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June 26, 2018

Announcing The Launch Of The 'Mad As Hell' Campaign: It's Time To Let Congress And The Mainstream Media Know That Millions Of Us Who Love America Are Sick Of Being Called 'Nazi's'  


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

You know, I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it any more.

Despite the fact that I'm part native American, was raised in a liberal household in a liberal state, indoctrinated into liberal politics at a very young age, was a registered Democrat for a good part of my adult life and have been a long-time anti-war activist, I'm now being called a 'Nazi' and a 'White Supremacist' because I support President Trump and have a strong desire to see America be successful once again!!!

While most on the left saw Hillary Clinton as 'change' and 'progress', the truth of the matter is, Hillary was THE ESTABLISHMENT, embedded neck deep in the muck, slime and corruption of the DC swamp for decades, and whether the left or the msm wants to admit it or not, President Trump was 'the revolution'!

Just look at how the entire political establishment, both left and right, went into a coordinated attack mode against President Trump, with Trump launching them into self destruct mode ever since the election, with the mainstream media falling apart and becoming the new National Enquirer. And now, Democratic politicians are openly encouraging people to stalk and harass Conservatives, while deranged leftists call for Trump supporters to be gunned down in restaurants.

Well STOP THE LIES! You're going to get someone killed! And as we read from one SANE and previously anti-Trump leftist who is also a mainstream media journalist, liberals are bashing their own heads in over President Trump for NOTHING! According to Declan Hill, "President Trump is the most left wing President America has ever had!" Spit up your coffee? Hill also called out the mainstream media and the entire 'political left' being in self-destruct mode over President Trump's win in his story. Much more on Hill's look at 'lefty' President Trump below. 

And how can ANY Democrat call themselves 'tolerant' when they've proven by the hatred that is in their hearts for President Trump supporters that they're bigoted against up to or more than half of the US population? As amazingly even the Washington Post reported today in their story titled "Trump Country, it turns out, is more tolerant than the left", of the left they called: "Intolerant, angry, increasingly confrontational — it is astounding to watch them become that which they claim to despise about the president."

Well while the left hates half the country and calls us 'Nazis', the classic scene from the movie "Network" you can see in the video below sums up our feelings. ANP encourages you to call your Congressional members (found via this link) or the mainstream media and let them know what you think about them calling you a 'Nazi' or a 'white supremacist': "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this any more!" Civilly, without any threats of violence, harassing or stalking, of course! If they get the same message from enough Americans, maybe, just maybe, the insanity from the left will stop. But then again, we doubt it with 2020 just ahead. 

And echoing President Trump's recent tweet, if Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi are the best that the Democrats have, the Democrats are in HUGE trouble in 2020. Thank God for the 1st Amendment - let 'Mad Max' keep on talking because every time she opens her mouth, Trump voters multiply in spades.  

And while I'm all for 'global peace', globalists policies have gotten the US into more than $21 trillion dollars of debt, while the country has fallen apart. It's TIME to FIX America! Why would ANYONE who lives here want America to fail? (to implement global tyranny?)

And as someone who has long payed attention to events in America and the world, its easy to see that America was falling apart WAY BEFORE President Trump got into office...In fact, America falling apart is WHY Americans voted for REAL change, and President Trump, instead of the 'status quo' in Hillary Clinton.

And had Hillary gotten into office, we'd certainly be at war by now, and probably with Russia, at a time when Russia now has nuclear superiority over us.    

And while most on the left call for open borders and unlimited immigration, I see an invasion and an act of war upon America and a very real attempt to overthrow our nation. Without borders, you don't have a country. Legal immigration is wonderful - illegal immigration is just that, illegal.  

Just look at what has happened overseas due to the massive influx of immigrants there, the fall of Europe to Islamo-fascist tyranny, where reporting upon a Muslim child grooming gang in the UK got Tommy Robinson hauled off to prison. Truth became treason in the British empire of lies.


For the left, it's time for them to take a look at reality and quit the hate! Otherwise, it's going to be a very, very, very long and miserable next 6 years for them.

Maybe if the left read this story from investigative journalist Declan Hill they'd think differently. Now you might need to hold on to your hats when you read this. Titled "Donald Trump is the Most Left-Wing President America Has Ever Had", the author of the story IS NOT a Donald Trump supporter. An extended excerpt from his story which was written back in January of 2017, only days after President Trump took office reveals a foresight not seen in the liberal mainstream media.: 

They have lost the plot.

The reaction of much of the mainstream media and some left-wing leaders towards the new American President Donald Trump is beginning to show signs of insanity.

If you have read the headlines in the New York Times, Guardian and other international news outlets over the last few weeks you would be forgiven for thinking that many of their stories were written by people who have forgotten rationality.

“Trump has already failed America” (he was not even president when this was one was published) …“The President Who Buried Humility”… “What the President Doesn’t Get About America”… “Donald the Unready”… “With President Trump American Democracy Faces Its Greatest Test”…“The World May End While Trump is President” (actually I made up this last headline but you get the point).

All of these articles would be easier to accept, if many of the same outlets had not also written articles declaiming against Trump’s personal taste, his hairstyle, and, most shamefully, his purported penis size.

To be clear, I am not a Trump supporter. Rather I am one of the last of the old-school journalists who was taught to report facts not fantasies. My political inclinations – like most normally-constituted human beings – range from Marxist-Leninism to extreme free-market policy depending on the issue. However, if you put my feet to the fire I would have to say that most of the time I am a left-wing, social democratic intellectual who hangs out with people who drink decaf lattes. I am also a mainstream journalist.

But now, I am dismayed by my many of own kind. They are acting with pure-blind, obsessive stupidity. So I write a two-part series on why some of Trump’s policies by American standards are left-wing and, more importantly, how the left-wing can begin to save itself from virtual extinction.


While I'm sure some who are reading this might be pulling their hair out by now, Hill's story then lays out for us why he believes Trump to be the most 'left wing' president in American history and outlines what he believed would be Trump's 'left wing successes'. 

Trump is William Jennings Bryan

Here is the truth. If you judge him by his rhetoric, Donald Trump is actually – in some ways – the most left-wing president the United States has ever had. A historian would have to go back to the 1896 election to find a similar candidate. Trump is a successful William Jennings Bryan-style politician. He claims to speak for the excluded voters, the dispossessed farmers and the victims of large-scale economic trends. He is a populist president who has upset both the right and left-wing establishments.

His inauguration speech, where he ignored mainstream politicians and spoke directly to his purported base of excluded workers and farmers is text-book, left-wing leader’s rhetoric.

“Today, we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington D.C. and giving it back to you, the people.

Trump’s Left-Wing Successes

One, Trump is ripping up the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. The TPP is an international trade pact that essentially defines two-types of citizenship: the first are corporations who are above the law; the second are ordinary people who, under TPP, are prevented from basic defenses of our water, our air and our right to work by an arcane web of bureaucratic regulations.

Bernie Sanders, the patron saint of the Left, fought tooth and nail against the TPP. The right-wing politicians (and former President Obama) defended this pathway to the third-world.

Now Donald Trump is saying he will eliminate the TPP. Yet the left-wing does not congratulate him. Why not?

Two, Trump’s rhetoric towards foreign wars is classic left-wing stuff. He says that the Iraq War of 2003-2009 was a great disaster. Easy to do and possibly a lie (he claims that he was always against the war which is not true), but at least Trump is – now – putting out an anti-imperial line which will not have American soldiers dying to defend the interests of U.S. corporations and colonize great sections of the world.

Three, he is re-booting American policy towards China. Over the last two generations, the U.S. policy towards that country has been a disaster. The Chinese leadership are the direct descendants of the worst gang of mass-murderers in the history of humanity (see note below). They have created a sick, slave state that has trampled on human rights and decency. Yet American politicians have allowed the Chinese to run trade surpluses with the U.S. for decades. Much of the West has been de-industrialized for the direct benefit of our 1% elite and China. Hundreds-of-millions of workers have lost their jobs due to this policy, however, no U.S. President until Donald Trump would take a call from the democratic rivals of China in Taiwan.

If Trump can keep the U.S. out of unnecessary wars, shift western policy on China and stop unfair, undemocratic trade agreements he will do great service towards workers everywhere. Journalists and political leaders should try to report his work fairly, not immediately begin to attack him. By doing so they aid large corporations, war lobbyists and the Chinese leadership.


Well President Trump has not only helped put a 70+ year smoldering problem with North Korea to bed but in what could be a goodwill gesture to Russia before his summit with Vladimir Putin, has let the Syrian rebels who Obama was arming know that we won't be funding them any more as was reported in this Zero Hedge story.

So why did 'left wing' Obama carry on the globalists agenda of war, war and more war and 'the left' approved of it yet President Trump is putting an end to the globalists messes and the left hates him for it? Obvious signs of not only Trump derangement syndrome but also the 'luciferian inversion' America has been going through, the anti-war left needs to see President Trump as a great blessing over what we surely would have gotten had Hillary been elected: More global wars and Hillary fun camps

And in closing I'll say that while I don't believe that President Trump is the most left wing president that America has ever had, he's surely the most pro-America president we've had in many, many years. And while we've still got a long way to go to get America back on track, it's refreshing to finally see us going in the right direction again. 

Yet as long as the mainstream media and 'the left' are calling President Trump's supporters 'Nazi's' or 'white supremacists' without taking a look at themselves and the hatred in their own hearts for half the country, Conservatives would be wise to prepare for absolutely anything and at any possible time.  

Thanks so much for reading my rant and Thank you, President Trump, for putting your life on hold to help 'fix' a long-broken America despite all the hate from the left. May God Bless Donald Trump and ALL of America! #MAGA

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