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June 7, 2018

As Mind Boggling Details Leak Out On 'Las Vegas Massacre', Any REAL Investigation Will Likely Lead Right Back To Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton And The 'Criminal Faction' Of The Deep State 

- The Truth At Last....Or Is It?  

By William B Stoecker - All News Pipeline

Recently, some incredible new information has leaked out regarding the alleged 10/1/17 mass shooting in Las Vegas. Before looking at it, let’s review the main facts of the case that had already emerged, mostly ignored by the slimestream media and the UIs (useful idiots).

Allegedly a well to do real estate developer and gambler, 64 year old Stephen Paddock, rented two adjoining suites in the Mandalay Bay Hotel’s thirty second floor, and for no known reason opened fire on a large crowd of people attending the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, killing 58 and injuring 851 in a span of ten minutes between 10:05 PM and 10:15 PM, firing over 1,100 rounds from a variety of weapons, mostly AR-15s, at the extreme range of about 490 yards. His AR-15s were not selective fire weapons; that is, they had no full auto capability, so he allegedly used bump stocks which make them (effectively) extremely inaccurate full auto weapons.

I and others have previously pointed out the near impossibility of hitting 909 people with 1,100 rounds at that extreme range under those conditions, even when they were initially in a fairly dense crowd. By 10:30 eight cops had allegedly reached the thirty second floor, and at 11:20 they breached the door to his suite (when seconds count, the police are an hour away), finding him “suicided.” Supposedly a hotel security guard, one Jesus Campos, had discovered what was happening before being allegedly wounded by Paddock, and Campos allegedly notified maintenance worker Stephen Schuck, who notified the authorities.


In addition to the virtual impossibility of this scenario, there are a few other problems. The most obvious is motive. And, as “proof” that Paddock was dead, the police released a photo of a man’s lower legs on the floor…it could have been Paddock or anyone, alive or dead. Paddock supposedly installed his own cameras in the hall…how was this not discovered before the shooting? His house in Mesquite, Nevada was supposedly burglarized after the shooting…why did the local police or our glorious FBI not secure it first, with the valuable evidence it might contain? The security guard was allowed to leave the country to visit Mexico…why was such a potentially valuable witness not kept in Vegas?

And Sheriff Joe Lombardo, it appears, was secretly married to a woman who is a real estate developer (like Paddock). Why the secrecy? And Lombardo changed his story again and again and again, contradicting himself over and over, lying and lying and lying. Everything about the timeline, including when Campos arrived on the thirty second floor and when he was allegedly wounded, changed over and over. At one videotaped press conference, a visibly nervous Lombardo is answering questions (with lies) while being glared at by a sinister-looking man, possibly FBI Special Agent Aaron Rouse.

That same heroic and intrepid FBI attempted to confiscate the cell phone footage of every survivor in the crowd before erasing them and handing them back, but some videos slipped through their fingers and have been shown on the web. I watched one of these very carefully and saw many people running about in panic, but not a single body on the pavement, not a drop of blood, and not one person crying out or falling wounded or dead. We have since learned that the Las Vegas Metro Police Department (all police functions in Vegas are combined under the sheriff) received thousands of calls from people reporting active shooters at 12 other locations throughout the city. Also, Islamic terrorists took credit for the shooting.


But recently, thanks to a lawsuit and one of those all-too-rare judges who actually do their duty, some more mind-boggling details have leaked out, from hotel and police records. Allegedly Paddock had reserved one suite in the name of his lady friend Marilou Danley, who was allegedly visiting her family in the Philippines at the time of the alleged shooting (those “allegedlys” are piling up fast, but that’s because we cannot accept any official account of anything). Then why would he book it in her name? And some witnesses claim that she was in Vegas the whole time…if so, why was she not charged? But I saved the best for last. It turns out that hotel records reveal that three women were in the room with Paddock. Who were they? Was Marilou Danley one of them? Were they actually present in the room during the alleged shooting? Police records are not clear on this…but then, apparently, Vegas police records are never clear.

More information will leak out, primarily due to ongoing lawsuits, and, in the meantime, we are also learning more almost every day about the Demoncrap spy (or spies) in Trump’s campaign. Devin Nunes is doing good work, and I wish I could say the same about Trey Gowdy, who talks the talk but does not always walk the walk. But the Congressional investigation is being stonewalled by the DOJ and FBI while Trump tweets his complaints against the people he appointed to run these agencies.

AG Little Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, and FBI Director Christopher Wray are arguably in contempt of Congress, which gives Trump a valid justification for firing all three and appointing honorable and courageous people to replace them. Of course the Demoncraps and their slimestream media comrades would howl with rage, but they do that anyway. We need to consider the unthinkable, and it’s only a possibility…Trump himself may be the ultimate traitor. He has done much good, especially with the economy…but he has done nothing to drain the swamp. In fact, he has staffed his administration with swamp creatures, the most recent being the war mongering neocon John Bolton. Let us hope and pray that Trump truly is the patriot he appears to be and that he comes to his senses and forces the DOJ and the FBI to cooperate fully with Congress.

For a real investigation is sure to turn up more and more crimes by the elites, with the trails leading back to Hussein Obama and the Witch Hillary. Eventually the truth about such things as 9/11 and massive sexual abuse of children by the elites might be exposed. It is impossible to predict where that might take us…perhaps we would see real reform. But, as it is, only part of the truth is coming to light, and, of course, it is ignored by the slimestream media and by the hordes of dumbed-down and increasingly deranged UIs. With our country increasingly polarized, if we patriots are betrayed yet again there may be Hell to pay. Never forget that armed patriots far outnumber all the police and military in America.

William B Stoecker

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of ANP. 

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