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December 17, 2019

The Trans Agenda Is An Attempt To Normalize Madness In America: Transgender Activists Want To Prevent People From Thinking In Terms Of 'Male' And 'Female'

- Transgender is part of a continuum of denying reality


By Maria Kneas for All News Pipeline 

The transgender movement involves a LOT more than just allowing transgenders to deny reality and act out their delusions. The stated goal of transgender activists is to “burn the binary.” By that they mean making people become incapable of thinking in terms of male versus female.

An example of this is transgender activist Riki Wilchins, who has gone through sex change surgery. He wrote an article titled "We’ll Win the Bathroom Battle When the Binary Burns." What does he mean by "binary"? He describes that as being the "dominant, hetero-binary structure of boy vs. girl." 

You may be thinking that nobody would actually do that in real life. Unfortunately, they are already working on this agenda in practical ways. For example, a school district in Austin, Texas will be teaching children to avoid using "gender-specific” words such as "father" and "mother." Why? Because such language "can limit [the children’s] understanding of gender into binaries." In other words, this is first step toward Riki Wilchins’ goal of burning the binary. In addition, they will teach children how to do oral sex and anal sex

Transgenderism is especially harmful because it results in undermining the sanity, faith, and morals of children, starting at very young ages. Some American public schools are pushing transgenderism on five-year-olds in kindergarten. 

In England, transgenderism is being pushed on children at even younger ages. Sometimes this is done to two-year-old children.

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Transgenderism is the beginning of a kind of denial of reality that expands to include race, age, and species (human versus animal). Eventually it winds up with people who claim to be things that don’t even exist. Once upon a time, people who seriously denied reality like this were said to be delusional. But now some people are trying to normalize such delusions and make them become politically correct.

TRANS-GENDER: When men imagine that they are women (or vice versa), that is transgender. Instead of trying to get their thinking to line up with reality, these people try to force reality to change in order to line up with their imagination. This starts out with wearing different clothing, and eventually can wind up with people getting sex change surgery and taking hormones in order to try to look like what they feel like. But “trans” goes even further than that. For example, some people think that they are an animal trapped inside a human’s body. And some people have found other ways to try to re-define themselves.

TRANS-AGE: A married man with seven children decided that he is really a six-year-old girl. He left his wife and children and has found an older couple to take care of him. A grown man with children believes that he is a child, and in order to live out his fantasy, he has abandoned his wife and seven children. 

TRANS-RACE: Rachel Dolezal was born white but she identifies as being black. She used to work for the NAACP, but when it was learned that she was really white, then she lost her job. She is calling for “racial fluidity” to be accepted. 

The state of Delaware has proposed an education regulation that allows children to self-identify their gender and race, without the knowledge or consent of their parents. That includes attending gender-specific classes about sexuality, and participating in sports as members of their self-chosen gender. In other words, a white girl can formally claim to be a black boy (and vice versa), and act accordingly, without having their parents know anything about it. 


TRANS-SPECIES: The early stage of trans-species can be seen in "human pups." These are people who dress up like dogs. They can take this to extremes, such as sleeping in a dog training crate. There are 10,000 "human pups" in England alone. "Furries" carry this a step further, and take on the persona of the animal. This can include sexual behavior. A "fur" convention in Reno, Nevada drew 3,000 people, 700 of whom were in "fursuits." 

With the "fur pups" and even with the "furries" there is strange thinking and behavior, but it is reversible. If these people change their thinking, then they can take off their costumes and go back to a relatively normal life. However, there are other people who make drastic changes that cannot be reversed. We see that with the transgender people who get sex change surgery. Clothing can be changed, and hormone therapy can be reversed, but the surgery is permanent. There are also some trans-species people who do things that are permanent.

There is a man who believes that he is a tiger that is trapped inside a human body. He has gotten his entire body and face tattooed to look more like a tiger. He has had surgery and dental work done so that his face and teeth look more tigerish. He has gotten false whiskers implanted into his face. 

Another man identifies with his pet parrot so much that he got his ears cut off in order to look more like him. He also got his face and eyeballs tattooed, and he wants to get surgery in order to make his nose look more like a beak. 

TRANS-REALITY: There is a man who believes that he is a female dragon who is trapped in a man’s body. He has had his ears and nose removed in order to look more like a dragon. He has extensive tattoos, including eye coloring, and he has a forked tongue. This man also has a child, a beautiful little boy. I can’t imagine what this must be doing to his son. 

Most transgenders (and trans-speciesists etc.) probably don’t realize it, but when they try to define what they are themselves, instead of accepting the way that God created them, then they are trying to play God. They are setting themselves up above God. That is a recipe for moral and spiritual disaster, and it can have devastating practical consequences.

For example, what will happen to children in Delaware who try to change their gender and/or their race without telling their parents? What will happen to that little boy whose father claims to be a female dragon? Is that his daddy or his mommy? Or is he living with a dragon? And what will happen to the children of that man who now claims to be a 6-year-old girl? That level of rejection and abandonment must be devastating, and their father’s example of denying reality could set them on the path for tragic events in their lives.


When God set boundaries for our identity and our sexuality, He did that in order to protect us. What these people have been doing makes it all too obvious that fallen human beings need that kind of protection from God. We need to do things God’s way, as described in the Bible. If we don’t do that, then we will self-destruct, and we are likely to harm others in the process.

The sexual anarchy movement is producing “experts” who want to tell us what to think and how to live. However, God knows more about us than such people do. Therefore, we need to trust what God says in the Bible, instead of falling prey to the delusions of these self-proclaimed “experts.”

“On Christ the solid Rock I stand, All other ground is sinking sand.”

(A special thanks to Maria Kneas for this story. Her book "Prepare For Persecution" can be found here.)

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