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June 5, 2022

This Should Infuriate Americans! The Biden Regime Keeps Funding And Enabling The Globalization War Upon America - With Biden Cabal Building Up A Nuclear Iran, The Set-Up Is So Obvious Now 

By Alan Barton - All News PipeLine

We haven’t visited Iran since our column that mentioned it in regards to where some of the military equipment Biden/Obama left in Afghanistan most likely ended up (so far that is) not counting what was given to China, Pakistan, Russia and who knows where else (think big terrorist groups).  Since we do know that Iran – or rather, Persia - plays a very important role in the Last Day’s scenes, let’s take another look and see if anything pops up that might be of interest.   This came up because of a recent headline that caught my attention; Big League Politics has a story title “Turkey Launches New Military Operation in Northern Syria Against Kurds”. 

In this article they state that Turkeys “Erdogan has become increasingly frustrated with both the US and Russia when it comes to their perceived indifference towards the presence of armed Kurdish groups operating in northern Syria. 

With regards to the US, its presence of 900 troops in northeast Syria is actively supporting the Syrian Democratic Forces. The Syrian Kurdish YPG, a Kurdish militia, has a strong presence in the SDF. Turkey considers the YPG to be a terrorist organization by virtue of it being an alleged extension of the PKK — another organization the Turkish state deems as a terrorist organization.”  Keep in mind that the PKK is the Kurdistan Workers Party, a Marxist revolutionary army that is behind the recent pushes to create an independent Kurdistan for the Kurds that are strewn about the western Syria to northwestern Iranian regions and has been a major target of Saddam’s Iraqi armies as well as Syrian and they have been involved in the Iraqi - Iranian wars as well.  A couple reports I ran across blame them for the US – Iraq war, or at least as an excuse because Saddam did use “weapons of mass destruction” on them in the form of poison gas attacks in 1988 with retaliation by Iran with claims of “ethnic cleansing” by Iran.   Of course, the use of these deadly weapons is banned worldwide from any warfare, but that did not stop its usage.

This may not appear to mean a whole heck of a lot on the surface, but remember who the Kurds are and also that Turkey is not a team player but has the allegiance of a cheap NYC trick and will do anything to advance their position in life.  Anything.  Being a member of NATO is not relevant to anything they will or will not do.  But since the PKK is also listed as a terrorist group by both the USA and the European Union the recent bombings (April this year and last year) there has been no comment from us about Turkeys indiscriminate bombings of Iraqi Kurdistan (Kurdistan flag pictured at the beginning of this column), nor has here been since the end of the Gulf war with Turkey attacking the Kurds in Turkey and northern Iraq.  The net result has been the destruction of more than 500 villages with the resultant loss of many Christian ones and massive death tolls of Christians.  Nothing will happen because no one cares about war upon Christians, not even in America anymore.

But who are the Kurds?  BBC said they are mostly Sunni Muslim while Iraq and Iran is primarily Shiite Muslim while Turkey is primarily Sunni as well.  As these two sects do not operate peacefully with each other, they will also war upon the same sect as it is power and control that wields the fight and not brotherly care along with many sub branches in each major sect.  During the past decade ISIS (or IS, the Islamic State) has made war on the Kurds in Syria, with the US led coalition fighting against Turkey and the SDF.  We were told we were in Syria fighting ISIS, but things are not real clear there as that is the Middle East.  At a time when Turkey was the enabler of the terrorist ISIS state, the most effective force fighting against it was the Syrian Kurds it was Joe Biden that said Trump sold out the Kurds and then what did he do?  Exactly the same thing as he betrayed them outright; he is no more reliable or honest as the Turkish government is.  And then Biden tried to appease Turkey by granting them access to even more F16’s and upgrades without finding out why they wanted them, which was to use them as they have been using them so far in bombing Kurdish villages.  The Syrian Kurds have been wronged from the outset, ever since the breakup of the old Ottoman Empire as was the plan from the beginning.

As far as genetics goes, the Kurds are related to the Azerbaijanis of Iran as well as similar to the Georgians and other peoples of the Caucasus and even the Jewish peoples, the Bedouins, Sephardic Jews and so forth so they belong in the general area that they claim should be made their homeland.  But what of Iran?

As our attention seems to be focused on the Nazi infested Ukraine we have let our fight against ISIS wane, and have actually accepted the Taliban as a legitimate group and not just some evil terrorist group anymore.  This leaves Iran taking the brunt of the trouble with Shiite Muslims threaten to ignite sectarian battles across that region.   The Khorasan group of ISIS (ISIS-K) has made many attacks inside Afghanistan attacking the Shiite minority there and the resultant concern of the mostly Shiite Iran is now very troubled.  That would seem to put Iran and the US on the same side on this battlefront, but not so.  A prominent Taliban member said “that the Taliban was prepared to coordinate with other nations in curbing the activities of militant groups "at the regional level," where "we are ready to work with our neighbors, not just Iran, to fulfill our responsibility to prevent the activities of terrorist groups."  We are not ignoring the obvious ‘Megeladon in the fish tank’ that one terrorist group is complaining about yet another terrorist group.  But the US “leadership” is too damned stupid to figure that one out.

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Oxford Academic noted in 2015 that “The rise of a new Sunni extremist group in the Middle East has become a significant security threat in an already volatile region” and that “Reports of mass executions and rapes of Shi'is, Christians, and other ethnic and religious minorities, including the Yazidis in Iraq, and videos of beheadings, led to the formation of an international coalition, headed by the United States, to….degrade and ultimately destroy’ ISIS”.  While that sadly has not in fact happened, for Iran “ISIS represents a different threat from other extremist Sunni groups at its borders. Many of these groups, such as Jaish al-Adl, are based in Pakistan and operate in Iran's south-eastern province of Sistan-Baluchistan. These groups have posed tactical, often minimal, threats to Iran, including the abduction of Iranian nationals and bombings in border regions. ISIS, however, stands out among them because of the considerable progress it has made in a short period of time, during which it has recruited tens of thousands of fighters from all over the world, accumulated resources and gained control of large geographical areas. The group's progress surprised regional and international actors, including Iran. Unlike other terrorist organizations operating in Iran's neighbourhood, ISIS has aims that go well beyond a separatist agenda: it seeks the annihilation of Shi'is and the establishment of an Islamic state in accordance with a fundamentalist reading of shari'a law.”

To advance its agenda, Tehran will inevitably have to coordinate its response with the West. Western leaders have already acknowledged the need for cooperation—or, at the very least, coordination—with Iran and expressed interest in doing so.”  This is where we now stand, and as ISIS is as great a threat to Iran as anyone else, defeating ISIS is a priority for all across the political spectrum in Iran.”  In spite of the continued threat to the world of an Iranian nuclear program, they have not complained of US air strikes on ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq even with our supposed sanctions against them.  Perhaps regional matters dictate other than advertised animosities?  So although we are assisting by making war against ISIS, Iran will not join in any official consortium to make war on them more effective.  What makes it all even more disjointed is that Tehran sees itself as the leader of the “non-aligned” movement and allows for the French union with the USA to do the major war actions against ISIS.  This in spite of Trump claiming that SISI is defunct and that its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi “died like a dog”. 

More importantly, a Saudi and Iranian problem exists where for almost a millennia and a half, they have been on opposite sides of most issues and are divided by religious, strategic and ideological issues as well as differences of judgment in Syria and Iraq.  While Iran will not coordinate actions against ISIS with the US, at least they may not be opposing them.  Iran has invested a lot in Syria and is their pathway to the Mediterranean Sea, the actions of the Russians and the Americans there are conflicting while at the same time in different ways benefit Iran.  And we have not even brought up the subject of Israel yet.  ISIS is perhaps the largest threat to Iran’s security since the end of the Iran – Iraq war and therefore they are a key party in the stability if Iraq state and that should mean better relations with the US. 

The Intercept called Iran’s war on ISIS a “shadow war” and that they work to weaken the Islamic State with a strategy that echoes the US war on Al Qaeda in Iraq.  And The American Conservative said that Iran deserves the credit for the ruin of ISIS while it is in fact alive and well.  Do you want a specific opinion on ISIS? That should be no problem as there should be one published out there to fit your ideas perfectly. I have included a short note of a few so far to help you sort it out.

Nor is Iran immune from famine concerns as Peoples Mujahidin Organization of Iran posted to Twit vids of protests against massive food and other basic goods price hikes.  (Twitter vid link hereGateway Pundit noted that anti-riot forces have been deployed in Iran, especially in Tehran, checkpoints have been setup and armored vehicles are patrolling some areas.  There are reports of many deaths in response to those riots so things are not quite as advertised in that perfect Islamic Republic.   And, of course, Biden and the EU stay silent as Iran takes more foreign hostages via their Ministry of Intelligence because they were planning on causing “chaos, social disorder, and instability” much the same as BLM and Antifa do here at home.  It appears that this may be in relation to increasing leverage during the upcoming nuke talks.

Speaking of nuke talks, we have been for the last number of years hearing over and over how Iran is only a month away, only a few weeks away, only a couple of weeks away from having enough processed materials to create its first nuclear warhead.  For years they say that same inane meme, and we know that it is just propaganda without any real evidence to back it up.  Just like for almost a year the approval rate dropped precipitously from 43% to 43% the next week to the newest low of only 43%; Iran will have enough purified material to make that nuke in only a couple weeks, now down to only a couple of weeks and soon will be down to only a couple weeks away.   

The Institute for Science and International Security noted that Iran has now crossed that ‘Zero Breakout Point’ in the timeline and now has enough 60% enriched uranium; oh, that is not two weeks!  But alas, weapon grade is 90% so it will take a few more weeks.  Bummer I guess.

But just in case that gets you down, there is hope springing up next door.  Their border neighbor to the east is Pakistan, and my oh my, what have we here?  ZeroHedge reports that Pakistan is on the verge of inflationary collapse, and if they do collapse, who might be out there to assist them?  Why, yes, Iran or perhaps India.  India is already a powerful nuke nation and Pakistan has in the realm of 160 or more nuke tipped missiles.  I wonder who the spoils of that bounty might go to if Pakistan fails and civil war breaks out.  Keep an eye on this as well because India’s relationship with Pakistan is not good, and if they fail it might be considered an Indian win.  Of course, do not discount a multibillion dollar debt owed the US may be “forgiven” to influence the reactions.  And the INF is known as “the go-to loan shark, circling struggling nations when it smells blood in the water. As more and more countries face declines associated with inflation/stagflation, it is not conspiratorial to suggest that the IMF greatly benefits. As the world breaks down, more nations become beholden to the IMF debt structure until eventually they are owned lock, stock and barrel by a handful of banking elites.”  Take note of that as it will become very common as the year passes, especially with the WEF and WHO meetings that were specifically coordinated to set up things for the currently moving Bilderberg meetings.  Let’s see how fast they can break the world’s nation’s economies.  And just who are those banking elites?  You can read the 2022 attendees list here on this Public Intelligence posting.  Note how influential the money controllers that attend are.  Not too many international bankers outright, but then the Bilderbergs are just too low class for the likes of them.  They will stay hidden in their Lucifer worshipping dens until they need poke out a bit to control what comes of it all.

And of course, Iran’s Elite Navy Commandos has been seizing Greek oil tankers after the US seized Iranian oil on a Russian tanker, but what can that harm, there is plenty of oil for thw whole world out there right now, eh?  And of course, document have surfaced that Obama-Biden officials worked DIRECTLY with Iran to undermine Donald Trump, and our dear old friend John “Lurch” Kerry did the legwork on that high treason act for the Biden’s and Obama’s sedition and treason against this nation and it’s peoples.  This Fox News story has a video report imbedded in it.  The New American put it this way, “The Logan Act, a 200-year-old law forbidding citizens to conduct government business with foreign officials, has never been employed to stop meddling in diplomacy by unauthorized citizens….President Trump, instead, has pointed to the 1938 statute known as the Foreign Agents Registration Act requiring any person acting as an agent of a foreign entity to disclose what might have taken place.”  He failed to act on this one, and now Kerry likely never will be prosecuted for Treason.  Red State put it this way,” when it comes to Democrats, the Logan Act simply doesn’t exist. And to be sure, I think it’s a garbage law that wouldn’t pass constitutional muster. Still, the hypocrisy is noteworthy. The law apparently only applies to Republicans,”  Too bad, it will only get much worse.

And as things get crazier, an Iranian backed group (unnamed in this report) attacks US base in Iraq with rockets reports say.  Really, no specifics, just some wild unverified reports say that as noted in a Gellar Report story.  This type of reporting looks more like propaganda than anything else, but Pam Gellar is usually fairly good at documenting things.

And as we have reported previously, Biden’s Iran deal allows Putin to circumvent sanctions while paving the way for an Iranian nuclear capability.  The Gatestone Institute reported this new multibillion dollar contract with Russia via the USA funding and blessings say that “the deal appears likely to deepen Iran's financial and security relationship with Moscow and Beijing, including through arms sales…...Sanctions relief, as a consequence of a nuclear accord, will most likely finance Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Quds Force (the IRGC branch for extraterritorial operations) and buttress Iran's terrorist proxies, including Lebanon's Hezbollah, Yemen's Houthis, Iraq's Shiite militias, and Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad… will enable the Iranian regime, repeatedly listed by the US as a state sponsor of terrorism, to have full nuclear weapons capability, an unlimited number of nuclear warheads, and the intercontinental ballistic missile systems with which to deliver them. In addition, as a separate deal, the US will reportedly release the IRGC from the US List of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, "in return for a public commitment from Iran to de-escalation in the region" and a promise "not to attack Americans."…. The US proposals -- negotiated for the Americans by Russia of all unimpeachable, trustworthy, above-board advocates -- have been described as: "This Isn't Obama's Iran Deal. It's Much, Much Worse."”  But I must also add that at least we haven’t given away the whole store, the US State Department confirmed that Russia can keep any “excess uranium”.  That is almost as good as the Clinton run State Department illegally giving them massive amounts of uranium and even mine ownership here in the USA.  What High Treason?

The Globalization of the War against America as described by War News 24/7 gives an interesting viewpoint you may like to read.  It must be translated from Greek to English, but that is easy to do online.

As these well worn kinks and twists and very difficult threads in this Brillo pad link Barrel of Monkeys monkey after monkey after monkey; things are beginning to really take shape.  We will wait for the next perhaps handful to dozen or so years to see where this will ultimately end, what the results of this elaborate setup constitutes, and exactly how it fits into the many Revelations given us to help us to see how It all fits together in the end.

The original point I was building up to in this column is this; A Biden nuclear deal with the Iranian regime will have major benefits for the ruling mullahs. It will enrich the Iranian regime with billions of dollars in revenues as it lifts sanctions on Tehran's energy, banking and shipping sectors; reintegrate the Islamic Republic into the global financial system, enhance Tehran's legitimacy in the world, increase Iran's exports of oil, and ratchet up foreign investments in Iran -- particularly in the energy industry…..The Iranian regime will most likely first utilize the extra revenue by increasing its military budget.”   Now go back and consider how this will affect the Russo-Iranian nuclear buildup against America and how badly they want to destroy us, and how badly the Lucifer worshiping Illuminati and world bankers and all of the rest of the so-called New World Order monkeys are so keen on dropping our nation completely out of the worlds eyes by total destruction and removal of 95% of our population.  Think back on Daniel and John and Joel and their visions given of the Lord that describes Persia’s (Iran’s) place in the Valley of Megiddo.  This setup is so obvious now that I suggest keeping an eye on Iran here on out.

Stay awake my friends, and God Bless.


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