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November 12, 2021

The Conversation America Needs To Have But Never Will - As The 'Vaxxes' Kill And Destroy Millions In The US And Globally, The Globalist Cabal's Motives And Methods Unmasked  

- This Information Is What Is Being Heavily Censored At America's Peril

By Walt Gelles for All News Pipeline

Note: Bill Gates does not have a daughter named Clotilda, but if he did, this is what might have transpired. (ANP: All of the sources for the factual claims made in this story are linked below.) 

Bill Gates: Clotilda, what's the matter? Why are you crying? 

Clotilda (her body shaking): I don't want to talk about it. 

Bill Gates: Tell me, honey. Are you upset about Mommy? 

Clotilda: No, it's not that. It's just that...well, I've been looking at websites on the internet filled with testimonies from people who suffered bad reactions to the Covid vaccines. A lot of people died right after getting the injections, and others have permanent convulsions or paralysis or heart damage or blindness or--- 

Bill Gates: Those are just misinformation sites, honey. These people are all attention-getters and fraudsters. They make up a story to get sympathy, then they do crowdfunding to bilk the public. 

Clotilda: NO! These are believable stories from real people! I checked them out. There are thousands of them all over the internet, on websites like VaccineDeaths, TheCovidBlog, 1000COVIDStories. VaccineImpact, TheEmpoweror, VaccineInjuryNews, Pandemic.News, These are real people, and their tragedies are horrible and heartbreaking... (She cries). 

Bill Gates: Sweetie, it's all just a coincidence. This has nothing to do with the vaccines. The vaccines are safe and effective. They protect people from- -- 

Clotilda: No, they don't protect anyone. Their so-called protection wears off after 4 or 5 months, then you'll need a booster, then another one, and another, which wrecks your immune system. 

Bill Gates: That's just misinformation from far-right conspiracy theorists and Covid-deniers and dangerous extremists. 

Clotilda: No it's not, Daddy, it's what thousands of doctors are saying--- respected doctors, many with Nobel Prizes and other awards, thousands of MAINSTREAM least they were mainstream until you got them censored and kicked off of social media. The CDC's website lists over 17,000 deaths from the Covid vaccines and over 800,000 bad side effects. And it only reports less than one percent of the deaths and adverse effects from the vaccines!! 

Bill Gates: That's nonsense, honey. It's all a coincidence---or else those people are dying from the Covid virus, NOT from my vaccines...I mean, not from THE vaccine. 

Clotilda: If it's all just a coincidence, how come tens or hundreds of thousands of people drop dead within 1 to 3 days after getting the shot? How come millions more start physically disintegrating right after getting the shot? Is that a coincidence? All my friends are talking about it. Everyone knows. Your vaccines don't work. They're killing people. They're injuring and destroying far more people than were ever damaged by a coronavirus that's much less dangerous than the seasonal flu. The vaccines are spreading disease. They're creating more harmful virus variants. They're making everything worse, a lot worse. The vaccines are the pandemic. They were never necessary in the first place because there are cheap, effective medicines to treat Covid. Are you a monster, Daddy? Why are you doing this? 

Bill Gates: Why am I doing what? Oh, sorry! I was just glancing at this scrapbook, some pictures of me and Jeffrey Epstein and a few girls. What did you say? 

Clotilda: I was saying your vaccines, the ones that you and Mommy heavily funded and promoted, are killing and injuring millions of people. And another thing, Daddy, this PCR test---you supported some shady German research group which recommended a revamped PCR test to diagnose COVID-19. But Dr. Kary Mullis, who invented the PCR technology, he said the test is totally incapable of diagnosing for ANY disease. And yet, you got the WHO to adopt this fake test, and it generates up to 97 percent false- positives. You tricked the whole world, like you tricked Mommy with Jeffrey Epstein. And now the CDC, the FDA, and WHO---they've all renounced the PCR test because they admit it can't even tell the difference between COVID-19, the seasonal flu, and the common cold! It's true, Daddy, isn't it? 

Bill Gates: Well, it depends on what your definition of "is" is. Honey, I see you've been reading a lot of bad misinformation from ultra-right-wing or ultra-left-wing websites. Don't believe a word they say. 

Clotilda: This whole thing is a big stinking scam, isn't it? It's a scamdemic, so you could rake in billions of dollars from your so-called "vaccines"---like you don't have enough money already!---and so that you could carry out some kind of sick, twisted scheme to control the world, together with your fucking friends at the World Economic Fucking Forum. You want to track everyone who survives these deadly vaccines with a digital ID. 

Bill Gates: Clotilda, please don't use bad language. Clotilda: I'll say whatever I want. I'm twenty-two! There's something else I have to ask you, and I want the truth. Did you name me after the blood clots? Bill Gates: WHAT?! What blood clots? What are you talking about? 

Clotilda: The blood clots that millions of people are getting after they get the vaccine... you know, the Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca vaccines. Massive blood clots---plus hemorrhaging, blood losing its color and looking sickly right after the shot, blood coagulating, agonizing menstrual periods...all kinds of blood problems. And micro-clots-- -too small to be seen on MRI or CT scan---micro-clots scattered through the vaccinated person's capillary network, which is going to kill millions of people within 1 to 3 years, from what I've read. 

Bill Gates: Your mother and I named you after a Germanic female warrior, a very brave and courageous heroine. Your name has absolutely nothing to do with blood clots. And how could we have known about all these horrendous side effects 22 years ago when you were born? ...I mean... Forget I said that. There are NO blood clots. There are NO abnormalities. It's all fake science from scam artists and irresponsible doctors who are trying to malign the great humanitarian work that your mother and I have done for the world. 

Clotilda: You mean killing tens of thousands of children and adults in India and Africa and other countries with your goddamn vaccines? 

Bill Gates: Shut up! Don't ever talk to your father like that. 

Clotilda: It's all true! (she sobs). You lied to me and to everyone. And now you're killing children with these genetic cocktails, which aren't really vaccines at all. You're killing children ages 5 to 11, the FDA just approved your mass-murdering of children! 

Bill Gates: Honey, you don't know the whole story. It's complicated. Go to your room. 

Clotilda: It's not complicated! Anyone with half a brain can see what's going on, except for all the brainwashed idiots who believe the TV and newspaper propaganda. You and the big drug companies paid them off to lie. I got the vaccine because I trusted you. And you have destroyed me, Father. I'm a walking spike-protein factory thanks to your mRNA vaccines. My body is manufacturing trillions of synthetic spike proteins, which are toxic and cause blood clots and heart inflammation, brain inflammation, lung inflammation as well as organ damage and sterility and infertility. My body may go on producing this shit forever, no one knows how long it lasts. Did you want to make me infertile? 

Bill Gates: Noooooooooo! Never. Of course not. 

Clotilda: And the lipid hydrogel gunk that coats the mRNA strands in your vaccines---the lipid nanoparticles cross the blood-brain barrier, which can cause paralysis, permanent vision loss, spinal damage, and neurodegenerative diseases. Are you trying to kill me, Father? 

Bill Gates: Of course not. But let's face it, there are too many people in this world. A culling is necessary, like my father taught me. 

Clotilda: You're insane. Bill Gates: What's that suitcase for? What are you doing? Clotilda: I'm packing, and I'm leaving here. I can't stay here with you any longer. I'm going to go live with Mommy. 

Bill Gates: Your mother is just as much involved in this as I am! She's in it up to her eyeballs. Don't be naive. So what's the point of leaving? 

(Door slams. Clotilda is gone.) 

Bill Gates: Clotilda and Melinda, these stupid women, birds of a feather! They just don't understand my visionary dreams to help humanity. First, Sweden blocked my plan to dump tons of dust in the upper atmosphere to block out the sun and reduce global warming. Then environmentalists tried to block my plan to release millions of genetically-modified mosquitoes into the air to combat dengue and Zika virus. What could possibly go wrong with that? And now some very evil people are trying to block my vaccine---(heh heh, it's not really a vaccine, she was right)---this beautiful bioweapon which Tony Fauci and I worked so hard to develop with the Wuhan labs. But these evil people will never block our plan to vaccinate every man, woman, and child on this planet...and then we give them a booster shot, then another one, then another... THESE EVIL PEOPLE WILL NEVER STOP US. 

The asinine critics say the vaccines are defective. They are NOT defective. My vaccines are doing exactly what they were designed to do. Some of the vaxxed die quickly (millions so far), many more will die slowly, or they'll be running to the doctor with medical problems forever. 

My vaccines are very effective. 


Please feel free to reprint, copy, reproduce, or record this article in any format. Spread the word about the COVID-19 scam. It's gone on way too long. All the genetic "vaccines" need to be withdrawn immediately. 

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