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September 3, 2019

Those Peddling The 'White Nationalism Fraud' Are Running A Psychological Terror Campaign Upon ALL Americans! They Won't Stop Until Every Christian And Conservative Is Eliminated


By John C. Velisek - US Navy, Retired - All News Pipeline

It is time to take a look at “white nationalism” from an honest perspective. Over the past several weeks, there have been mass shootings on an unprecedented level that are being explained by the “white nationalism” that we are told is throughout our culture. Progressive socialists speak of it as a fast-moving epidemic that is infecting every straight white male in the country.

The media and progressive socialists have invented the “racism” trope against President Trump because of the collapse of the Russian collusion hoax. The Senior Editor of the New York Times instructed his so-called journalists that this would be the main focus until the 2020 election. Based on making President Trump a racist of the worse sort without any evidence, and the use of random incidents that can be shoehorned into the narrative, we can expect to hear this garbage until the 2020 election.

Not only President Trump, but all his followers have been tarred with being “white supremacists.” The idiocy of brushing with broad strokes a group you know nothing about to undermine the election of 2020 is nothing more than a cynical ploy to regain power in 2020. Never Trumper David French from National Review Online falls in line by declaring that is it time to declare war on white nationalist terrorism.

And serial liar and leaker James Comey, the disgraced FBI Director said in the Boy Scout fashion that has always been a lie that President Trump was responsible. He stated, “because of what you have done, you owe us more than condolences. You must stop trying to unleash and exploit the radioactive energy of racism.” Even Obama voiced his opinion and talked to demonizing those who don’t look like us. This is the same man who called Christians bitter clingers. He then compared Trump to leaders responsible for the Holocaust, the Rwandan genocide, (something he should know about even though he ignored it until now), and ethnic cleansing.

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise. This is the culmination of everything that college-educated gender studies snowflakes have been whining about for years. Now being picked up by leftists politicians and the media, it infects every social norm that our country holds dear. Does anyone expect them to stop until all straight males who hold any devotion to our country are eliminated? Will the American people submit to the freedom of speech and association accorded to the American people in the Constitution being taken away? This is the next step that has already started on social media. We even have those on CNN calling for the Republican party to be burned to the ground without any survivors. Is this what our country has come to?

We are lied to by those running for President that the El Paso shooter had some right-wing ideologies without being informed that he held some left-wing thoughts as well. President Trump has been made the fall guy again, even though the shooter claimed he had the thoughts he did before Trump. But as always, why would the progressive socialists let facts get in the way of divisive rhetoric?

We have people like Don Lemon, a sad excuse for a reporter or even an opinion writer who has claimed that the most significant terrorist threat in the country are white males, and yet has a white homosexual lover. We have Seth Mandel, another far-leftist, claim that conservative white men have started an ISIS-style jihad in America. Sitting comfortably behind his desk such stupid remarks are easy to make. Never mentioned is the Dayton shooter, an acolyte of Elizabeth Warren. There is not left or right to lunatics who break the law and whose only purpose is to make citizens of this great country live in fear.

These comments are easy to make to the low informed, who will sit there and nod their heads like bobble-heads and agree with anything the progressive socialists care to feed them.

White nationalism” is like “white supremacy”, a term used to increase the fear among all of us and to create the divisiveness the progressive socialist look to bring to our country. What is not mentioned is that every group or race or religion has a number of supremacists within its ranks. Racial divisions of any type are the easiest to see and therefore the easiest to exploit. In the ’50s and ’60s when I grew up, the primary battle was about segregation. In 2019, we have segregated graduations, college dorms, and even businesses. If it was so bad in the past, why is it now being pushed forward by the same groups that abhorred it then?

The indoctrination of the public is nothing more than an attempt to force mass social engineering on the citizens of this country. The progressive socialists, along with assistance from globalist and Islamic entities, use the “end justifies the means” tactic to push the false memes of past slavery, racism, and ”white supremacy.” It comes through as an inclination to punish everyone who the leftists feel slighted them in the past, or who disagrees with them. If slavery concerns them so much, why don’t they work to shut down slavery in Indonesia and the Middle East where it still exists.

The answer is simple because the agenda is not about slavery, but about the destruction of those who stand in the way of the agenda that all the powers that be have agreed to. That agenda is not based on truth, or innocence or even proven facts. The unity of the progressive socialist lies being told of racism and “white supremacy” are being used to increase social discord. The sole purpose is to dismantle to social equality and liberty to increase the chaos. Smearing those who are not like them is only used in the chance that those who disagree may be intimidated. Now that even the media has gone as far to call for the destruction of those who do not agree, it is understandable that shootings and stabbings will occur with more regularity. Progressive socialists are collectivists that believe in the centralized government rather than the honest and God driven citizens who regard individualism as the highest form of liberty.


There are many ways to disguise the facts that the collectivists on the left will never admit. One is the omission of facts that disprove “white supremacy”. They will tell you the groups like “Black Lives Matter” and the Black Panthers speak for the whole of the black community. They will claim they are just fighting for the rights they deserve. What right, don’t they have? They will mention “institutional racism” but can’t define it if you ask. They will scream in the loudest of voices about the KKK but can’t seem to explain how they represent whites.

The total number of possible KKK members in the United States has been put at about 8,500, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Presidential candidates have even taken to lying about Charlottesville, even with the video available that shows what was actually said. Presidential aspirant Julian Castro has called President Trump a “toxic brew of racism”. Presidential candidate Jay Inslee, now out of the race, has declared that white nationalism is rampant in the White House. If that means we have a President who is white and will fight for our country and the Constitution, then I guess I am a white nationalist as well.

Another Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg claims that President Trump condones white nationalism. Even fake Indian Elizabeth Warren has to get her two cents in. Saying we need to call out the President for advancing racism, and white supremacy. None of these progressive socialists can explain anything to do with the racism and white supremacy charges with any facts. They do it by misquoting what the President has said and run to the media who are more than willing to jump on the “Destroy Trump” bandwagon without any information to prove the lies they continue to spew.

No discussion about “white nationalism” can be complete without a discussion of “hate crimes”. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke claims that hate crimes have substantially increased, which is actually a lie. No numbers are available on hate crimes from the FBI after 2017. The total in 2017 was higher because almost 1,000 police agencies joined the organizations that were reporting the numbers. Also not discussed is why the number of black-on-white street crime is not considered a hate crime. I guess O’Rourke doesn’t consider those crimes hate crimes because the whites obviously deserved it.

The shooting of law enforcement in Dallas and the shooting of Steve Scalise by a Bernie Sanders supporter were also not considered a hate crime. In the past few weeks, black-on-black crime in Chicago, Baltimore, and Los Angeles have led to over 100 deaths and 300 people being wounded. Where are the progressive socialist on that challenge? Why do they not talk about the fact that a more significant number of blacks were murdered in one year than in all the racist violence from Reconstruction to the Civil Rights Act?

John Veliseks’ new book “One Patriots Opinion- for the Forgotten Men and Women of America” is now available on Kindle/Nook. Patriots! It is time to fight back.

One Patriots Opinion- Monograph on George Soros

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