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November 26, 2016

Emergency Message Sent To Donald Trump - Shadowy Website With Ties To NATO Attempts 'Stalinesque Purge' Of 1st Amendment - How Far Will They Take It?

More Proof Emerges Globalists Pushing For War Whether Or Not Trump Gets Into Office


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to PropOrNot, the noxious and some say 'Stalinesque' new website recently cited by the Washington Post in a viral article which outed alleged 'Russian propaganda-spewing' websites across the internet, there's a very easy way that Americans can determine 'real' news from 'Russian propaganda'. While we're happy to report that alongside the Drudge Report, the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, Infowars, and many others, ANP also wears the PropOrNot 'badge of honor', we also see something very dark and sinister unfolding that's seemingly trying to lead the world to the edge of war and possible nuclear annihilation.

If it was not bad enough that the msm recently destroyed any remaining credibility it had during the election season as proven by their viewer numbers bleeding, we now see the Washington Post via 'PropOrNot' attempt to label almost every independent news outlet across America as 'Russian propaganda'. As we learn below, we shouldn't be surprised as 'PropOrNot' has ties to NATO and globalist warmongers across the planet.

And while Mike Adams at Natural News recently finished up his high-level meetings with Vladimir Putin discussing the latest insanity coming from this group of tin-foil hat wearers that includes the Washington Post, we sit here at ANP HQ, awaiting the Kremlin's instructions on the next course of action that we should take.  

While almost all ANP readers will recognize sarcasm when they read it, amazingly, PropOrNot's 'call on the American public' telling the American public how to get REAL news is not a joke - though to most awakened Americans it might seem to be:


Calling on Americans to trust the very same media outlets that have betrayed us by endlessly lying to us over many, many years, we see an attempted free-speech purge unfolding and an attempted 'Stalinesque-purge' upon nearly every media outlet we've come to know and trust over many years (as well as some we don't know nor trust). The full list of websites deemed 'Russian propaganda' below videos.

As the globalist-controlled mainstream media that has long controlled the narrative and the conversation realize their 'reign of terror' via information control is coming to an end, they, like a cornered, desperate animal with their backs to the wall, are still capable of bringing about destruction through spreading massive amounts of disinformation.

And while some might say this last gasp attempt by the globalists to regain control of the narrative is going nowhere, we have to remember, there are still more than 50 days between now and Donald Trump's inauguration day - and an awful lot can still happen between now and then.

When we see the depths of desperation that the globalists are now falling to keep Trump out of office as shared in this new story from US Defense Watch, we get more and more proof that 'America' is nowhere near out of the woods yet.


With Max Blumenthal over at The Smirking Chimp recently proving to us that the PropOrNot website has shadowy ties to groups funded by NATO and the US government, we see what appears to be a very real propaganda effort from a dying regime being exposed before our very eyes. From Blumenthal:

Among the websites listed by PropOrNot as “allies” are a number of groups funded by the U.S. government or NATO. They include InterpreterMag, an anti-Russian media monitoring blog funded through Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, an arm of the U.S. government, which is edited by the hardline neoconservative Michael Weiss. Polygraph Fact Check, another project of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty aimed at Russian misinformation, is listed as an “ally.” So is Bellingcat, the crowdsourced military analysis blog run by Elliot Higgins through the Atlantic Council, which receives funding from the U.S. State Department, various Gulf monarchies and the weapons industry. (Bellingcat is directly funded by Google, according to Higgins.)

Unfortunately for PropOrNot’s mysterious authors, an alliance requires the consent of all parties involved. Alerted to his designation on the website, Bellingcat’s Higgins immediately disavowed it: "Just want to note I hadn't heard of Propornot before the WP piece and never gave permission to them to call Bellingcat ‘allies,'" he wrote.

As scrutiny of PropOrNot increases, its credibility is rapidly unraveling. But that has not stopped Beltway media wiseguys and Democratic political operatives from hyping its claims. Fake news and Russian propaganda have become the great post-election moral panic, a creeping Sharia-style conspiracy theory for shell-shocked liberals. Hoping to punish the dark foreign forces they blame for rigging the election, many of these insiders have latched onto a McCarthyite campaign that calls for government investigations of a wide array of alternative media outlets. In this case, the medicine might be worse than the disease.


In this interesting new story called "List Of Reliable News Websites Kindly Provided By PropOrNot" we're told what the Washington Post and the desperate globalists pushing the Russian propaganda nonsense will never understand.

What’s particularly interesting about this list, isn’t the fact that a bunch of anonymous whiners decided to demonize successful critics of insane, inhumane and ethically indefensible U.S. government policy, but rather the fact that the Washington Post decided to craft an entire article around such a laughably ridiculous list. This just further proves a point that is rapidly becoming common knowledge amongst U.S. citizens with more than a couple of brain cells to rub together. The mainstream media is the real “fake news.”

If websites such as All News Pipeline and other websites calling for a peaceful world and no war with Russia are 'Russian propaganda', then so be it, we'd much rather strive towards peace than war. However, why would a garbage website with ties to NATO attempt to label some of the biggest conservative and alternative news websites in America and the world, websites with very clear 'pro-America' slants, as 'Russian propaganda'?

As we hear in the 2nd and 3rd videos below, while the election of Donald Trump dropped DEFCON to its lowest level, those who badly want more and more war are doing their very best to get into Donald Trump's inner circle and many are warning him of the 'enemy inside' while Vladimir Putin continues to prepare for war with NATO.


Alex Jones sends an emergency warning to Donald Trump in that 2nd video, a message that has been viewed on YouTube more than 420,000 times. Warning Trump of those who are trying to infiltrate, will Trump listen to those seeking to get him into another war or will he follow through on promises seemingly made to the American people?

In the 3rd video from Gary Franchi and the Next News Network we're told that Putin, aggravated by continued moves being made by NATO, is preparing for what could be war with them anyways, despite Trump waiting in the wings. As Franchi warns us, "we're on the edge".

In the first video below, we hear the Corbett Report's take on 'PropOrNot' and being included himself as a person who allegedly spreads Russian propaganda. Do you think its a 'badge of honor' that some of your favorite websites are on 'the list'? 

As we have warned over and over again on ANP, alternative news websites are the canary in the coal mine of a free nation. If suddenly and without warning, websites supporting views that are 'alternative' ways of thinking to the govt-controlled MSM are shut down, you'll know America is no longer a free country. If websites such as the Drudge Report,, Infowars, Natural News, America's Freedom Fighters and the countless others that you've been getting your news from over the past 10+ years are silenced, we will have proof things have terribly changed in America.

In such a case, we may have arrived at the point in time when only the 2nd Amendment may be able to save the 1st. We pray that we never reach that moment in time and that those seeking to stifle free speech, while working to destroy the US Constitution and stomp upon our God-given rights, realize the error of their ways. We also pray that those who seek to enslave the world never push the American people to the point warned of by our Founding Fathers long ago.

Because in this world we're living in, here in America, there is always room for peaceful, alternative ways of thinking and alternative news, whether we agree with the news or not. And in the end, it will be the American people who will be the judge of what is real news, and what is fake news, and what is propaganda, no matter who delivers it.


And as we see by comments left on the Washington Post story by their own readers seen in the screenshot above, after nearly 13,000 comments, the American people are rapidly awakening and calling out the REAL fake news and propaganda spewers by name. We pray that this is happening soon enough to prevent another deadly war, one that could very well come home to US soil.


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