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August 9, 2019

If Democrats Have Their Way, The Monstrous 'Death Toll Of Communism' May Be Coming To America! In 'Death By Government', Disarmament Always Precedes Genocide!

The Insane Leftist Agenda Must Be Stopped In 2020 Or Kiss Freedom & America Goodbye!


By John C. Velisek - US Navy, Retired - All News Pipeline

The progressive socialists of today have not changed much since the days of the Bolsheviks. One of their primary objectives is to tarnish the reputations of law enforcement and dismantle the military. This objective, in turn, makes the violence they use to force their agenda upon the populace even easier.

Today, Antifa is the 'strong-arm' of the progressive socialists aka Communists! Backed by both the politicians and the media, they have been sold to the American people as freedom fighters. Antifa is nothing more than the violent arms of a party that pursues a globalist agenda. As the socialists had done in the past, they hire people to be Antifa and arm themselves and have the backing of the progressive socialists to terrorize innocent, law-abiding, unarmed people. CNN has compared Antifa to the invasion of Normandy, and this day continues to push the lies about Charlottesville that had been debunked months ago.

Violence, whether spoken by Joe Biden or perpetrated by Antifa is mainstream in the eyes of the media. Being done to intimidate Trump supporters and leave them bleeding is ignored by the mainstream media. The progressive socialisst, along with the sycophantic media, call anyone who disagrees with them Nazis or racists. Knowing that the younger among us have no concept of what those words should mean are indoctrinated into the policies that are a detriment to the country.

They will ramp up the level of violence, the closer we get to the next election. They are required to do so because they know that without intimidation, they cannot win. They have violence, but no ideas. The progressive socialists, since the days of FDR, have been lying to people of color. The leftists tell blacks for example that all of those with opposing views are racists and will put them back in chains, as the senile Joe Biden once said. Of course, there was no push back from the media. Now that the progressive socialists feel they can count on the African American vote, they have moved on to next target, Christians, white males, and patriots.

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They need to make the citizens feel powerless instead of the freedom-loving people of this country have always felt. They want us to live in fear, and make no mistake about it; they will confiscate the guns of law-abiding citizens if given a chance. At that point, law and order of the country break down, and the citizenry will have no way to defend itself.

The trust fund privileged white boys that make up Antifa is only one arrow in the quiver of the socialists. From the southern border, criminals gangs terrorize large swaths of the southern United States and have now moved to the interior of the country, and a third arrow brought to us by the progressive socialists in government are Muslim terrorists and jihadists that are already in our country and over which the federal government lacks control. The southern border is wide open because the progressive socialists have a two-prong agenda.

One, they need the votes, whether legally or illegally, to retake the power they need to destroy the country further. And two, to allow gang members into the country to also disrupt the day to day lives of the population. Another additional "benefit" for the progressive socialists is the migration of diseases long thought eradicated in the country, including individuals from the Ebola-stricken Congo. Once in the country, the progressive socialist hope is that the diseases present, especially in school children, will spread. They intend to introducing these disease until they reach epidemic proportions to affect the American citizenry severely.

In California, in the Los Angeles Police Departments Central Division, there have been at least two confirmed cases of typhoid fever. Open sewers and rotting garbage have led to a rat infestation, for law enforcement, service personnel, businesses in the area, and visitors. City officials shrug and claim nothing can be done. The streets are lined with the homeless, the mentally disabled, and drug addicts making walking through the city impossible.


The illegal aliens in this country range in number from 11 million to a Yale University study that puts the number at 24 million. We have no idea who they are, where they are, or just what they are doing while here. Once they settle in any town they wish, they are poached by the progressive socialists with welfare, education, and healthcare for the votes the leftists need so badly.

The Obama administration rendered an economic depression on a scale never seen before. The progressive socialists at the local level have stolen the money and means needed to make life better for our own people. We have been told by Obama that our best days are behind us, the manufacturing jobs we lost will never come back. Cities run by Democrats for more than forty years have suffered dramatically under the progressive socialist rule and regulations. After eight years of excuses and apologetics from Obama, and listening talking heads say we shouldn't wear a flag pin with pride was racist is a premise that the majority of Americans cannot agree with. And if you want to go back to better days, you are accused of wanting Jim Crow (A Democrat concept) and want to put people back in chains.

The progressive socialists have proven without a doubt that they loathe the United States and the people in it. The constant drumbeats that we hear about the flaws and failures of the country, using today's socialist ideas on past histories of the founding fathers and others are done to convince others that our country must be destroyed. They speak of our past as an anachronism, using the talking points of today for policies that were completely normal at that time. What was acceptable in our past is now used as a bludgeon on those who have no concept of history and are uneducated in the history of the country.


The agenda of destroying the culture and way of life we enjoy was originated by the Bolsheviks and refined by new day socialist such as Saul Alinsky, and Cloward and Piven. One of the first steps is to convince a majority of people that morality and the standards that it holds are futile. In a country where anything goes, the breakdown is more natural to foment. An effort is being made to convince our children that life is pointless and expendable. Preschoolers are now being told that their sex is malleable. Reinforced by parents who have no idea what they are doing to their children, it is considered hip and modern to change your child's sex if you wish. Children are becoming nothing more than a plaything for these parents. Lack of faith leads to a degradation of moral values, and abortion has cheapened life to the point where this occurs.

Couple this with states like Colorado compelling public schools to teach an LBGT agenda without discussing any religious perspective such as abstinence or traditional marriage and you wind up with generations of lost, lonely souls. The Christian schools which teach the spiritual aspects of sexuality have had the vouchers pulled from them because they do not show the perversion of LBGT as the Bible espouses. White males that are put into this trap, along with psychotic drugs being used to dampen the male spirit and for depression are a large part of the mass shootings that we see today.

And now the progressive socialists want reparations for slavery. If you look closely, you will see no difference between slavery and the progressive socialist agenda. The communism that the progressive socialist will eventually become is no different than slavery. The slaves were given enough to survive. They were given food and a place to stay but no freedom, no liberty, no voice of their own. In essence, the slave master held the fruits and means of production, much as the leftists want now for our entire population. The progressive socialists will say they are doing it for our good and call it humanitarianism much like the slave master did and for the same reason. Because it is the globalist elites who know better, and we cannot be expected to fulfill our dreams.

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