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October 5, 2019

The 'Conspiracy' To Transform America From A Free To A Fascist Nation Began Long Before The Current Coup Upon President Trump, Engineered Via One False Flag After Another

- A Breakdown Of The Patterns Of Evil That Have Long Surrounded Us 


By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

If we look back at some of the most terrible events in US history, including the battleship Maine explosion, the sinking of the Lusitania, the 1929 stock market crash, and Pearl Harbor, each of these events involves a suspicious pattern of evidence. It may be that no one fact proves a conspiracy, but when we look at the whole pattern of, say, Pearl Harbor, it becomes obvious that something very strange and very wrong is happening.

With the Kennedy assassination in Dallas 11/22/1963, for the first time a large number of Americans began to suspect that something was truly amiss. Those of us who are old enough often can remember when we first learned of the tragedy, just as our parents remember hearing the news of Pearl Harbor. I was in the cafeteria at New Mexico State University, seated with my USAF ROTC buddies, and the news came over the radio. Gradually we all began to realize what had happened, and the entire cafeteria became silent save for the voice over the radio.

Later in the day I heard the news of Lee Harvey Oswald’s capture in a movie theater across town, allegedly because he had shot Dallas police officer JD Tippett for some unknown reason. Immediately, Oswald was charged with the Kennedy shooting…but how did the police know that he was the one? This made no sense at all, and I began to doubt the official narrative. Later, the most important prisoner the Dallas police had ever held, Lee Harvey Oswald, was shot dead in their custody, and it took only one small caliber round to the stomach to do the job, despite the fact that the police were right there to rush him to the hospital.

Still later we learned that his killer, Jack Ruby, was a small-time Mafia associate originally from Chicago, where the crime syndicate was controlled by Sam Giancana, who is believed to have rigged the election for JFK…only to be betrayed by the Kennedy brothers, who began prosecuting organized crime with a vengeance. And many Dallas police officers had been welcome guests at Ruby’s strip club and knew him personally. Was Tippett one of them?

Oswald had been a poor marksman in the USMC, and his carbine was not an accurate sniper rifle, but he managed to fire, we were told, three accurate shots in five seconds. This would have been impossible, so our masters changed their story to two shots, one of them magically changing direction and hitting both JFK and John Connolly, who was riding in the front seat of the Presidential limousine.

This “magic bullet” was later found on a stretcher in Parkland Hospital, after a local reporter claimed he had seen Jack Ruby in the hospital. The bullet, despite having passed through two bodies and broken some bones, was not deformed…magic indeed. In fact, so magical were the bullets that JFK’s head, allegedly struck from behind (from the Texas School Book Depository), jerked backward as if struck from in front (the grassy knoll). The government and its slimestream media lackeys spun all sorts of fanciful theories to “explain” this inconvenient fact…who needs those pesky laws of physics, anyway?

Some years ago a co-worker of mine said that Tippett’s sister had been here in town and had visited a local hospital where his daughter was a nurse. She told my co-worker’s daughter that her brother had seemed stressed, even afraid of something, in the days just before the assassination. Later, at a conspiracy conference, I relayed this information to Jim Marrs, the conspiracy researcher and author (now deceased). He said he had also spoken to Tippett’s sister and she had told him the same thing.

As for Oswald himself, he had been a radar operator at an airbase in Japan where U-2 spy planes sometimes landed. Oswald had defected to the USSR, but later was allowed to return to the US. He settled for a time in New Orleans, where he handed out pro-Castro leaflets…odd behavior for a man who had allegedly become disillusioned with communism. As a child he had also lived in New Orleans, and knew such shady characters as Clay Shaw and David Ferrie, suspected by many researchers of being CIA assets. Ferrie had also worked for mobster Carlos Marcello, as did Oswald’s uncle Charles “Dutz” Murret.

Oswald later moved to Dallas, where he and his Russian wife were befriended by local anti-communist Russian emigres…why, since Oswald was apparently still a communist? One of these “friends” was George DeMohrenschildt, a shadowy figure, allegedly a petroleum geologist, who definitely had intelligence connections, and who knew Jackie Kennedy and George Bush senior. Years later, called to testify before Congress, DeMohrenschildt “committed suicide.

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The Kennedy motorcade route from Love Field was originally planned to go straight down Main St, but was changed to go first by way of Houston Street and Elm Street, where it would have to make sharp turns by the Texas School Book Depository, where Oswald worked. How convenient. A Dallas police officer, thinking the shots came from the grassy knoll, started to run toward it, but was turned back by a “Secret Service” agent, who said he had already cleared the knoll. The problem with that is, the Secret Service testified that they had no agents on the knoll.

The doctors at Parkland Hospital all said that the fatal wound clearly came from the front and exited from the back of Kennedy’s skull, but Secret Service agents forcibly removed the body from the hospital; before local experts could do an autopsy. The body was flown to D.C, disappeared for a while, and then was taken to Bethesda Naval Hospital. Parkland doctors had stated that Kennedy’s brain was mostly intact, but most of it disappeared on the way to Bethesda, where a doctor pronounced that the shot came from behind. And there is more, much more, including the suspicious deaths of many witnesses and associates of Ruby and Oswald.

And there is an occult dimension to the Kennedy Assassination. Dallas is within a degree of the thirty third parallel, and 33 is an important number to the Freemasons; thirty third degree Masons are believed to be “enlightened,” and most human spines contain 33 vertebrae. The idea is that a spiritual energy can be raised from the base of the spine to the head, bringing enlightenment. And 11/22, the date of the killing, adds up to 33. If we assume that the twentieth century, from a historical perspective, really began in 1913 when US enslavement was begun with the creation of the Federal Reserve, the income tax, and direct election of US senators (which undermines state sovereignty) then the last year of the century would be 2012, the Mayan calendar year for the end of the age. And 1963 would be the midpoint. Crazy as this sounds, the elites, as we shall see, are obsessed with certain dates and numbers.

The evidence seems to point to a deep state conspiracy involving the FBI, CIA, and perhaps some agents of the Secret Service, aided by organized crime and some members of the Dallas police force. LBJ was almost certainly aware ahead of time, and had no doubt been given his orders by the cabal. What we need to remember is that we peasants were able to figure this out, but all the major slimestream media outlets (except for the History Channel, which did a series about the killing some years ago) covered this up from the start, just as they have covered up and lied about everything since then.

And every President, every leading Congress critter, and every major official in the intelligence community has either continued the cover up or been so mouth-breathing stupid they couldn’t see the obvious. This wasn’t a coup, but the suppression of a coup by JFK against a corrupt and murderous elite who were already in power, and who feared nothing more than one of their own turning against them. For all their arrogance and ruthlessness, JFK and RFK seem to have had some shreds of decency and honor, and it does appear that JFK was planning to avoid a war in Vietnam, and to undermine the power of the Federal Reserve.

And remember, the tragedy in Dallas was but one of several political assassinations carried out in the nineteen sixties. The killings of RFK and MLK were highly suspicious, as was the shooting of George Wallace. For example, Sirhan Sirhan, RFK’s alleged killer, never got close to RFK and was never behind him, but the fatal shot came from behind and very close. A rather mysterious security guard, definitely armed, was right behind Robert Kennedy. LAPD officers badgered a witness who claimed to have seen Sirhan with a woman in a polka dot dress just before the shooting, trying to get her to change her story.


Many more mysterious and tragic events would befall our former Republic, but the most monstrous of all these crimes was undoubtedly 9/11. For the proof that this was an inside job, mass murder of nearly 3,000 Americans, is blatant, in your face, and obvious. There is no need of a pattern to prove this. In all the history of steel framed buildings, none ever collapsed due to fire…until 9/11, when three of them in one small area collapsed, allegedly due to fire. If we generously assume that the odds of one of the buildings being brought down by fire was one chance in a hundred (actually, it is far less) then the chances of all three doing so is one chance in a hundred times one in a hundred, times one in a hundred…only one chance in a million.

This is how statistics are computed. And all three buildings collapsed straight down, a feat that can only be achieved by controlled demolition. If we generously assume that there is only one chance in a hundred of this happening without a controlled demolition (again, the odds are far less than that) the chances of all three collapsing straight down is, again, one in a million. And the chances of all three collapsing straight down due to fire is one in a trillion. Anyone capable of believing that will no doubt believe that OJ was innocent, and I have a pretty orange bridge to sell you. It’s just north of San Francisco.

This alone proves a Deep State conspiracy, for who else could have had unchallenged access to the interior spaces of all three WTC towers to plant the demolition charges, and why else would the Deep State and its media lackeys lie and cover up the crime? But wait…there’s more. The Pentagon was allegedly hit by a hijacked airliner that struck the ground floor dead on, not over shooting or hitting the pavement. In the USAF I was a mere intelligence officer and no pilot, but pilots let me take the controls in the air sometimes and I was able to fly, turn, dive, and even roll a single engine jet going well over 400 miles per hour.

If I can do it, anyone can. But flying high above the ground is one thing; landing or taking off is another. And hitting the Pentagon so precisely would be a near-impossible feat even for a fighter pilot in a single engine jet. But this is not even the main problem with the official narrative. None of the many video cameras in the area show an airliner. The wings and engines did no damage to the Pentagon on either side of the relatively small entrance hole allegedly caused by the fuselage of this invisible plane, and the wings and engines vanished off the face of the Earth and were never found or photographed. Nothing to see here, folks, move right along. And not only the wings and engines disappeared, but the wreckage of the fuselage and the burned body parts of the passengers and crew also were never seen or photographed. If anyone is dumb enough to believe in invisible airliners that disappear…well, that bridge is still available.

The above, all by itself, is enough to prove a conspiracy, but there is still more. Between the time the first airliner hit the WTC until the last one veered off course and shut off its transponder there was more than enough time for NORAD to scramble interceptors and take the plane that allegedly hit the Pentagon down. NORAD was supposedly in the middle of a training exercise, but I was in NORAD long ago, and they are always doing exercises and they have well established procedures for responding to real attacks that happen during the exercises.

One of the planes on 9/11 was allegedly AA Flight 11 and another was allegedly United Flight 77…again we see multiples of 11, so important to the occult elite. The wreckage that collapsed into the basements of the towers was still molten days later, and the fuel fed fires could not have accomplished that…only thermite could have done the job. A few honorable FBI agents and a Pentagon intelligence team called Able Danger tried before the attacks to warn their superiors of suspicious activity by Muslims who had been allowed into our country, but their warnings were ignored. The FBI Director on 9/11 was none other than the infamous Robert Mueller. The intrepid FBI claimed to have recovered the passport of one of the hijackers, which had magically flown out of his pocket and through the wall of the plane and then flown backwards (the plane was going forward at over 400 miles per hour) to land in the piles of trash and debris on the streets, unscathed, to be found by FBI agents.

This monstrous crime by the US government served as the “justification” for the misnamed Patriot Act and the eternal war in Afghanistan. But between Dallas and 9/11 and ever since we have suffered from one tragedy after another, all of them highly suspicious.


Under George II our heroic FBI thugs and federal marshals attacked the “compound” of Randy Weaver on Ruby Ridge in northern Idaho, fatally shooting his son in the back. Then the heroic FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi, a West Point graduate from Honolulu, shot and killed Vickie Weaver, who was holding, not a weapon, but a baby. In charge of the “Justice” Department (and, hence, the FBI) was Attorney General William Barr, who, appointed by Trump, is once again our AG. Barr then, pro bono, defended Horiuchi in court when the local authorities dared charge him with the shooting. Horiuchi missed the baby, but the FBI and BATF made up for that a few years later when they attacked the “compound” of the dreaded Branch Dravidians near Waco, Texas, killing some 80 people, including about 20 children and infants, who were killed with CS gas or burned to death. The government never really explained their original attack on the “compound,” making vague and contradictory claims about drugs and illegal weapons and never producing any evidence of either. But then child sacrifice is all the rage these days.

On 4/19/95 the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City was bombed; it conveniently had a daycare center, and a row of dead babies were laid out on broken glass by the rescuers. Allegedly the bombing was done by right wing conspirators Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, allegedly aided by Michael and Lori Fortier. As usual, there are problems with the official narrative…big problems. Retired USAF General Partin, an explosives expert, testified that the ANFO (ammonium nitrate and fuel oi) bomb alleged to have done the damage was too far from the building to have brought most of it down.

The heroes of the BATF had an office in the Murrah Building, but, incredibly, not one agent was in the office or the building when the bomb went off. Yet they lied and claimed they were there, rescuing people. Caught in the lie they recanted, but never bothered to explain their absence or their lie to us commoners. The government nearly lost their case against McVey because they refused to call several witnesses who said they had seen McVey just before the bombing with a Middle-Eastern looking man.

McVey had once been stopped by the highway patrol for a minor traffic violation near the compound of the neo-Nazi Elohim City cult, in eastern Oklahoma near the Arkansas border. In fact, the BATF ignored and even tried to prosecute their own informant, who claimed that McVey was a member of the cult. Why, since the government was so eager to prove his connection to “right wing” militias? And seismographs picked up two explosions, not one, and authorities hastily destroyed the rest of the Murrah Building and shipped it out of the country…as they would later do with the wreckage of the WTC towers.

And for decades there have been mysterious deaths of investigative reporters and others who knew too much for their own good, and mass shootings, usually involving the death of children. Former CIA Director William Colby, who was rumored to be about to expose the truth about Dallas and about CIA drug and child sex trafficking, went canoeing and failed to return. His body was found days later. Andrew Breitbart, an investigative reporter, died suddenly of a heart attack despite having no history of heart problems. Reporter Michael Hastings, about to do a story on the CIA, claimed he was being watched by the FBI. His car accelerated to a high speed on an LA street, hit a tree head on, and exploded. But the explosion, improbable to begin with, was in the back of the car.

Journalist Danny Casolaro, investigating the deep state, which he called “the octopus,” was found dead in a motel room with his wrists slashed about 12 times, with the cuts so deep that his tendons were severed, and most of his documents mysteriously disappeared. No one slashes his wrists 12 times, but local authorities ruled it a suicide. And investigative reporter Gary Webb, who had claimed that the CIA was peddling cocaine in American cities, allegedly shot himself twice in the head. Right. DNC operative Seth Rich almost certainly leaked information about the Witch’s emails, and he was shot in the back…no robbery. And let us not forget the near-impossible “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein, in a federal jail, with his guards supposedly asleep and the surveillance cameras conveniently shut off. Like 9/11, this was blatant and obvious; it’s hard to imagine anyone stupid enough to believe the official story.


Slick Willie’s White House lawyer Vince Foster allegedly shot himself with an unregistered gun he was not known to have owned, in Marcy Park which was nowhere near his home or office, and a witness claimed to have seen two menacing men arrive at the park in a car with Arkansas plates and carry something long and heavy wrapped in a carpet (Foster’s clothing was covered with carpet fibers). Former White House intern Mary Mahoney, who claimed to have had an affair with Slick, was shot dead along with some co-workers at a coffee shop where she worked, yet there was no robbery. Clinton’s Commerce Secretary, Ron Brown, was being investigated for fraud and threatened to testify against Slick…not a good idea. He and a plane load of people died in a mysterious crash. In fact the Demonic Duo (Slick and the Witch Hillary) have a trail of bodies behind them that would have led to the arrest of any conservative or any ordinary peasant.

And I guess the mass shootings and bombings will continue until we commoners surrender our firearms. At Columbine High School the heroic police waited outside while students and teachers died, the same pattern we would see later at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where the deputy stationed in the school did nothing while people were shot dead by a punk whom the police and FBI had been repeatedly warned about. The sheriff himself was a Demoncrap who supported the Witch.

The Boston Marathon bombing was allegedly done by two Muslim brothers, let in by the US government despite warnings that they were potential terrorists. One of the victims of the shooting allegedly lost a leg to the blast, but was photographed being taken out in a wheelchair, sitting upright, conscious, and showing no visible sign of pain or shock, with little blood visible. The bombing gave local police an excuse to drive innocent citizens from their homes and search their homes with no warrant…as long as we take it, it will get worse. The intrepid FBI later shot (six times!) and killed a friend of one of the bombers, claiming that he pulled a weapon on them, but later admitting that this was yet another FBI lie, but, with their usual arrogance, refusing to explain the lie or why they shot him. I suspect that he knew too much for his own good.

No motive has been given for the Aurora theater mass shooting in Colorado, and no explanation of how the alleged shooter afforded all his weapons or acquired the expertise to wire his apartment with explosives, or why witnesses reported more than one shooter. No motive was revealed for the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut, nor for the unidentified man who was taped moving through the woods behind the school. Likewise, there was no motive found for the Las Vegas shooting, and I have previously pointed out the near impossibility of the alleged gunman striking that many victims at extreme range with a highly inaccurate bump stock on his rifle. Most of the videos of the alleged El Paso shooter were never released to us peasants, but the one clear still picture from a video definitely shows him with a single AK-47 rifle and one and only one 30 round magazine with which he magically killed or wounded 46 people. Some of us can still do simple arithmetic.

And, as always, our occult elite are obsessed with certain numbers and dates. The first shots of the American Revolution, Hitler’s birthday, the Oklahoma City bombing, Waco, the Columbine High School shooting, and the Gulf oil well disaster all took place on April 19 or 20. Some believe that Satanists have a 13 day period of sacrifice from April 19 through May First, or Beltane, a date sacred to the pagans, the Illuminati, and the communists. Even William Colby died in this period, on 4/18/1996.

The evidence shows that the NWO elite controlling the deep state have murdered thousands of US citizens and that they murder us on a fairly regular basis, and have been doing it for a long time. Remember, these are the same elites who have called for a sudden and drastic reduction of the human population to “save the planet” from the purely imaginary menace of “global warming.” These are the same elites who have repeatedly referred to the majority of us as “bitter clingers” and a “basket of deplorables” and the like. We need to ask ourselves, if they kill us with impunity now, what will happen if we surrender our guns and they achieve total power? Will we surrender in haste and repent at leisure like the prisoners in the Soviet Gulag or the Jews in Nazi-dominated Europe? Or will we fight for our freedom, our honor, and our lives?

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