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September 13, 2019

Deciphering The End Times With The Greatest Evils Of Leftism Coming Together In The 'Radical Feminist Movement'  

- Feminists Prove Their Insanity By Embracing Anti-Women 'Islam' & Pervy Old White Men Like Joe Biden And Bill Clinton


By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

Any gathering of Demoncraps or other leftists includes a great deal of high-pitched shrieking and squealing. If anyone mentions 'the Orange Man' or Judeo-Christian morality, or God, there will be shrieks of rage. If anyone announces, say, that he or she is in favor of killing babies after they are born, there will be loud squeals of approval, high pitched virtue signaling by those who consider infanticide a virtue. The sounds come from radical feminists, who are an important component of the left. In fact, the greatest evils of leftism… sexual perversion and sexual self-mutilation, infanticide, and sheer hatred of others… all come together in radical feminism.

Gramscian incrementalism is how the leftists impose their twisted values on the rest of us. If leftist politicians, in, say, 1950, had voiced support for “gay marriage” they would have been laughed at, or, if taken seriously, lynched. Demands that Black people ride where they wished on buses and send their children to any school they wished were just and reasonable for the Demoncraps, then, but, slowly, incrementally, we have reached the point where Blacks have become privileged and pampered sacred cows. And the feminist movement seemed reasonable and just…at first.

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The first wave of feminism began in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, with women, like the suffragettes in Britain, peacefully demonstrating for the right to vote. The movement was led by people like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, and Susan B. Anthony, who was also active in the temperance movement. In WWI women worked in defense industries and began to be infected by the idea that all women should work outside the home and earn their own income. This pattern became even more widespread in WWII, when some women even joined the military (albeit in segregated units).

Women should, indeed, have the right to choose whether to be homemakers or earners or attempt to balance both roles, and some women are so talented in the arts and sciences that we would all be impoverished if they were not allowed to become novelists, medical researchers, and the like. But today feminists scorn the very idea of women being homemakers and raising children, despite the fact that this is one of the most important roles anyone could possibly perform in our society.

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Meanwhile, societies in the West were being secretly and incrementally prepared for the second wave of feminism. In television shows like the “Life of Reilly,” starring William Bendix as Reilly and Marjorie Reynolds as his wife Peg, men were portrayed as boastful, bumbling, cowardly fools. Peg, by contrast, was an all-wise Earth Mother, always calm and rational. And Reilly was a wing riveter in an aircraft manufacturing plant; the elite’s contempt for blue collar workers was already becoming obvious.

The second wave of feminism, already aligned with the overall left, was led by such women as the spectacular ugly Betty Friedan, Simone de Beauvoir, Kate Millett, and Gloria Steinem, mostly single women with high-paying jobs. It is possible to have at least some sympathy for Steinem, who grew up poor in a single parent household headed by her mentally ill mother. These people founded the Women’s Liberation Movement. Friedan, who wrote The Feminine Mystique, supported the Equal Rights Amendment and was in favor of abortion in some cases. Steinem worked for a time as a Playboy bunny, had an abortion, and supported every leftist cause imaginable. Meanwhile, anthropologist Margaret Mead insisted that sex roles were merely a matter of choice, and women could do anything men could do.

Today, this has evolved into a belief that women can be Navy SEALs or football line persons. Women were in support roles in the military for decades, but now they have moved into combat units in order to enhance their careers. Only one woman allegedly passed the rigorous combat fitness test in the USMC infantry officer’s course. So the Marines eliminated the requirement, allowing more women to become USMC infantry leaders, regardless of qualification. This is the same pattern we have seen with Blacks and other favored minorities.

Several women have made it through the grueling US Army Ranger School, but numerous insiders have said that the brass insisted that women be graduated by any means necessary, and they were given extra help and standards were lowered. If women are the same as men, why do standards have to be lowered? And the purpose of the US military is not to provide great careers for women or to be used for social experimentation, but to defend America by, when necessary, killing people and breaking things. And while women can become good pilots or shoot straight, is it really good for women or for America to send them into combat?

Many feminists are lesbians, and the whole “gay rights” movement has been connected with radical feminism from the beginning. “Gay rights” has incrementally evolved into the glibett (GLBT) agenda, with schools and local governments virtually pressuring children to take dangerous hormones and undergo horrific sexual mutilation. And now men who have had their sex “changed” and pretend to be women, or who merely “self-identify” as women, are often allowed to compete in women’s sports, almost always defeating their female opponents (despite the insistence of the feminists that women are as strong as men). How is this good for women?


Feminists claim that they are “oppressed” by a “patriarchy” composed of old, White men, but they and their fellow leftists have elevated Bernie Sanders and Grinning Joe Biden to positions of prominence in the Demoncrap Party, and the left is largely financed by old, White men like George Sauron and Michael Bloomberg. Women complain that they are paid less than men for their work, but statistics show that this simply is not true.

As for the claim that women are oppressed and men have unfair advantages in schools, jobs, etc., actually the reverse is true, and boys and men are also shortchanged by the increasingly feminized public “school” system. Many a man has been loving and faithful to his wife, only to have her leave him, and, as the song phrased it, get the goldmine while he is left with the shaft. And the women usually get custody of the children, and sometimes deny the father visitation rights and even turn his children against him. Ask one of us how “privileged” men are.

Feminists pretend that America is dominated by this “patriarchy” and that it is a hotbed of oppression, but they and all leftists have consistently been pro-Islamic. Yet Muslims oppress women, commit “honor killings” of their own daughters, and sexually mutilate young girls. The feminists have no problem with that. Senator Teddy Chappaquidick, a loud-mouthed alcoholic leftist, drove drunk off a bridge on his way to cheat on his wife and left a young woman to die, and the feminists said not a word.

And they adored Slick Willy Clinton, who took advantage of young female White House interns like Mary Mahoney, who was shot dead after threatening to make public the details of their affair. Leftists, including feminists, support Grinning Joe Biden, who fondles little girls on camera at public events…what does he do in private? Jeffrey Epstein was a darling of the left, until they had to kill him. And the feminists still pretend that they want to help women, as if women needed any special help.

The fact is that the feminists are not “for” women. They are not for anything; they are “againsters,” motivated solely by hatred…hatred for men, for marriage, for families, for Judeo-Christian morality, for humanity, and for God.

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