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August 9, 2021

Top Ten Signs You Are Part Of The COVID Cult And The Biggest Threat To America - Cult Leaders And Members Are Destroying What Freedoms We Have Left

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The COVID cult is made up of two groups of people.

The first are the leaders that say do as I say, not as I do, along with the media and power-hungry politicians (the same "do as I say not as I do people") 

For examples see: "14 prominent Democrats stand accused of hypocrisy for ignoring COVID-19 restrictions they're urging their constituents to obey"

(Note: Link above was written in May, so there are many more now)

The second group are Democrats and liberals that only pay attention to the liberal establishment media without thinking for themselves or bother researching, and run around mimicking the lies and rhetoric that group one tells them to.

As with any cult, the conflicting messaging, the we're "sophisticated" and important, and your betters mindset, starts to eventually unravel the very basis of the cult. That was actually the argument made by a New York Times reporter, Annie Karni, during a CNN interview.

Another example of this COVID cult behavior and mindset came from MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, who in May when CDC announced the lifting of mask guidance, stated she would have to "rewire" her brain as to not see "unmasked" people as a "threat."

People start planning their escapes when the brainwashing wears off, while others attempt to explain or justify the unequal rules and holier-than-thou attitudes of their leaders.

Such as Actress Jennifer Anniston who recently caught some online backlash after stating she would cut ties with any "friends" if they did not get vaccinated.

That right there is number 10 in the 16 signs you are in a cult:

Most cults require their followers to cut contact with their family and friends (unless, of course, those people are already members of the group)

Now lets go through the signs, which we'll see the majority of which are almost exact to the word of the signs you are in a cult, and might not even know it.

After each listed sign and explanation, we will show real-life examples showing that there is, indeed, a COVID cult, and they are doing everything in their power to strip us of our freedoms, making them the biggest threat to Americans seen in recent history.


For the make up of the COVID cult, the "leaders" are the CDC, the Media, and liberal politicians.

1) Zealous Commitment to the Leader

Whether the cult leader is living or dead, the cult members revere them with absolute devotion. His thoughts, opinions, and belief system are considered absolute truth.

The followers don't just think fondly of their leader. They see their leaders teachings as law and refuse to accept knowledge or information from any other source.

It is hard to quantify how many millions are showing worship to people like Anthony Fauci and the CDC, who has changed their "recommendations" more than most people change their underwear. 

Or the media, who mimics his moving of the goalposts while acting like Fauci and the CDC's "guidance" hasn't changed so dramatically at all for nearly two years. 

Do not believe what you have seen us say previously, just shut up and listen!!!!!

Liberal politicians jump on the bandwagon telling their supports that all is well, just listed to the "experts," obey the rules, no matter how they violate the U.S. Constitution, and to do so without question, because questions are now considered "misinformation."

Like good little cult members, online and offline liberals start freaking out against anybody that questions their mindlessly following the very same people that have lied to them, treated them like sheep and continue to do so present day.

2) Dissent Is Discouraged

In a healthy social setting, people should be encouraged to question everything. After all, skepticism can be a very healthy trait when it comes to making huge decisions that affect a large group of people!

Anyone who questions the group's leader or tenets is considered a traitor to the group as a whole, or even a danger to its constituents. Doubt or questions may even be punished.

I almost don't know where to start here. The censoring of accounts on social media, at the request of the White House, of anyone that questions the official narrative.

The shunning of those refusing said experimental vaccine

The liberal cities mandating vaccinations in order to partake in activities, dining out, gyms or any performance arts aka movies and shows, etc....

Those are just a few examples showing how "cultish" liberals and the media are acting.

Related: CA congressional candidate and all-around loser Steve Cox wants people who aren’t afraid of COVID to be shot

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• 3) Mind-Altering Practices Are Used

Humans are social creatures. Therefore, if one person sees their friends and contemporaries participating in some sort of group chant or denunciation service, they'll naturally want to be part of the crowd and participate as well. Going against the grain might not only be dangerous; it could be undesirable from a social standpoint as they don't want to lose their friends.

The "group chant" is the mimicking of every assertion made by the media, Fauci, the CDC or Democrat politicians, even after previous "chants" were proven wrong.

I think the Anniston example, as well as media pundits declaring that without vaccines people shouldn't be allowed to partake in activities, including buying food at a supermarket, shows the "undesirable from a social standpoint category.

• 4) The Group Is Elitist

Essentially, this means that the group — and its leader — consider themselves to be the cream of the crop. They aren't mere mortals; they're on a special mission to save humanity.

In some cases, cult leaders aren't merely on a mission from God — they are a god.

Which goes back to their own word being law. You wouldn't want to go against God's word, would you?

I think it is obvious after watching the COVID reactions from the "elite," they truly believe that it is their right to tell us mere mortals what we should do and shouldn't do. 

Belittling family and friends for having doubts about a vaccine that was developed less than two years ago. 

Shunning family and friends for not getting the vaccine. Treating those protesting more lockdowns as Neanderthals. 

The list goes on and on as to how those in the COVID cult think they are better than the rest of us peons.

• 5) The Ends Justify the Means

Basically, this means that the group's mission — whatever it is — is to be held in the highest regard. Higher, even, than the laws and mores which dictate how non-members behave.

We have seen courts determine that liberal state leaders have over-reached their authority in order to mandate something unconstitutional.

The law means nothing when those that think they are "elite" decide to grab for more power and control the masses as they do their own cult members.

• 6) Shame and Guilt Are Prevalent

Shame and guilt are the two most popular tools in the cult leader's toolbox. They are often accomplished through peer pressure and very subtle forms of persuasion. As we've already mentioned, humans are social creatures who long to be part of a group. If they are made to feel guilty or shameful for something they've done, they're more likely to fall in line and conform to the rest of the group

Rather than feel validated by their skepticism or curiosity about the outside world, they feel ashamed and vow never to question the leader's teachings again. They may even become useful in dissuading others from doing their own questioning.

This one is pretty self-evident. Every time a moderate Democrat or liberal disagrees, even minorly, with the "group chant" or leaders' determination, they are blamed and shamed until they walk their comments back,  repent, and apologize publicly.

Example from an August 5, 2021 report:

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath reversed her position opposing mandatory vaccinations for education workers in the face of heavy criticism on Thursday.

•  7) A Preoccupation with New Members

If there's one thing a cult likes more than its own members, it's potential new members. First of all, bringing more people "into the fold" is a definite ego boost to the leader, who feels powerful for having control over a growing number of people.

Members may be expected to pay dues to the group, or even sell everything they possess or take out loans to give money to the group. As such, a big part of being a cult member is trying to convert others and convince them to join the group as well. (This is typically done through the same manipulative tactics that cause people to feel shame for dissenting.)

How many celebrity videos, White House statements, Democrat politicians and media pundits have we seen harp on the need for lockdowns, masking mandates, and vaccines, all attempting  to convert the vaccine hesitant, into new cult members?

Again, this one is proven just by opening any liberal website discussing COVID, turn on any liberal media outlet or listen to any liberal politicians, and they are all attempting to convert or "persuade" others to do what they feel is right rather than what the individual does.

• 8) A Requirement to Socialize with Fellow Members Only

This goes beyond cutting off contact with non-member friends and family members. Unless they are actively engaged in trying to convert a non-member to the group, a member's contact with outsiders is extremely minimal.

Liberals have a nasty habit of needing a "safe space" from any opinion that differs from their own, so they can stay in the own "bubble" of information. 

Some so-called Republicans do the same, but most conservatives prefer to hear all sides of a debate to perhaps look at things from another point of view.

Seeing the COVID, lockdown, mask mandate, vaccination debate rage over the past year-and-a-half, we see that the only time liberals are civil with the vaccine hesitant is when they are trying to convert them into members of the COVID cult, while staying away from them and treating them as dirt all other times.

They also stop being civil the second anyone questions their ideology.

• 9. Fear and Dread

Most — if not all — cult members feel fear. It may be set aside briefly during group activities or gatherings, but it's there. Even the most devoted members fear what may happen to them should they choose to leave (or even consider leaving) the group.

Two words: Cancel culture.


Those nine plus the very top example, makes this the top ten list that shows that you are in the COVID cult, even if you didn't understand it was a cult when you joined.

As liberals are so fond of saying: Check your privilege COVID cultists!

Absolutely must watch compilation of the creepiest COVID cult behavior in the first video below.

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