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May 28, 2021 

How Civilizations Will Function After 'The Great Culling' Being Called For On The Georgia Guidestones: With The Human Population Reduced To 500 Million, 'Useless Eaters' Will Not Be Tolerated

- Spread the Word. Stay Informed. Be Prepared. Remain Vigilant. Stay Ahead of the Curve. Remain Flexible. Have a Backup Plan.

Story sent to ANP by Kalbo 

Those of us who are familiar with the Georgia Guidestones are aware of the inscriptions in 12 languages, one of which encourages reduction and maintenance of the Earth's population at 500 million. Having done considerable research while looking into what the future might bring such an Earth, I present here what the world will be like with such a reduced population. 

Population demographics 

Using the same demographics as the current Earth human population, the 500 million will initially divided up this way: 

~ 500 million total humans

~ 250 million are males 

~ 100 million are children under 18 

~ 250 million are females 

~ 125 million females are of childbearing age (15-40) 

~ 50 million are over 55 

~ 50 million are among either disabled and sickly; lame and lazy; predatory criminal element; or isolated on distant islands or land areas out of contact with the main population, and thus unable to contribute to society. 

~ 50 million unavailable for resource production while serving as teachers, healthcare workers, pregnant, and needed for stay-at-home childcare. 

This leaves 250 million able-bodied male and female workers to produce food, fuel, infrastructure repair, law enforcement, transportation of goods, and production of essential goods. 

If this population size were to be distributed evenly worldwide, there would not be enough workers to maintain the current standard of living for all. I will explain why. 

Initial Changes to Society 

Initially, as the population dies off from the "soft kill", people will desire to stay in their homes and current locations, victims of "normalcy syndrome". But it will quickly become obvious that this is not survivable. Food, water, and essential goods will be hoarded, new replacements become unavailable. Law enforcement ends by the government, and is replaced by local warlords. Gangs will form for mutual protection. The weak and meek will become prey for the gangs as resources dwindle. 

It will then become necessary for the population to move closer to food and water resources, and to abandon the cities. Those that were able to leave the cities without being enslaved or killed by the gangs, will congregate in the farm areas, near water sources, and form their own local leadership/government systems. Any offense may become a death penalty crime since these local groups will not have the resources to jail and feed offenders. Exile will be a very rare punishment, as this only serves to produce another highway robber. 

The settled areas will slowly evolve into feudal states. Those that were able to obtain military weapons and equipment from armories and bases will emerge as the initial leadership. Borders will be established, claiming areas of food production, water, wood, and other resources. Residents would alternately work as tenant farmers, craftsmen, and soldiers depending upon the ever-changing needs of the town. 

Wars will breakout between neighboring feudal states over resources and territory. Weapons and ammunition stocks will be depleted. Edged weapons and bows become the main battle weapons. 

The soldiers and sailors in the militaries of the world will desert in great numbers, choosing to be with and protect their families. The military will become ineffective and scattered. The equipment and weapons will be acquired by the Families who will have their own army. 

The Illuminati Families obtain control of all aircraft, missiles, and nukes. They hole-up in their prepared and protected areas and wait out the resource wars raging among the general populations. 

Travel outside of protected areas will be hazardous if not deadly. Roads will not be maintained, and will be used to ambush travelers. Locals will block the roads with debris, trees, and old vehicles to deter human predators. Due to the lack of fuels, vehicle travel is rare. 

Education becomes local. Residents unable to work in food or resource production, will be the teachers. School likely to be a year-round system, but with breaks whenever help is needed for harvest/canning/butchering. 

Manufacturing and Industry 

With the available worker population at such a low level, most workers are needed for production of food and firewood. Without the benefit of electricity, there will not be modern farm machinery, fertilizers, weed killers, harvesters, trucks or automatic irrigation. A farm worker will only be able to produce enough food for himself and a few others. During harvest time, all able bodied persons will be needed to gather, clean, can and preserve the crops for the winter. 

Manufacturing of other goods will simply stop after current stocks of raw materials is exhausted. Goods manufactured outside the local area will not be available. West coast populations in the US may have lots of wheat, rice, wool, and potatoes, but will lack tobacco, and cotton, which is produced in the East and South. 

Spare parts for existing equipment will only be available through salvage. Abandoned houses will serve as sources of appliances, household goods, and repair parts. Clothing becomes increasingly home made from local materials as existing stocks are depleted. Power poles will be stripped of their wires for the metal. Any metal item will become a potential raw material source. 

The shoemaker, blacksmith, and the mid-wife become important jobs in the towns. Trade between towns is initially infrequent, due to highway robbers, but gradually increases as the robbers either die off or relocate. 

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This is where things really get bad. Roads and bridges are not maintained, and eventually become impassable. Electrical generation plants run out of oil or coal and stop. Nuclear plants continue for a time, but eventually fail. 

Since most fresh water systems are dependent upon electrical pumps and pipelines, they will soon fail. Sewage treatment plants fail and overflow, sending sewage into rivers and the ocean. Dams and dikes are not monitored or maintained; many overflow; the water causing undermining of the foundations, and then structural failure of the dams. Massive floods devastate downstream areas as the reservoirs drain. 

Nuclear power plants need to be shutdown correctly. You can't just let a nuke power plant run down and stop. Fuel and spent fuel rods need to be safely stored for 10,000 years. It is unlikely that will happen to most of the nuclear plants, due to a lack of qualified personnel. Most nuclear fuel will be simply dumped in the ocean depths or placed in deep mines. This will cause severe problems in the future. 

Some nuclear plants will be left running for the necessary electricity; but not correctly monitored. These plants will eventually halt electrical production, due to the lack of trained personnel, maintenance, meltdown, or depletion of the reactor fuel in the core. The older depleted fuel, stored in pools of water, evaporates all the water, resulting in the fuel burning within the atmosphere. Clouds of radiation are then blown by the winds around the world. 

Tall buildings become useless once the elevators stop functioning. This is due to lack of electricity and repair parts. Running water to the upper floors also stops. 

Forest fires, once started, burn until they burn themselves out. Uncontrolled fires also start in the cities, with the same results. 

With travel being dangerous or impossible, mail and package delivery is non-existent. Animals, mainly horses, will be used for farm work and local transportation. Wagons and trailers will be made out of old vehicles and parts. 

Ocean travel will be rare, due to lack of ready fuel. Only crude oil burning ships will be practical. Sails will make a comeback, but only for local areas, such as the Great Lakes. 

As for the internet.... It will not stay up for long, since communication and information are the antidote to central control. The outage will be blamed on the lack of electricity. Power poles will be stripped of their wires, to be used for other constructions, or for their metal content. 


Fiat money will no longer be accepted. Barter and precious metals will become the coin of the realm. Trading two chickens for a pair of boots will become common. Local populations may produce local paper or wooden currencies to simplify transactions. 

Once the Families have secured their control of the many feudal states, they will introduce an electronic payment system, similar to the Chinese WeiPay. Barter will be discouraged, but will still exist. 

World Government 

With the successful reduction of the world population to 500 million, the 13 Illuminati Families and the 300 lesser Families will claim dominance over the world. They not only planned and produced the great culling, but they made sure that they would not be negatively affected. 

The Families have prepared several city-states beforehand. These city-states have natural water sources, productive farm land, natural geological borders that are easily defended, and ample available workers to maintain a decent standard of living. Energy production is via the free-energy systems which have been hidden from the general population for nearly 100 years. Their position as leaders of a world government is enforced by their control of all surviving aircraft, missiles, and nuclear weapons. 

The lack of a reliable worldwide communication system will initially limit their influence. They have allowed the resource wars between feudal states to occur, because it depleted the weapon and ammo stock as well as killing off any able-bodied fighters. The remaining towns and populations will then be more easily dominated and subdued. A limited monitored, censored, and tracked low tech communication system will be introduced for the commoners. 

The Families will be very vigilant in regards to population control. The Guidestones mentions "maintaining" the population under 500 million. Lets assume that the average age at death drops to 50 years old. 2%, or 10 million die each year; but 125 million females between the ages of 15 and 40 could produce 100 million babies each year; for a net increase of 90 million a year. It will be necessary for the Families to limit the births to match the deaths, or increase deaths to match the births. This will be accomplished through infanticide, forced abortion, forced sterilization, and culling. "Useless Eaters" will not be tolerated. 

The Why 

The Families have decided that world control is only possible with a feudal system. Let's face it, the feudal system worked for thousands of years. The populous were easy to control. Democracies and Republics are not only difficult to control, but once controlled, have a tendency to evolve into other systems. Even dictatorships have a tendency to shift allegiances, grow armies and war with the neighbors. With a feudal system, the King owns all lands, and grants tenancy to Dukes, who grant tenancy to Barons, Counts, and Lords. These in turn use tenant farmers to work the land and pass the goods to the royals above. 

But why reduce the population to 500 million? Simple. The Families are outnumbered, outgunned, and in fear of mob justice. They need to flip the advantage to themselves. They cannot win against a horde of 7 billion people and numerous military forces. The plan is to cull the population, divide the population into opposing groups; cut the lines of supply and communication, sow fear, remove hope, encourage riots and civil war, let the survivors kill each other off, and then rule over the remainder. 

The Aftermath 

It will take approx 7-10 years after the "Great Culling" for the Families to complete their domination of the world population. There will be many short wars in resource rich areas, with the Families always winning. Independent feudal states will be absorbed or conquered as necessary. 

There will be out-group populations that will be too small or bothersome to be concerned with, mostly on pacific islands, mountain areas, and jungle interiors. These will be ignored, unless they become troublesome; at which point they will be eliminated, likely nuked. 

The system will be similar the 1700's feudal states, but with better technology. The high technology will mostly be in the hands of the Families. Royal titles will be used again. Each feudal state will be governed by a Duke, with his lesser royals: Counts, Barons, and Lords. 

Communications between the Families and the Representatives will be high tech. The people will have lower tech coms, which will be censored, tracked and monitored, as well as turned off anytime. Dissent will not be tolerated. Reduction to a lower class of worker will be a common punishment for minor crimes. Imprisonment will only be used for short periods of time, because prisoners are considered "useless eaters" and thus a drain on society. Capital punishment will be the penalty for major crimes and crimes against the state. 

The need for higher education will still exist. The Families will decide the profession and educational level of each individual. Entrepreneurship will be discouraged, unless it is shown to benefit the Families. Engineering and Medicine will be the celebrity professions, while farmers and laborers will be the default. Craft trades will be learned through apprenticeships. 

A great divide will exist between the worker class and the Families. Workers will be ranked Alpha through Delta. Alpha being the highest worker level. Health care, food, housing, entertainment, and essential goods will be rationed according to a workers class. Workers will be tracked and identified through implants and physical appearance. Delta workers will be required to have shaved heads at all times. Alphas, Betas, and Gammas will wear a visible badge of office or status. 


I have presented here one of the many possible futures for our planet. This scenario can occur within a few years, or it can be 10-50 years out, or hopefully never. The Families are well funded (they own the Central Banks); have constructed their refuges; stocked supplies; and have recruited the necessary world leader useless idiots. 

The only defense the world has is knowledge. No one can fool you if you know it is a ruse. The more people that we inform of the agenda, the greater the chance of it's failure. 

Spread the Word. Stay Informed. Be Prepared. Remain Vigilant. Stay Ahead of the Curve. Remain Flexible. Have a Backup Plan.

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