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December 26, 2015

Threats Of Massive Scale Attack Upon America Grow As US Government Loses Track Of 9,500 Suspected Terrorist Immigrants


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Every day we're getting more signs that something big is in the works and as we learn from Gary Franchi of Next News Network in the 1st video below and this story from Sputnik News, a captured ISIS fighter has revealed plans of a 'massive scale' attack within the US. Each and every day we're also seeing more evidence that the war upon Christianity is expanding, a fact that's completely tied together with the expansion of the Islamic State, including here in America where the town of Bethlehem, New York banned 'Merry Christmas' signs.

At the Canterbury Cathedral in England we learned that Reverend Justin Welby used his Christmas day sermon to warn that Islamic extremists were "a Herod of today", telling us that Christianity in the Middle East is facing an 'apocalypse' as ISIS ignites a trail of 'fear, violence, hatred and oppression'. How long until jihad against America? From Reverend Welby.:

"Confident that these are the last days, using force and indescribable cruelty, they (ISIS) seem to welcome all opposition, certain that the warfare unleashed confirms that these are indeed the end times," he said.

"They hate difference, whether it is Muslims who think differently, Yazidis or Christians, and because of them the Christians face elimination in the very region in which Christian faith began.

"This apocalypse is defined by themselves and heralded only by the angel of death.

"To all who have been or are being dehumanised by the tyranny and cruelty of a Herod or an ISIS, a Herod of today, God's judgement comes as good news, because it promises justice."


We're also now seeing the exact same events happening in Europe as completely out of control refugees reak havoc throughout the European continent and every day we learn that the US State Department has LOST more refugees in America, this time with the loss of 9,500 people with suspected terrorist ties, as shared in the 2nd video below.

With another Islamic terror attack upon America now a very real possibility, how is it that our own government is LOSING possible terrorists in the country unless they WANT said terrorists to attack? Is government really that hapless or pure evil?

The US government allows more than four times as many suspected terrorists into the United States every year as it keeps out, American Enterprise Institute (AEI) fellow Marc Thiessen wrote in a newspaper column citing official figures.

 Thiessen also said an MSNBC report in 2011 noted that the Department of Homeland Security officials proposed checking the social media of visa applicants to look for terrorist ties, but their initiative was rejected by senior Obama administration figures.

"The State Department admitted to Congress last week that it had revoked the visas of 9,500 individuals since 2001 who were believed to have either engaged in terrorist activities or were associated with a terrorist organization," Thiessen wrote in The Washington Post.

"We don’t know where these 9,500 individuals are or how many of them… are in the United States today," he said.


With it now common knowledge that elements within our government are totally responsible for the rise of ISIS, including terrorist-wannabe Hillary Clinton who is running for president here and if (s)elected would clearly be the 2nd US president in a row to support the terrorist group, we also recently learned of a sickening ISIS decree that would allow them to harvest the organs of LIVING non-Muslims so that Muslims will not die.

As Susan Duclos reminded us last week, Muslims are permitted to eat the flesh of other human beings and this practice of harvesting organs from non-Muslims while they are still alive, if attempted here in America, would likely quickly be ended via 2nd Amendment before it was permitted to begin.

Still, the mere fact that these 'organ harvesting from the living' and 'flesh eating' demons are the people that our government here in Washington DC is covertly supporting should be all that the American people need to know.

The Islamic State's religious scholars have ruled that taking the organs of non-Muslims is permissible under Islamic law to save the life of a Muslim, because killing apostates to eat their flesh has previously been allowed.

The revelation comes in a January 2015 document that was capured by U.S. special forces in Syria in May and obtained by Reuters.

The news agency posted a U.S. government translation of the document attributed to the Islamic State's research and fatwa committee.

"Allah almighty knows what's best and knows what's right and what is wrong and there is evidence from texts and Islamic principles and laws supporting the notion that transplanting organs from an apostate's body into a Muslim body in order to save the latter's life or replace a damaged organ with it is permissible," the document reads.

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