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January 29, 2018

BOOM! Top Dogs At FBI Confirm They're Corrupt With This Official Release Proving To Americans The Tyranny We're Up Against


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

As if Americans needed any more proof that we can't believe a word coming out of the mouths of what was supposed to be our nation's pre-eminent law enforcement body, in this new story from Matt Agorist over at the Free Thought Project we get it.

Reporting that just released FBI documents claim that the founder of Russia Today, who died in a Washington DC hotel room back in 2015, killed himself by repeatedly smashing his head and upper body into the ground, causing massive blunt force trauma, the cause of death given by the FBI for Mikhail Lesin is as likely as the 'official cause of death' given for former American Title Services CEO Richard Talley, who allegedly shot himself in the back of the head with a nailgun 8 times, or the death of Gareth Williams, the former MI6 spy who 'accidentally killed himself' by locking himself inside of a carry-all bag according to Scotland Yard in the UK.  

With the FBI and DOJ's weaponization by Barack Obama followed by numerous agents and lawyers selling their souls away to get Hillary Clinton elected, as David Knight reports in the first video below, between the FBI lying about Bundy Ranch, 9/11 and now Samsung phones 'lost' texts, President Trump has a massive job ahead of him to help Americans regain faith in our weaponized and totally politicized justice system and the obviously totally corrupt 'gatekeepers'.

Do you trust the FBI and DOJ after Barack Obama weaponized them against President Trump and America? To add a quick note, ANP knows that not all FBI and DOJ employees sold their souls to get Hillary elected and we thank each and every one of them, those who have not been completely corrupted, for their service to America. May God Bless. 

Do you trust the FBI and DOJ after Barack Obama weaponized them?
Of course, they are as good as gold...and as wonderful as Hillary!
Of course not, some of them are proven corrupt, rotten scoundrels
Disband the FBI and DOJ immediately!

While the Daily Mail recently reported that President Trump was going out of his way to discredit top FBI officials after his lawyer warned him that they may be used against him, all of the top comments on that story quickly get to the truth of the matter - corrupt members of the FBI and DOJ have completely destroyed their own credibility. The top two comments on that story.:

More fake news: "allegedly discredit FBI officials." It has been proven that some officials, like Strzok and his girlfriend, have no credibility whatsoever. They need to be fired and investigated for obstruction of justice and illegal tempering with election results. Others have made monetary contributions to the Clinton campaign. You can't discredit those any more than they have already discredited themselves. And whatever is "allegedly" reported about Trump in the fake stream media, always turns out to be yet another hoáx. 

The FBI has discredited themselves without any campaign by the President or anybody else for that matter. 


With nearly all of the autopsy for Lesin completely redacted as seen in the next two screenshots below proving that the FBI doesn't want us to know the truth, will anything less than a full-scale housecleaning allow our justice system to work for the American people again, rather than working for Hillary Clinton and the totally corrupt DNC? 

And between the FBI lying about the death of Lavoy Finnicum and the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation and the recent announcement by Congressional Rep. Paul Gosar that Obama’s ‘Weaponization’ of DOJ and Intelligence Services links to 'Fast and Furious', IRS, and the Benghazi Scandal, how much deeper does this rabbit hole go? 

We absolutely cannot forget about the massive stockpiling of weaponry and ammunition by government agencies during the reign of terrorist-in-chief Barack Obama, a man who switched sides on the war on terror (yes, that means he aided and abedded our enemies - treason!). Are holdovers from Obama's government preparing to terrorize the American people? Just look at what happened in Las Vegas where Americans are still being lied to. What more do they know that they aren't telling us? 


As we see, the cause of Lesin's death was determined to be 'blunt force injuries of the head' with blunt force injuries of the neck, torso, upper extremities and lower extremities with acute ethanol intoxication. While there is no doubt that someone falling down drunk can lead to death, can you even imagine beating yourself to death by throwing your body, over and over and over again, upon the floor, tables, the wall and whatever else might help you kill yourself? Does anyone believe the FBI on Lesin's death?  

While US Rep Trey Gowdy recently called on lawmakers to leave Robert Mueller alone, claiming that he had 100% faith in his ability to get to the truth of the matter, according to a new video from Infowars as heard in the 2nd video below, "as FBI Director, Robert Mueller was involved in the FBI release of deceptive statements about a Sarasota 9/11 probe".  So, if that's the case and Mueller helped to cover-up 9/11, why should we believe ANYTHING that is coming out of his mouth in 2018 when he helped cover-up one of the greatest crimes against America in history? Let's hope Gowdy is right. 

In the final video below our videographer talks with us about the just released FBI documents showing that RT founder Mikhail Lesin accidentally killed himself by throwing his body over and over and over again against hard surfaces.

Just how stupid do they think Americans are? 


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