correct" Trump so much it isn't worth it. That one is asserted with a straight face by people that completely ignore the fact that at some appearances Biden didn't even remember what city/state he was in, and introduced his wife as his sister, or his sister as his wife at another event.

They are terrified of have Biden on the same stage as president Trump.

The media has hitched it's wagon to the rioters as a pathetic attempt to distract the masses from looking too closely at Joe Biden.

If they can focus on Antifa and BLM, then "explain" why they are torching their own cities, then justify why the police are told to stand down, there isn't much more time for them to allow their audience to see, hear or to look at Joe Biden.

There is always a method to their madness.


Three months to go and things are heating up far faster than expected.

There are a couple of things I can pretty much state with a high level of confidence.

1) The media can not control the monsters (rioters) that they have helped create.

2) As the election nears we are going to witness more lunacy than we have already been seeing, along with more violence and rioting.

3) Should Biden lose, the second American civil war will be fought over the course of the next four years, as liberals across the board lose what little minds they have left.

4) Liberals, the establishment media and Democrat politicians would rather see America burn than see President trump reelected.

Their Trump Derangement Syndrome has literally driven them all crazy.

Language alert on the video below.

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