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August 5, 2018

 The Democrats End Game For 2020 Include Mass Luciferian Sacrifice Of The Unborn And America Transformed Into A 3rd World Hell On Earth, Mired In Poverty

- This Is Just The Beginning Of Leftist Madness!

By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

It is no secret that the Demoncrap Party has gone completely off the rails. Leftists are all the way out of the closet now, revealing their hatred and intolerance and sheer irrationality for all to see. Comrade Sanders wants the government to give “free” Medicare to everyone, which would cost us some $32.6 trillion dollars in the first ten years…in addition to all our other deficit spending, which steadily increases our national debt.

The bug-eyed (like the Witch Hillary and Nancy Pelosi) young Demoncrap Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez agrees that we must give Medicare to everyone, for it is a basic human “right,” unlike, say, bearing firearms, which, according to leftists, is not a right. Pocahontas Warren, Kamala Harris, and many other Demoncrap leaders agree. Never mind the inconvenient fact that even doubling taxes across the board wouldn’t provide enough money to pay for it. Facts and logic are as obsolete as that Constitution we used to have. Ocasio-Cortez also demands that government provide everyone with “free” college or trade school education.


But this is just the beginning of leftist madness, for most Demoncrap politicians, including the ones mentioned above, want few to no restrictions on immigration…essentially open borders. And they want even illegal aliens to have the “right” to vote in our elections, since it is pretty obvious they would vote for Demoncraps. Never mind that they will take jobs desperately needed by Americans (including Black and Hispanic Americans). Never mind the influx of terrorists and criminals like the MS-13 gangs. Never mind that immigrants swell the welfare rolls and make our deficit spending problem even worse.

No, let’s turn our late, great Republic into an overpopulated Third World Hell on Earth, mired in poverty, split into warring tribes, the natural environment trashed, the waterways polluted, all in the name of “compassion”…and votes. Of course, these tens of millions of new “citizens” would also be entitled to “free” Medicare and college.

The Left demands all of this despite the fact that a majority of Americans now believe immigration is our most important issue…and seventy percent oppose leftist demands to eliminate ICE and give the vote to illegals.


But even this does not reveal the full depth of Demoncrap madness, their ultimate heart of darkness. For the left has now so fully embraced identity politics that they have essentially broken into tribal groups who hate each other as much as they hate the rest of us. None of them are Americans anymore; arguably, they are not fully human anymore.

They are Black and Hispanic, and feminist and Glibetts (GLBTs) of every conceivable (and some inconceivable) variety. About all they agree on is that they hate marriage, the family, Judeo-Christian morality…and White men. Abortion, or the mass Luciferian human sacrifice of the unborn, is their religion. And leftists are becoming increasingly violent, shouting down, threatening, and even physically assaulting their political opponents.

With all that baggage, you would think that the Demoncrap Party would not stand a chance of winning either branch of Congress in the upcoming elections. But they have, not one, but two aces up their sleeves, meaning that anything can happen. First, the Demoncraps always make use of massive vote fraud…ten million dead illegal aliens, each voting early and often, can’t be wrong. Of course, the Demoncraps want illegals to have the “right” to vote. Of course, they want to do away with voter ID requirements and denounce them as “racist.” In fact, anything the Left does not approve of is “racist.”


Their other ace consists of the RINOs who control the Republican Party. As the saying goes, they are always prepared to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They lack the courage to stand up to vote fraud, meekly surrendering when they “lose” elections they really won. And, as always, the Republicans often fail to offer an alternative to the leftists. If Demoncraps want the entire Third World to move here today and vote for them, the RINO/Chamber of Commerce types want them to move here and provide cheap labor.

Looking at America’s billionaires, I challenge anyone to name more than a handful who do not support leftist causes; even the “right wing” Koch brothers, despite supporting some Republicans in the past, essentially want open borders. The exclusive club of the super-rich essentially control both parties and the Deep State. They will never balance the budget or curtail immigration, and they will continue to pursue insane neocon foreign policies that, at present, seem to be leading us toward a disastrous and unnecessary confrontation with Russia. And because the Republicans offer no alternative, they may very well lose this year’s midterm elections…or win, and betray their conservative base yet again.

Either way, this will lead to complete disillusionment and uncontrollable fury among us “deplorables.” Trump has failed to end the wars, make peace with Putin, and drain the swamp. His attempts to control immigration have not been successful. But he has repeatedly told the truth about vital issues and helped to awaken tens of millions of people who will no longer remain peaceful and law-abiding when we see our freedom taken from us and our country wrecked. There will be blood.

William B Stoecker

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