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February 7, 2015

Hindsight Is 20/20 -The Secret Covenant Of The Elite Proven True By Events Since It Was Leaked

By Susan Duclos


They say "hindsight is 20/20," meaning it is easy when looking back on events to see them more clearly with the benefit of information obtained afterwards. That is exactly what we are going to do here as we provide examples proving the Elites' "Secret Covenant" supposedly sent to in June of 2002 from an Illuminati insider, was chillingly accurate in predicting everything we have seen in the following years since it was first revealed.

No one knows the origins of this secret manual but as the video details explain "it is difficult for the average human to not find some portion of it that rings true with our exponentially growing enslavement and mass culling by a group of social elite that are dominating the collective population of Planet Earth."

They talk of the Elite's secret agenda, their goal to make the changes heard below "one drop at a time," in order to prevent the populace from "seeing" what is happening right before their eyes.

The video detailing everything from that Secret Covenant will be shown at the end of this article, but first click the links below, which gives us the benefit of hindsight, then compare each word uttered with the events that have occurred since this mysterious document was leaked. The entire written transcript will be linked above the video.

Death Will Come To He Who Speaks

There is a long list of mysterious deaths, from scientists, researchers and microbilogists, to the recent slew of dead bankers, to truth tellers that mysteriously died while investigating high profile officials to those that were prepared to expose the truth. Examples include but are not limited to Michael Hastings who was investigating CIA Director John Brennan and more recently the mysterious death of Gray State filmmaker David Crowley. Other examples mentioned above are the mysterious amount of dead scientists over the past few decades, maticulously documented by Steve Quayle, see Dead Scientists 1994-2003 here and 2004-2015 here. The list of dead bankers hit 39 by the end of January and another two can be added to that list with the death of two more, reported on by ANP on Friday.

The Poisons Will Be Absorbed Through Their Skin And Mouths, They Will Destroy Their Minds And Reproductive Systems

One word comes to mind... Chemtrails.

A simple YouTube search brings up hundreds of videos providing ample evidence that chemtrails exist, despite reports claiming it is all one big conspiracy theory, but that too is part of their "plan," as is stated at the very beginning of the leaked "Covenant," where they state "Those who will see it will be thought of as insane."

We Must Be Ingenious In Dispensing The Poisons- When They Give Birth We Will Inject Poisons Into The Blood Of Their Children And Convince Them Its For Their Help

Anyone paying attention to the vaccine PUSH happening right now under the guise of discussion after the recent Measles outbreak, where states are proposing to take away parents' right to decide whether to vaccinate their children due to religious beliefs or even fear since new reports reveal that more have died from the Measles vaccine than have from the disease itself?

Their Minds Will Belong To Us And They Will Do As We Say. If They Refuse We Shall Find Ways To Implement Mind-Altering Technology Into Their Lives. 

The military has been experimenting with mind control weapons for decades, scientists are experimenting with implanting false memories, and in Februray 2014 it was reported that over 70 million Americans were taking "mind-altering" drugs. 

We Will Take Over Their Land, Resources And Wealth To Exercise Total Control Over Them

This brings to mind a number of issues from  the BLM and the Bundy ranch fiasco, the continuous push for higher taxes to the new G20 rules and laws that will allow governments, including the US government to confiscate bank funds from depositors, to California enforcing strict limits for water usage. That "total control" can be seen all around us.

We Will Establish A Money System That Will Imprison Them Forever, Keeping Them And Their Children In Debt

All we have to do here is look to recent reports - Global debt has risen by $57 trillion since the 2008 financial crisis. US debt alone is over 18 trillion now, and as of 2014 stood at 101% of our GDP ratio. Compare that to 2008 when our national debt was only 68% of our GDP ratio. It was reported in September 2014 that America's poor is in more debt now than ever before. Who will ultimately be enslaved by that debt? OUR CHILDREN

When They Shall Ban Together, We Shall Accuse Them Of Crimes And Present A Different Story To The World For We Shall Own All The Media

We can easily revisit the Bundy Ranch situation for this one, just as a start. Patriot groups that joined rancher Cliven Bundy to help protect his land and cattle from government overreach, were labeled "domestic terrorists," by Harry Reid and others. Patriot groups are being listed as "extremists," and "sovereign citizens" as a top terrorist threat. If you believe in the US constitution and consider yourself a "constitutionalist" you are a "dangerous & violent threat."

Read the "Secret Covenant" for yourself HERE or listen to it in the below video.

As stated above, no one knows where this mysterious document came from or if it truly was, as claimed, leaked from an Illuminati insider, but events that have unfolded since its original release have disturbingly mimicked the agenda as laid out. Either it did come from an insider or someone had a crystal ball.

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