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August 29, 2019

As America-Hating Democrats Make Their Final Descent Into Evil Madness, Totally Out In The Open Revealing Their True Communist Selves, Americans Better Be Prepared For What's To Come! 

 Americans Are Arming Up To Defend Their Families As Democrats Retrace The Third Reich! 


By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

The Demoncrap Party, as many have noticed, has gone off the rails and made its final descent into an evil madness. Leftists are out of the closet now, openly revealing their true communist (which really means fascist) nature, their Christophobia, their hatred of America, and their latent anti-Semitism. Any single item of their still-devolving platform is utterly insane and would clearly destroy (not merely enslave) our country.

Bear in mind that we already have a dangerous national debt and continued deficit spending, and open borders that allow a literal invasion by hordes of people who despise us and are turning America into an overpopulated Third World hellhole. But all the grotesque clowns vying for the Demoncrap Presidential nomination want the border completely erased, inviting an additional billion or more invaders in to speed up our ruin. The Demoncraps advocate “free” college for everyone, the erasing of college debts, and unlimited government health care for everyone. We cannot afford our current spending levels, and giving these freebies to everyone would quickly collapse the economy (Cloward and Piven would be overjoyed).

But the Demoncraps want to extend the goodies to the hundreds of millions of invaders. This is sheer and obvious madness, as well as a continuation of their usual policy of buying votes with our money. And of course the Christophobic leftists simply adore Muslims, who oppress women and hate Christians and Jews and everybody else and each other. They want to invite in more of them, and to release all those adorable thieves, rapists, drug dealers, and murderers now in prison, while stripping the police of their authority, and, of course, disarming us peasants. What could possibly go wrong?

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And why would any Whites vote for a party that hates all of them? Why would any Jews vote for anti-Semites? Why would men vote for a party that condemns all men? And note that the Demoncrap Party is controlled and financed by old, White men. The irony is lost on the humorless legions of the left.

The goal of the Demoncraps here and leftists everywhere is obviously the ultimate destruction of America, of Western Civilization, and, ultimately, the extermination of Humanity. It’s not hard to figure out which “god” they serve. Who, aside from Muslims, illegal aliens, felons, and welfare parasites could possibly vote for such madness? Even in today’s America, where the indoc centers formerly known as “schools” have dumbed down, morally degraded, and brainwashed the last two generations, there should be some sanity remaining, or at least some instinct for self-preservation.

But there are legions of UIs (useful idiots) out there. The most obvious are the hard core, increasingly violent leftists, especially the masked and Black-garbed Antifa types (ISIS terrorists and most Muslim women also wear black), and the mindless, racist thugs of BM (Black Lives Matter). These are the heroes who block the streets of the People’s Republic of Portland and other places, screaming obscenities, destroying property, and violently assaulting anyone they suspect of being to the right of Karl Marx…provided that the victims are children, handicapped or elderly, or heavily outnumbered by the thugs. Many Antifa types are almost certainly paid, perhaps by George Sauron and his ilk; the John Birch Society has long referred to them as the “rent-a-mob.”

Others are the classic ugly women and girly men living in their mommies’ basements. At least some are employed by the indoc centers. These pathetic creatures will believe (or, for pay, support) any madness, any evil. In fact, leftism and Islam appeal to people who long to do evil for the sake of evil, anonymously with the support and protection of a horde of like-minded comrades, and feel holy and pious and heroic at the same time. They are basically spoiled and vicious children with the bodies and passions of adults.


But what about the great mass of nonviolent, law-abiding liberals who at least pretend to be tolerant and open minded? Living as I do in the People’s Republic of Fruits and Nuts (and rotting garbage, rats, and human excrement on the streets and sidewalks), I am surrounded by such people, and have even maintained friendships with some of them, and I was deeply moved by their kindness to me when I suffered a fatal heart attack (the good doctors brought me back from the other side…and, I assure you, there is another side). Yet they are immune to facts and to reason, and trust the slimestream media and Demoncrap politicians and abortion. Few of them perceive the dangers of open borders and continued deficit spending, and, interestingly, none of them strongly oppose our eternal foreign wars. What is wrong with these people?

I can almost understand their contempt for Trump; in many ways he has been a big disappointment to us patriots, and many of us don’t care for his personal style. But he is clearly no racist and no abuser of women. I can almost understand their opposition to capitalism, for they mistake America’s monopolistic crony capitalism, financed by fiat money, for true free enterprise. They are ignorant of the fact that America has not enjoyed a free enterprise system since 1913. The only alternative to the current system that they can think of is some form of socialism…they suffer from a paucity of imagination.

But, really, what is wrong with these people? Well, for one thing, most of them are extremely verbal and symbol oriented, placing too much trust in words…and the leftists control the media and produce a great volume of superficially appealing rhetoric, and they are the masters of the Big Lie…like their global warming hoax. Perhaps this is why so many women are leftists (my apologies to all the fine patriot women out there, and to my quite rational wife), for women tend to be more verbal than men, more symbol oriented. And leftists appeal to emotion, and (with no apology whatever to the radical feminists) women do tend, on average, to be a bit more emotional than men.

It is then no surprise that leftists tend (again, with some exceptions) to be educated in disciplines that deal mainly with words and symbols, like liberal arts, and to gravitate to professions like law, teaching liberal arts, or employment by government bureaucracies. Even mathematicians and theoretical physicists often fall for the irrational teachings of the left. By contrast, people who deal more with hard, physical reality…like engineers, mechanics, farmers, plumbers, etc….are usually more conservative. Also, hard core leftists never think in terms of creating wealth through productive investments and new technologies, but only in the zero sum game of redistributing wealth, which means stealing from the productive to buy the votes of the parasites. Interestingly, relatively few leftists have ever worked at truly productive jobs.


And all leftists, including liberals, are completely conformist, even though they imagine themselves to be bold and daring rebels. They accept without question the views fed to them by the elites, including, increasingly, atheism and materialism. They never doubt the official narrative regarding such crimes as the JFK assassination, 9/11, and the murder of Jeffrey Epstein, dismissing as “conspiracy theorists” anyone daring to question the conventional account. Mentally a bit lazy, they will not take the time to educate themselves regarding these events.

And, like their radical comrades, they tend to be smug, self-righteous, and pretentious. They imagine themselves to be brilliant intellectuals and also to be morally superior to those of us who dare to think for ourselves. This is how the elites ensnare their UI followers, by appealing to their vanity. If people agree to believe a list of obvious absurdities (like global warming or the evil racism of all White people) they are, almost by definition, sexy, bold, sophisticated, brilliant, and compassionate…they are simply wonderful. Or so they believe. In fact, the elites see themselves in these same terms, for they have been ensnared by the ultimate deceiver, whose favorite sin is said to be vanity.

America may well be headed for a bloody conflict, and we patriots can only hope that the mainstream liberals will more or less sit it out, for most of us have no desire to fight and kill people who have been our friends. But even families were divided in the last Civil War, and Southern officers resigned from the US Army, and, in battle, faced men who had once been among their closest comrades. Let us pray that it does not come to that.

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