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September 9, 2018

The War Upon The People: THIS Is Why If The Globalists EVER Regain Control Of America, We'll Fly At Breakneck Speed Down The Same Path Of Destruction As Europe And Canada

- 'Global Elite' Still Pushing President Trump Towards World-Destroying Nuclear Holocaust


By William B Stoecker - All News Pipeline

It is gradually becoming obvious to many of us that the NWO elites not only want to impoverish, dumb down, morally degrade and enslave most of Humanity and torture and murder their opponents, but that they have literally declared war on the Human Race and on Western Civilization. They intend to destroy Judeo-Christian civilization, which is the finest flower of human achievement and the last, best hope for Humanity, and they intend to exterminate most of the Human Race.

In fact, it seems certain that their ultimate master wants to wipe us all off the face of the Earth, and that each of its underlings hopes that the crocodile will eat him last. To see this clearly, you need only look at the overall pattern of behavior by the leaders of the various Western nations. Since, in the race to the bottom, the ever-so-sophisticated nations of Western Europe are ahead of the US, they are a clear example, and England is perhaps the most obvious.

On 3/13/96 a homosexual (like so many of our elite would-be masters and their favorite henchmen) named Thomas Hamilton allegedly opened fire at the Dunblane Primary School in Scotland, killing 16 children and one teacher before conveniently shooting himself before anyone could question him. It is reasonable to suspect that this was, like most of the mass shootings in the US, a false flag event, orchestrated by the elites to butcher their favorite sacrificial victims (which is why abortion is their sacred rite) and to serve as a pretext for “gun control,” meaning the disarmament of the peasants. So the commoners in the UK were virtually disarmed.


Cleverly, at the same time they made it almost impossible for ordinary people to defend themselves, the British elites, in the name of “compassion,” eliminated the death penalty, even for murderers, shortened prison sentences, and created a maze of legal roadblocks making it next to impossible to imprison vicious criminals, who were therefore unleashed on the now helpless populace, with predictable results.

And, when commoners dared defend themselves against those adorable muggers, rapists, and home invaders, when they fought back with kitchen knives or cricket bats, the police and the courts, in case after case, prosecuted the crime victims and not the criminals. And they encouraged the criminals to sue their intended victims, and provided them with legal advice to make it easy. There was a time when most of the people would have been outraged by such madness, but, disarmed, helpless, and dumbed down and indoctrinated by the “schools,” the British people put up with it.

But even this didn’t satisfy the kind, compassionate geniuses who control Great Britain. They opened their ports to near-unlimited immigration from Third World nations, importing hordes of semiliterate (at best) thugs and assorted lowlifes, including increasing numbers of fanatical, hate-mongering Muslims.

These people took jobs from Brits, decreased wages, and, for the wealthy elites, solved the servant problem. And most of them, having no interest in assimilating, filed for welfare benefits and caused a surge in crime rates. So now the original native English could be impoverished, bled white with taxes, and robbed, raped, and murdered.


Large gangs of mostly Pakistani Muslim immigrants began plying underage girls with drugs and liquor, raping them, and training them to be prostitutes. They sexually abused up to 1,500 underage British girls. A major case in Rotherham in South Yorkshire was fairly typical. The local police, on orders from the town council…dominated by the leftist Labour Party…did nothing to stop this, even though they knew about it. In fact, in the UK, Canada, and much of Europe Muslims can get away with pretty much anything, but any citizen who dares complain is arrested and fined or even imprisoned for “hate speech,” which, as I have pointed out more than once, is any speech our masters hate…and they hate the truth.

The people of Londonistan, in their infinite wisdom, elected a Muslim leftist Mayor, Sadiq Khan, a son of Pakistani immigrants, who took office 5/9/16. He was a member of the Labour Party and had been a “human rights” lawyer. He, of course, supports the EU and opposes Brexit. He had once been chairman of the Fabian Society, an extreme socialist (really communist, which really means fascist) group. Crime… mostly committed by African and/or Muslim immigrants…surged following his election. Bear in mind that he could only have been elected with the support of some non-Muslim native Brits. Knife crimes are growing faster than any other…so Mayor Khan proposes, not criminal control, not Muslim control, not restrictions on immigration, but knife control, a mass of regulations further disarming the victims, and denying knives to people who need them in their work.

As far gone as England is, the nations on the European continent are worse, and the US, Canada, and other Western nations are catching up. By 2016 Muslims alone (not counting other immigrants) comprised 4.9% of Europe’s population. In France it is 8.8%, in Sweden 8.1%, the Netherlands 7.1%, Belgium 7.6%, and Germany 6.1%. In England Muslims are 6.3% of the population. Except for Bulgaria (11.1%) the nations of Eastern Europe have sane and rational leaders and only a tiny minority of Muslims and other immigrants.

Crime is surging everywhere, most of it committed by African and/or Muslim immigrants. There are “no go” zones where Muslims cluster and attack the police or any Europeans who dare to travel in their own countries. Most of the immigrants are on welfare, and, to show their gratitude, carry out one terrorist act after another. Paris has been trashed, with garbage and human excrement everywhere. Sweden is burning, the work of Muslim arsonists. And the “enlightened” rulers of Europe, creatures like Angela Merkel, continue their open borders policy, the people be damned. In fact, in Frau Merkel’s Germany, the government has even kicked German families out of apartments and rented houses to make room for the “refugees.”


And in Europe and also in the US and Canada the elites are pushing the insane radical feminist , abortion, and homosexual agendas, with the “schools” indoctrinating impressionable young children, convincing them that extreme promiscuity and sexual perversion and even sexual self-mutilation are good things. Bear in mind that Hitler did not open German’s borders to Muslim immigrants. Stalin did not force the pervert agenda on his people. Mao made no effort to indoctrinate women to support radical feminism and to hate men.

But the US is headed down the same path to destruction, with our near-open borders and heavy legal immigration in addition to the illegal component. The Demoncraps want all those votes (which is why they oppose common sense voter ID) and the Republicans want the low-wage workers. Immigration alone, without all the other problems, would be enough to destroy the last vestiges of our late, great Republic. And it appears that this destruction, above and beyond the desire for more votes and cheap labor, is the true goal of the elites.

And now Trump, who at one point was opposed to our interventionist neocon foreign policy, is all for keeping the wars going. He has come out in favor of “regime change” in Syria, which means overthrowing the relatively moderate and sane Assad in favor of Islamist terrorists. But this also brings us into conflict with Russia, which supports Assad. Any US/Russia conflict is likely to escalate quickly into a world-destroying nuclear holocaust. Has this been the elites’ goal all along?

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