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February 18, 2016

Death, Destruction And Despair, The Globalists 'Cult Of Death' Is Here - Welcome To The New World Order 

Remember Hillary Clinton's Famous Words About Syria: "The US is where we need to be in Syria"


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

There is a famous saying that helps to describe perfectly the situation that Americans and the entire world now face: The problems that we face will never be solved by the minds that created them

With Hillary Clinton one of the minds that created the massive and seemingly insurmountable problems that our entire world now faces, the video below shows us the problems of our world in a way that we have never seen them before. We're told to ask ourselves this: who do we think is responsible for all of the death, destruction and despair in the world, the 'good guys' or the 'bad guys'? Have things gotten better or worse the last 15+ years? 

As we're told within this video, with no real choice in elections the past 15+ years with fascist-totalitarian globalists controlling the major candidates of both sides of our elections and a false left-right paradigm dividing the masses, the only choice America really has with the ongoing status quo represented by Clinton, the neocons and Obama is self-destruction by self-appointed members of the cult of death.

The minds of Clinton and Obama have helped to create this world now totally full of death, destruction and despair. In fact, those three words will forever be associated with the war criminals and mass murderers in Washington DC and beyond for all of the havoc that they have helped to unleash upon our world and all of the death, destruction and despair that they have caused for humanity. Look at our handiwork in Syria shown in this video and the pictures within this story; are we proud of what's going on there and in our names?


Remember Hillary Clinton's famous words about Syria: "The US is where we need to be in Syria". If the US is 'where we need to be' in Syria, and Syria looks like what we see in the video below and pictures within this story, is this more proof that Clinton approves of the mass carnage and total destruction everywhere that Syria has become? If the US is 'where we need to be in Syria', just imagine what Hillary will do for America and the rest of the world if she becomes president. Zero Hedge calls it: "Bigger Than Watergate: Hillary Clinton And The Syrian Bloodbath". We simply call it mass murder and MORE blood on the hands of Hillary Clinton. She is obviously not alone though.

For all of the death, destruction and despair that America has sown in our unjust wars throughout the entire world, the reaping of our nation has begun in earnest. What do we export to the world if not war, death, GMO's and chemtrails? Why are we really putting our brave men and women in danger over there when our own country could use all the help we can get over here? Why is govt ignoring the real threat?

If what we see in Syria and the Ukraine and throughout the Middle East and Africa and now Europe and the United States is the unfolding of the globalists 'new world order', Americans and the rest of the free world are in huge trouble. As long as the likes of Hillary Clinton or any one of the globalists selected few is granted entrance to the White House by the highly corrupt political machines in 2017, the American people and people throughout the entire world will continue to be targeted by the globalists for extermination, via many different means, as proven in this video. 

As our videographer proves to us in this newly released compilation video that has been receiving a great reception on YouTube, Americans living under the globalists dictatorship really have no choice at all: "That's the bottom line. There is no pro-choice, only pro-death. There is no democracy, only tyranny. There is no freedom and fair play, there is no due process in Nazi America." Can you prove our videographer wrong? Please attempt to do so in the comments below. 

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