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August 28, 2018

The NY Times Covering Up Genocide & Forced Famine Leading To Cannibalism In The Past Hints Of Peril Ahead

- If we let them get away with this, the last few lights will be extinguished and America will be plunged into darkness 


By William B Stoecker - All News Pipeline

The New York Slimes. Yes, I’m referring to what most people call the New York Times. Recently, the “newspaper of record,” the “gray lady”, posted on its website a vile, pornographic animated cartoon depicting Trump and Putin as scantily clad homosexual lovers. There was a time when the sleaziest tabloid in the country would not have published or posted anything as low as this, but that was a time when we still had some moral standards, some remnant of good taste, and something at least resembling a free press.

The animation is a clear indication of the low morals of the Trump-hating leftists, of their lack of taste, and of the fact that they (correctly or incorrectly) see Putin as a populist not unlike Trump himself, and, hence, a threat to their cherished dream of a New World Order. Even a few years ago, no paper as prestigious as the Slimes used to be would have sunk so low. But they and other slimestream media outlets are continuing to sink, and, as we shall see, the Slimes was never worthy of the adulation showered on it by so many people who should have known better.


Founded in 1851, the New York Slimes is seventeenth in circulation of all the newspapers on Earth and has received 125 of the coveted Pulitzer Prizes for journalism, all the more remarkable considering that journalism (like comedy) is dead in America. It is published by the NY Times Company, owned since 1896 by the Ochs-Sulzberger family; the current publisher is A.G. Sulzberger. The paper’s motto is “all the News That’s Fit to Print,” but it should be “All the News Approved by the NWO Elites.” That, at least, would be accurate. At one time the paper really did some investigative reporting, exposing the crimes of Tammany Hall and William “Boss” Tweed in 1870-71. As late as 1971 the Slimes published the Pentagon Papers, exposing the very real crimes, cover-ups, and lies perpetrated by the US government during the Vietnam War.

But long before that the paper had already gone downhill, becoming just another leftist rag. Its Moscow Bureau Chief 1922-1936, was British-born Walter Duranty. He was a communist who adored the murderous Josef Stalin, and denied the Holodomor (the deliberately engineered Ukrainian famine) ever happened. Yet it did happen, when Stalin, because Ukrainian peasants were resisting collectivization, confiscated all the grain harvest and other foodstuffs in vast rural areas of Ukraine, and then blocked roads to keep food out and the people in until millions died a slow, horrible death of starvation, with entire families dying together and some people reduced to cannibalism.

The Slimes also covered up the Nazi extermination of Jews in WWII and, for 13 months, sat on a report in 2,005 of warrantless spying by the US government on law-abiding citizens. Ever eager to prove their adoration of Black people, the editors hired one, Jason Blair, as a reporter, despite a lack of qualifications, and he finally had to be fired for plagiarizing. They should have vetted him more carefully. Most recently they hired, as a tech writer, Sarah Jeong, a twisted feminazi and racist who professes to hate all men, all the police, and all Caucasians. And her record was available for all to see before they ever hired her.


But of course, they had not really vetted Duranty either. In addition to being a communist, Duranty was a drug addict and a promiscuous bisexual (it seems to go with the territory) and a Satanist, belonging to Aleister Crowley’s OTO (Order of the Temple of the Orient) a Luciferian cult closely connected to the ones who created the Nazi Party in Germany. He even married Crowley’s ex-mistress, Jane Cheron. Other prominent members of OTO have included the American rocket engineer Jack Parsons, and L. Ron Hubbard, who would go on to found the influential Scientology cult.

And Duranty got the Pulitzer Prize for covering for Stalin. This is what the elites do: they write articles praising one another as noble statesmen and muck-raking investigative journalists, etc., and give one another meaningless prizes (take a look at the people who’ve been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize over the years).

The Pulitzer Prize for journalism was established in 1917 by Hungarian-American Joseph Pulitzer, a wealthy newspaper publisher, and is administered by the ultra-leftist Columbia University. Readers may recall that Hussein Obama allegedly attended Columbia, although no one there remembers it. Graduates of the Columbia School of “Journalism” (originally endowed by Pulitzer) tend to fill many of the top posts in the news business.


So the Slimes is not worthy of all the praise and respect it has been given. It is typical of America’s slimestream media, most of which is controlled by just six companies: G.E., Newscorp, Disney,Viacom, Time-Warner, and CBS. If we generously assume that about ten directors control each of these, sixty very wealthy people decide what “news” the American people will be fed. Uncannily, almost all of the world’s billionaires, supposedly beholden to free-market capitalism, in fact are leftists, supporting open borders and one-world government.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, the CIA in the early nineteen fifties, with its Operation Mockingbird, began infiltrating student groups and magazines, and recruiting journalists, including Richard Helms, who became Director of the CIA. CNN’s Anderson Cooper has even admitted working with the CIA. This is the same “patriotic” CIA that hired John Brennan after he voted for a communist during the Cold War and made him Director after he became an Islamist (and, almost certainly, a practicing Muslim).

Today the internet is a real alternative to the New York Slimes and the rest of the controlled media. Already the elites control many sites, and recently they have begun, incrementally, censoring the patriot sites they do not control. If we let them get away with this, the last few lights will be extinguished and America will be plunged into darkness, and when the henchmen of the elites begin the mass arrests and genocide we won’t even see them coming. It would be better to fight them now…while we can still see our targets.

William B Stoecker

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