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January 14, 2022

Top Secret DARPA Documents Show A Conspiracy At The Highest 'Cabal' Levels To Commit The Mass Murder Of Americans And Impose Draconian Dictates Upon The Public 

By Alan Barton - All News PipeLine

DARPA released documents on gain of function research to Project Veritas and concluded that “Military documents state that EcoHealth Alliance approached DARPA in March 2018 seeking funding to conduct gain of function research of bat borne coronaviruses. The proposal, named Project Defuse, was rejected by DARPA over safety concerns and the notion that it violates the gain of function research moratorium.”  Maybe, but we know the government has been involved with that for at least 30 plus years now and that “not only Dr. Fauci but the U.S. intelligence services and the U.S. corporate media have been deliberately lying to the American public for two years about everything related to COVID.”.  We know from the inventors of the mRNA “vaccines” that they were experimenting on injecting S1 spike proteins into dogs clear back in 1990 when so many of the patents on it were first filed, and that the origins of the SARS II virus were in a US government funded college lab (United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, CDC, University of North Carolina) which then moved to a Manitoba lab through Gilead Sciences with funding from Tony Fauci and the National Institute of Health for the specific purpose of creating a virus that they could infect the world with so that they could then use their mRNA shots pretending to be vaccines in order to destroy millions of people and move the Great Reset along faster.  The Gain of Function research was then farmed out to China’s Wuhan lab to be “accidentally released” in a planned infection outbreak campaign to begin the worlds infection of this bio engineered weapon of mass murder.  It was actually released prior to November 2019 when they admitted it into a few places over the world to see how well it spread using AIDS, SARS, MERS, and others along with the HIV/Coronavirus form also called SARS II manufactured Covid19 bio-weapon.  That we are not playing with nice people seems obvious. In spite of what the media (especially conservative outlets) claims of there not being enough testing with the mRNA spike protein murder weapon, it was in fact very well tested and came up as able to do the job they required of it.  The disease was only a way of getting the spike protein into the population in general to act as a gateway and rational for moving to the far more lethal “vaccination”.

For ease of reference rather than absolute accuracy, I will refer to the mRNA injection as a ‘vaccine’ or as a ‘vax’ although it most definitely is NOT a real vaccination; the brevity is nicer to work with as well as that is, although inaccurate, the most common term used for it.  The primary definition of a vaccine is a preparation that is administered (as by injection) to stimulate the body's immune response against a specific infectious agent or disease: such as  aan antigenic preparation of a typically inactivated or attenuated (see ATTENUATED sense 2) pathogenic agent….”

That is what it used to mean, now they (TPTB) declare that it means anything they want you to take regardless of whether or not it offers any protection against whatever illness they claim. 

This has all been covered thoroughly on ANP as well as many other websites and in many videos, but I mention it to start with to be sure we are on the same page and I also am aware that much of what will follow is also known and has had wide coverage, but I wanted to put it all in a bit different context so that the current news and propaganda we are receiving will make more sense.  I will not be using so many imbedded references in today’s article in order for it to be ‘cleaner’ to make it easier to read, so please pardon me as you can look up the facts from such sources as Dr. Mercola, Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Baric, the inventors of the mRNA spike protein, the former leaders of the CDC and so many more.  ANP has had many articles using just those sources with great background materials to read and many videos, and I encourage you to refer to them.

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It seems that those who have gotten the vax and are confused with then getting the C19 disease (whether real or just the flu or cold) refuse to realize what they have done to their bodies.   It is increasingly obvious to so many, and now even some of the MSM are beginning to realize, that the vax is creating more illness, more heart attacks, more strokes, sterilizing our young women and causing spontaneous aborting and even death to the breast fed children, sterilizing our men, a dramatic increase in cancer and many other diseases, destroyed lungs, brains, hearts, altered psychological states, and a total destruction of the natural immune system and so much more.   It occurs to many that perhaps the reason why the vax has not been absolutely forced on everyone (although that it is the impression that it will be) may be because they know that the harmful reactions and results of the vax spread from those who have been injected to those who have not by those same methods that are described as “contagion”.  The supposed method of getting cov19 is by spreading of germs, by airborne transmission like getting close to one another, by breathing in some particles because you failed to wear a mask, by just touching someone with it; and it has NEVER BEEN PROVEN that is the case.  It is kabuki theater, Big Pharma knows that is not the case, but they push it anyway.  They KNOW that the vaccine IS the disease, NOT the bio-engineered virus.  Don’t you think that they knew all along that the spike protein is the cause of the illnesses and deaths?  The virus was created to carry the spike protein and give some symptoms to show you have C19 even though otherwise you only had the common cold or flu or maybe even pneumonia.  They gave tests to prove you are infected with C19 but those PCR “tests” only show the possibility that you have some sort of corona virus or the other.  It is a chemical reaction to some proteins that they say may be C19, but that is as far as those tests can determine anything so that is why they are now not approved even though they are still used, still counted on to determine if you are infected, and are used to fabricate the numbers of new infections for the local news outlet to scare you with and the local governments to create more harsh draconian mandates to limit your Liberties. 

This is just a massive lie, a scam, a fabrication to murder you by some method (disease caused by the vax) or another (starvation, imprisonment in concentration camps, murdered in hospitals, etc.).  The DISEASE IS THE VACCINE!

True, the original breakout was not an illness that was easy to get through, and there likely are some remnants or variations still lurking around, but by and large there has been no real C19 for well over a year now.  What we see all around us is the result of the vaccine, and we will now discuss why that is so.

Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine clinical trials warned against the proximity of the vaccinated to the un-vaccinated by “shared air inhalation” or skin contact between the vaccinated and un-vaccinated would be a “vector” from the inoculated to the pure bloods.  Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine protocol design according to Pfizer in a document they produced can adversely affect the health and even the reproductive health of those who have NOT received an inoculation simply by being in close proximity to or even by skin contact to someone that had received the inoculation.  This includes babies in the mother’s womb and those who have been born through contact with their mothers and through the mother’s milk.  The injected produce the spike protein though the mRNA and your body then produce antibodies to this spike protein which is the normal function of the bodies T-cell and B-cell which is the normal process when you get exposed to an antigen. Influenza A, influenza B, rhinovirus and so forth come around regularly and have done so forever.  When you get infected, your body will make antibodies to whatever it was that got into your system; and that is basic high school biology.

A neutralizing antibody follows the normal process where T-cells recognize the presence of an antigen and they go after it.  The white blood cells attack and destroy the invading virus or bacteria.  And in the process chemical messengers are released that signal the Beta cells, the B-cells to produce antibodies which are neutralizing antibodies which means the antibody attaches itself to the invader and targets it to be destroyed. 

A Non-neutralizing antibody has what may be called the opposite effect.  It has the potential to worsen a new infection but it can also redirect our immune system against your organs and other tissues of your body.  The body that gets the mRNA vaccine now has the invader being made by their own cells in the form of those spike proteins according to Doctor Malone.  When that spike protein gets inside the cell it redirects the cell to make the spike protein according to Tal Zaks, the developer of the Moderna mRNA vaccine, and that is how they hacked the human body, by making the body make the vaccine by making the spike protein.   This spike protein will trigger antibodies but gets altered enough that it produces non-neutralizing antibodies which redirect your own immune system against your own tissues and cells, which is what Doctor Sherri Tenpenny has said so often.  What is really involved is this self replicating mRNA multiplies enormously inside the cells of the body producing very large amounts of this spike protein.  As these spike proteins goes throughout the body via the bloodstream, even into the lungs and just under the surface of the skin.  This is why Phizer said that shared air and skin contact transfers those spike proteins from the faxed to the un-vaxed so easily.  The sweat that you produce, the air you breathe out, spike proteins enter the body, they penetrate the body as that is what they are designed to do, and then start to replicate in that other bodies cells.  That is why it is referred to as a BIO WEAPON, it is a gene altering chemical rather than an actual vaccine.  When that takes place, it leads to the formation of more spike proteins just like in a vaccinated person and it spreads all the more.  So, can an unvaccinated get the deadly results just from being near one who is vaccinated?  YES!  That is just what Pfizer’s documents and Modena’s documents say.  The above is paraphrased from Dr. Jack Stocwell, also known as the Forbidden doctor.

This can explain easily why and unvaccinated person gets all of the symptoms of a vaccinated person, and why the symptoms of the C19 show up even when NOT infected.  The tests are phony, so they diagnose by symptoms, and we have just proven that you cannot trust that diagnosis because the shedding process had given you the spike proteins and you are then going to become just as dangerous as a vaccinated person after some amount to time to allow for the process to spread throughout your body. 

Oh, you might say, some guy you know got Covid once and then got it again worse than ever.  Was he vaccinated?  No, he never got the shot.  But he attended that big Christmas party where about half were vaccinated and half were not.   Because of that shedding, they are ALL NOW INFECTED with the bio-weapon.  When those that are not vaxed get in close proximity with those that are, they start to develop with their reproductive systems, with their breathing, with blood clotting, with heart problems, with brain problems, with personality changes, with so many of the other problems that the purposely vaccinated have.  This is why many women are having menstrual difficulties that have never been vaccinated, and so forth as Doctor Stockwell said. 

This is the cause of the mass psychosis that is so prevalent now; you go into a deep denial and you cannot accept that the parents got the vaccine and now the kids are coming down with the same symptoms.  You are in denial, you cannot accept the fact that there is something far more going on than you are being told, and the obvious is not acceptable to you.  There is NO OFF SWITCH.  NO ONE is going to be safe or free from the deadly effects of this purely Satanic attack on this worlds peoples. 

Doctor Lawrence Palevsky said that the spike proteins are very specific to the SARS Covid II virus and when your body produces the synthetic spike protein it is supposed to produce an antibody that supposedly attacks the spike protein.  That means also that the non-neutralizing antibodies are also being produced that will attack the body’s cells.

This is the process that created the Delta variant, the Omicron outbreak, and many others.  They are NOT really variants, but the results of the direct injection of mRNA into the body, and then the shedding results showing in the population as a much milder form of the bio-weapon.  They still follow the normal seasonal flu and cold seasons, but the injections pushes the start of those seasons up earlier and earlier.  Add the spike infections to a flu and you have a worse case of covid, add it to a normal cold and you have a less virulent strain of the supposed disease.  It is still just the flu or the cold or pneumonia or whatever, but with the poison injections by direct injection or by shedding of the bio-weapon you have some new variant of the covid scam.  This is so very obvious with some critical thinking and observation of the realities that surround you that I am absolutely amazed that even the normally “on top it all” conservative media have not seen this or reported it yet.

We do not know the speed at which this all happens, as everybody is different, and it is all new enough still that we have not been able to see the overall long term effects either.  The speed that some people die from the vaccine ranges considerably, and it is likely that the effects of the non vaccination infections will vary just as widely if not more so.  One thing to be very thankful for in not being directly vaccinated is that at least you do not have the other poisons injected into you that the vaccines carry.  No carbon base ‘razor blades’, no chemical anti-heart agents, no micro chips, no parasite eggs, no deadly chemicals or murdered fetus remains, and so on.  Maybe not much comfort, but it is still an advantage.

One major problem is that no one will concede is that there will be no attribution of death to the shedding contracted delivery of the spike proteins as it is very rare to see the direct results listed as the vaccine being even a contributing cause.  So rare, that it makes headlines when it does happen.  Cancer, heart attacks, dead children, strokes, miscarriages, destroyed lung tissue, and all sorts of other deaths are dramatically increasing and will accelerate further due to this evil inflicted upon the Human Race by Satanic led factions.  I wish I had something better to report, but we should all know that it is now in the hands of our Creator.  There will not be many left when He returns, and then He will relieve our burden.


DARPA Report


Dr. Stockwell on Pfizer knew of the vaccine dangers all along

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