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May 30, 2020

Three Parables That Help Show Why 'Near Future America' Could Collapse Into Oblivion: When 'Survival' Is At Stake, The Last Thing In The World Americans Should Trust Are 'Tyrants Gone Wild'

By M.C. Enginn for All News Pipeline

Near Future, America – 

“Look, it’s really very simple,” said the farmer.

“We tilled the crop back into the ground.

“But we’re hungry,” cried the consumer.

The farmer stroked his beard and sighed heavily. “That there is right funny,” he said. “Ya know I tried to tell the government guys that you elected that, but they just whipped out their clipboards, made a check mark and said it was the right thing to do what with the coronavirus and all.”

“But what does the coronavirus have to do with your farm and OUR FOOD?” asked the consumer.

“I dunno,” said the farmer. “Seems everything the government you elected has said something similar all year,” said the confused farmer as he watched the last of the ripening corn go underground.

“STOP!” screamed the consumer. “You can’t slaughter all of those cattle and pigs and just…just…bury them.” 

“Why not?” asked the cattleman.

The consumer grabbed the cattleman by the back of his shirt and said, “My kids and I are STARVING!” 

The cattleman shook his head and sighed. “Sorry about that, but the government that you elected said it was the right thing to do. Said we all had to learn to eat less meat and go vegetarian,” said the cattleman.

“But my kids need meat to grow strong and I miss my steak,” cried the consumer. “My teenagers want burgers and there aren’t any vegetables either!” wailed the consumer.

“The farmers have turned them under and they say there won’t be any more planted,” whimpered the consumer.

“Well, that there is a tough situation. I can see how that could make you a bit peeved,” nodded the cattleman. “But ya see, the government, you know…The one you elected… said we had to do this because of the coronavirus,” said the cattleman.

“But what does this have to do with the coronavirus?” whispered the consumer.

“Dunno. Why don’t you ask those guys you elected?” said the cattleman.

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“Back off!” hollered Karen as she took out her cell phone and dialed 911.

“What are you talking about?” asked the citizen. “I am 10 feet away from you, wearing a mask and gloves.” 

“Not enough!” cried Karen. “I don’t know anything about you and the government just declared that the distancing had to be 20 feet now!” whined Karen as she furiously began shouting into her cell phone after snapping the citizen’s picture and hitting send.

“But I don’t know anything about that and why are they increasing the distancing? Did they say when this is gonna stop?” asked the citizen.

Karen just kept backing up and continued videotaping to upload to her social media site later. “I hope you DIE!” she shouted. “No, I hope you don’t as that would mean that you are contagious and I might be infected,” she said looking horrified as she began spraying the air with disinfectant.

“I am not contagious. I don’t have the coronavirus,” shouted the citizen.

“I’m not taking any chances,” shrieked Karen.

 “Get away from the windows, children,” demanded the citizen mother. “Nature has been deemed hazardous and deadly,” she screamed maniacally.

“I thought sunshine was good for you?” whispered little Johnny.

“Not anymore! The government just declared all of nature, our neighbors, city water and air all deadly and filled with the coronavirus,” declared the citizen mother.

“What are we gonna do?” wailed little Johnny.

“We”re gonna stay inside, seal off the windows with air tight plastic and duct tape, stop eating and drinking AND BREATHING until this coronavirus thing passes!” shouted citizen mother.

“But why?” asked little Johnny.

“Because the government we elected said so,” nodded the citizen mother. “Now sit down and try to photosynthesize like they taught you in the government online classes because we have to turn off all the power now. The government said it was dangerous".  

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