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October 10, 2018

The Secret History of Dianne Slimestein Helps To Explain The Democrats Descent Into Madness: California Democrats 'Drank The Kool Aid' 

- Senator's Ties To Jim Jones And His Cult Of Death Have Long Been Forgotten! 


By William B Stoecker - All News Pipeline

Okay, officially her name is “Feinstein,” but why not use a more accurately descriptive term? She is the oldest witch in the Senate…and I suspect that this is literally true, and that all the Demoncrap women in Congress are literally witches, practicing the blackest form of magic, and their male counterparts are warlocks. But what we know for sure about Dianne is damning enough.

She, of course, appears to be the main organizer of the despicable Kavanaugh hearings circus, waiting until just the right moment to bring out his chief accuser, a woman whose vague and unsubstantiated story kept changing, and who was caught in several outright lies, like her claim that she suffered a fear of flying. She is clearly Slimestein’s kind of person.

Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein, born 6/22/33, has been a Senator since 1992…26 years…and was a politician long before that. She and her husband, Richard C. Blum, have amassed a fortune that in 2015 totaled at least $79 million, which, as good socialists, they will redistribute any day now. Actually, most prominent leftist politicians are millionaires, who rail angrily against the rich (meaning, it appears, people who actually earned their wealth).

She and her husband made most of their fortune by dealing with the murderous Chinese government, and she employed a Chinese spy as her personal chauffeur (she is too fine a lady to drive herself). But she wants to “investigate” Trump for imaginary Russian “collusion.” From her exalted position, the old witch has long supported every knee-jerk leftist cause imaginable, while posing as a “moderate.” She apparently is proving to be too moderate for the current crop of dumbed-down Demoncrap voters.


(ANP: Text underneath photo above: The Rev. Jim Jones (left) was an integral part of the Democratic Party political machinery in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through him and other ministers, especially in the African American communities, the party was able to construct an impregnable culture in the region based upon Marxist ideology. Political figures include the late San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, Congresswoman Nancy Peolsi, former SF Mayor Willie Brown and U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein.)

Like most of her kind she has a dark prehistory…very dark indeed. San Francisco for many decades has been controlled by an entrenched Demoncrap machine, who have turned the city from a nice place to live to just a nice place to visit, and, finally, into a literal s..thole that is no longer even a nice place to visit.

Several months ago I rode BART for the last time, running the gauntlet of needles, filth, and crazed homeless drug addicts at the station. Dianne was a major member of that machine, elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1969, and becoming its President in 1978. Then Mayor George Moscone and City Supervisor Harvey Milk were conveniently murdered, allowing Dianne to succeed Moscone as Mayor.

Enter the “Reverend” Jim Jones, a bisexual communist, meaning a good Demoncrap. Born 5/13/31 in Crete, Indiana, he learned early on that he had a talent for manipulating people, getting the dumber and more weak-willed types to follow him and obey his commands. He founded the People’s Temple and later moved it to Ukiah and Redwood Valley, California, and then to San Francisco.

Rumors of sexual exploitation and brutality leaked from the Temple, but, nevertheless, Moscone appointed Jones to the San Francisco Housing Authority, despite a complete lack of any qualifications whatever for the job, either education or experience. Remember, Dianne was part of the machine when this happened, and she did not oppose the move. Jones soon became Chair of the Commission, and he was supported by even more prominent Demoncraps, including Vice President Walter Mondale and First Lady Rosalynn Carter. Never one to be left out, Jerry Brown attended some People’s Temple Services.


His position with the city enabled Jones to recruit even more suckers, and he soon took about a thousand of them to Guyana, where he leased a large tract of land and created Jonestown, an agrarian socialist “paradise.” Rumors persist of CIA connections, including Jones’ aide James Blakey, who handled the lease arrangement for the land, and who is believed by many researchers to have been a CIA agent. He supposedly escaped the massacre and moved to Trinidad, living off $5 million in a Swiss bank account. On a tape made at the end, Jones can be heard saying “Get Dwyer out of here.”

Dwyer was a US Embassy official (almost certainly the CIA station chief). On 11/18/78 Congressman Leo Ryan had traveled to Jonestown to investigate reports of abuse of the people there, and this apparently sent Jones over the edge. He (or someone) sent a team to kill Ryan and some of his staff and some Jonestown inmates who were accompanying him in an attempt to escape.

They died at the airstrip, but back at the main compound, Jones and his chief henchmen killed about 918 people, including 276 children and Jones himself (if reports can be believed), who was shot. In fact, most of the victims did not commit suicide; cyanide was poured down their throats or injected into their bodies, or they were shot.

As with all the other horrific false flag and mass shooting events that have become a part of American life, we will probably never know the full truth about Jonestown. The CIA connections are unproven. But there is no doubt about Jones’ intimate connection with the Demoncrap Party, especially with its machine in San Francisco…and the pious old witch Dianne Slimestein was a member of that machine and is still a member of the Demoncrap Party.

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